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kalpatarurudra.org has been my trusted companion on my fitness journey. The personalized approach to fitness care, combined with holistic well-being insights, sets this blog apart. The diverse range of workouts, nutrition guidance, and mindful living tips have not only transformed my physical health but also nurtured my mental and spiritual well-being. Grateful for the valuable content that continues to inspire a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. kalpatarurudra.org is a beacon of wellness wisdom!”i

I’m a Rtd. Professor and writer. I authored 12 books and 7 ebooks ( kdp ) and also wrote & published 350 articles in my blog. From my childhood I have been enjoying my life with Yoga, exercises and music. Still now, after superannuation I used to practice Yoga workouts and singing.

This is my blog url: https://kalpatarurudra.org


Mobile no: 9547496596

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