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This blog is about Tech ( Car, iPhone, watch ) and Fitness. Without tech we can not live in modern times. It’s most requirements of the day. Communication depends on Vehicles, iPhone or mobile and watch. On the other hand, mind – health care is also a great criteria. So in my blog I would try to express my thoughts regarding these 2 categories.

The mind and the brain is the main organ of our body. It’s the driving force to help us think, making decisions. Without it, we can not walk a single moment. The world of the mind is infinite. What we feel good or bad, pleasure or sorrow, what we dream, may it be fulfilled or not, each and everything happens in mind. There are many compartments of the brain. They have their own function. Sometimes these work well, sometimes not. As a result, it hampers our daily activities. So we should take care of it.

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Hi Readers, you are welcome to my blog to know how to overcome various types of illnesses of our minds. Here’s my URL of my blog: https://kalpatarurudra.org

For further information, contact me here:sushilrudra040@gmail.com


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