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Our source of energy is sound sleep. There is a saying that sleep well is all well. But we sometimes in our lives have to face its deprivation.

Perhaps we become worried due to our health or someone near to us. There may be anxious to have materialistic happiness, but couldn’t accomplish it. So the mind is worried.

Mainly anxiety is the root of insomnia. A haphazard lifestyle might cause insomnia . So we can try to know about the need of napping and sleeping .


” Abhava-pratyaya- alambana-vritti Nidra”

Sleep is a modification of the mind which has the cause of nothingness as its support. ( Yoga Sutra – Samadhipada ) It manifests when there is a preponderance of Tamas.

During sleep, Sattva and Rajas subside and there will be no knowledge of the external world. Some Jogis think that there is a vritti shunya in it . But it’s not so.

As there is memory in us when we wake up and say that we slept soundly. We knew nothing. There ought to have been a particular kind of subtle wave in the mind during sleep.

Hence, it should not be understood that sleep is no transformation or vritti of the mind. If it were so, the remembrance: ” We slept well or I slept well” would not follow on waking, for we never remember what we haven’t experienced.

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The best elixir and tonic of life is sleep. So it is nature’s tonic to refresh the exhausted body and mind. It is a state in which the mind rests peacefully. They gets involved into its cause. The vrittis and Vasanas( desires) become dormant or latent. It ceases all its functions.

Therefore, the restless wandering mind gets rest. It’s a natural way of charging the mind with fresh energy and peace by allowing it to rest in its source. Hence, there is a temporary absorption of the mind in its cause during sleep.

An Indian yogi told in this regard that in sleep there is deep Tamas. Tamas overpowers Sattva and Rajas. Udana Vayu draws the Jiva from the waking state and makes it rest in Anandamaya Kosha or causal body.

Eventually, after a deep sleep we enjoy happiness and calm of mind. Get massive energy. Hence, our mind becomes charged with affluent energies.

So it is a Tamasic state. Because there is neither activity nor awareness. So the sleeping man is unconscious of the world outside. Even he has no consciousness of his being asleep.

But it’s a matter of pleasure that during sleep the mind and body change. So the body, mind and nerves become vitalised and rendered fit for new activities.

Therefore, man feels happiness, peace and also gets freedom from all pains and agony in sleep. Ultimately, it is essential to keep the body and mind healthy and sound.

So without perfect sleep, we can not enjoy sound health of body, mind and nerves. It refreshes and tones the brain and the nerves. As a result, it is a balm that soothes the fatigue nerves and brains. Hence, It energises and vivifies the whole body and mind. For Further Information Read here:


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The mind and body need relaxation after the lapse of a particular time or after every series of actions done by the physical brain and mental bodies and therefore, a sick man is unable to get rest due to his ailments. The Best Way to Overcome Your Sleep Disturbance. You Might Like: Can Better Sleep Connect to Selflessness?

But if he gets the sleep, obviously he is much relieved. Naturally, lack of sleep intensifies the disease. Therefore, the patient feels then as if his disease is aggravated due to insomnia.

Moreover, sleeplessness itself is a disease. So sleep is indispensable to all.


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