The Best Facials that Glow Skin

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Introduction: Facial – Ayurvedic Herbal Facial – Definition and Meaning of Facial – Sensitive Skin & Acne – What is a Facial Good For – What Can You Expect During a Facial – Preparation – Skin Care Products – A Face Massage – Equipment and Devices – Who Can Get a Facial? – Different Types of Treatment – Prescription – Balancing – Hydrating – Brightening – anti-ageing – Sensitive Skin Treatment – Things You Should Know Before You Go – Enhance Your Results With Taut – Conclusion

The Best 4 Yoga Postures to Eliminate Constipation

Table of Contents: 1.Introduction 2. The Causes of Constipation 3. Pabanamuktasana : 3 Stages of Pabanamuktasana – in brief the process – Benefits of Pabanamuktasana 4. Bhujangasana: The Source and Etymology – Bhujangasana Steps – Benefits of Bhujangasana 5. Ardhachakrasana – Benefits of Ardhachakrasana – Standing Backward Bend ( Ardha Chakrasana) 6. Vajrasana: Word Meaning… Continue reading The Best 4 Yoga Postures to Eliminate Constipation

The Experience Of Facing Depression

Dr Sushil Kumar Rudra Steel City Durgapur My dear Readers, Today, I am going to portray a real story of a rural guy who had to face a bitter experience of depression from his childhood. That’s why the title of this post is” The Experience of Facing Depression”. Like other village boys, he had to… Continue reading The Experience Of Facing Depression

How To Avoid Depression?

Do not seek solace in Alcohol or Drugs Do not isolate yourself from family and friends Avoid excessive and unhealthy eating Do not dwell on past mistakes Don’t go to bed at late night. Don’t take sugar When fluctuations in the horme level If you have genetical history During some medical condition Post-surgery reaction Be… Continue reading How To Avoid Depression?


” Am I depressed ?” We can’t ask ourselves ? Indeed, we can’t understand consciously when we are in depression. Truly, it comes to us very stealthily. Very silently and stealthily this disease makes it room in the mind of modern people. With more than 350 million people are suffering from depression worldwide. So government… Continue reading AM I DEPRESSED ?

The Great Fearless Reneissance Man Eshwar Chandra

Dr. Sushil Rudra We remember the great fearless Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, the Renaissance- man for his contributions in the society and in educational arena of Bengal. However, we are remembering him in his birthday. Obviously, he was a modern man in nineteenth century Bengal as well as India . He was born in Birsingha village in… Continue reading The Great Fearless Reneissance Man Eshwar Chandra

Is India Already A Hindu Rashtra?

Sushil Rudra In a lecture on “India and secularism,” eminent economist, statesman, and veteran political leader Dr Subramannam Swami remarked that India is already a Hindu Rashtra. How far true it is? Is India already a Hindu Rastra? However, more than 80% of a citizen of India is Hindu. Is this not sufficient for a… Continue reading Is India Already A Hindu Rashtra?

11th September:A Remarkable Day

Dr Sushil Rudra We are going to celebrate 11th September: a remarkable day in the history of India. This is the red-letter day in human civilisation. This is the day when Swami Vivekananda introduced India to the world. On 11th September,1893 Swami Vivekananda became acquainted with the World as an Indian Hindu monk and delivered… Continue reading 11th September:A Remarkable Day

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