Mind – Brain and Depression

What is Mind? It’s difficult to answer in a word what is mind? The attributes that make up the mind are debated. Some psychologists argue that only the ” higher” intellectual functions constitute the mind, particularly reason and memory. So Our discussion in this post is mind – Brain and Depression. The emotions – love,… Continue reading Mind – Brain and Depression

Is India Already A Hindu Rashtra?

Sushil Rudra In a lecture on “India and secularism,” eminent economist, statesman, and veteran political leader Dr Subramannam Swami remarked that India is already a Hindu Rashtra. How far true it is? Is India already a Hindu Rastra? However, more than 80% of a citizen of India is Hindu. Is this not sufficient for a… Continue reading Is India Already A Hindu Rashtra?

11th September:A Remarkable Day

Dr Sushil Rudra We are going to celebrate 11th September: a remarkable day in the history of India. This is the red-letter day in human civilisation. This is the day when Swami Vivekananda introduced India to the world. On 11th September,1893 Swami Vivekananda became acquainted with the World as an Indian Hindu monk and delivered… Continue reading 11th September:A Remarkable Day

The Best & Great Indian Mathematician and His Achievement?

Dr. Sushil Rudra India Introduction: The Best & Great Indian Mathematician and His Achievement? It was in the year of 1897. Krishnaswami Ayer, Head Master of Town High School was taking classes of the students of junior section. Ramanujan was a student of this class. Krishnaswami was a grave-natured man. Students used to fear him… Continue reading The Best & Great Indian Mathematician and His Achievement?

Teacher’s Day celebration

Sushil Rudra Today, 5th September is a special day for the teacher. We convey our regards to our teachers. Generally students arrange this Teacher’s Day celebration every year. And really it’s a grand festival in the educational institution. For a long long time, I have been enjoying this lovely ceremony in my college. It’s about… Continue reading Teacher’s Day celebration

Hazara in Afghanistan

01.09.2021 Who are Hazara in Afghanistan? Are they followers of Shia, Sunni or others religious faith? In which parts of Afghanistan they used to live? The relations between others Afghanistan and Hazara community. Taliban impact on them? Asia subcontinent is now in a harsh and burning conditions due to flee of US military troops and… Continue reading Hazara in Afghanistan

Changing Values and Our Political Leaders

Dr. Sushil Kumar Rudra Read more: Vidyasagar The Renaissance – Man Eventually, SC will take over this matter and give orders to follow the instructions to maintain the decorum of the Parliament House. The Hon’ble court should give them punishment if any member doesn’t follow the decorum of the house seriously. Therefore, I am looking… Continue reading Changing Values and Our Political Leaders

“নাচুক তাহাতে শ্যামা” ( Nachuk Tahate Shyama)

NACHUK TAHATE SHYAMA Posted onবিবেকানন্দের কবিতা ( স্ব-অনুদিত ) আকুল, মত্ত অলিকুল গুঞ্জরিছে আশে পাশে।শুভ্র শশী যেন হাসিরাশি, যত স্বর্গবাসী বিতরিছে ধরাবাসে॥মৃদুমন্দকত বা কমল দোলে॥ফেনময়ী ঝরে নির্ঝরিণী—তানতরঙ্গিণী—গুহা দেয় প্রতিধ্বনি।স্বরময় আঁধার, হুহুঙ্কার শ্বসিছে প্রলয়বায়ু॥ঝলকি ঝলকি তাহে ভায়, রক্তকায় করাল বিজলীজ্বালা।ফেনময় গর্জি মহাকায়, ঊর্মি ধায় লঙ্ঘিতে পর্বতচূড়া॥ঘোষে ভীম গম্ভীর ভূতল, টলমল রসাতল যায় ধরা।পৃথ্বীচ্ছেদি উঠিছে অনল, মহাচল চূর্ণ… Continue reading “নাচুক তাহাতে শ্যামা” ( Nachuk Tahate Shyama)

The Solicitude:Its Merits and Demerits

” There can be no rainbow without a cloud and storm.” “Tears and smile make the music of life.” The Solicitude: its merits and demerits: Do you know what is the solicitude: its merits and demerits? Let’s learn it. Suppose a Funeral pyre and worried mind – which is more devastating, if it’s asked, then… Continue reading The Solicitude:Its Merits and Demerits

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