“Your Bothroom Should Be Awesome, Vibrant, Clean & Germ free”

Dr. Sushil Rudra

Beware of office toilets, risk of spreading covid infection remains

Dr. Sushil Rudra

Bathroom rules : Your Bothroom Should Be Awesome, Vibrant, Clean & Germ free”

Allmost two years we have been going through a dark time due to Covid 19. At first, offices and other institutions were starting to open slowly, the world was desperately trying to get back to normal.

Although the work-from-home shift will continue for some time yet, many will not be able to work from the safety of the home, they will have to go out.

Don’t ride the bus, metro, taxi or auto to save the infection, but what to do when using the toilet?

There are many people who come from far and wide to come to the office. He sat on the seat and took a nap first, then went to the toilet to freshen up and started working.

How to Ensure Your Safety : “Your Bothroom Should Be Awesome, Vibrant, Clean & Germ free”

And having to share a bathroom with five female colleagues — how to follow social distancing there? How to ensure your safety?

Developed countries in the first world are thinking about making some changes in the design of toilets that are used by many people together.

For example, all phones will be fitted with sensors. It does not require hands to open and close. The dispenser of liquid soap will also not need to be touched.

Entrance and exit doors to the bathroom will also be automatic. But it is still too late for all those systems to come in this country.

Big corporates may be able to make arrangements, but not all small businesses can. How will they handle the situation?

First of all, understand that it is not safe to go to the bathroom to change clothes or dress up. Because of that, bathrooms are usually cramped and small.

As a result, the virus can spread very quickly in such places. Complete the work as soon as possible, there is no question of plot. Gynecologist associated with Fortis Anandpur Hospital Dr. Sagarika Basu says, “So don’t cut down on water intake, it can lead to more complex problems.

Besides, she told: “Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. And if you need to go to the bathroom, you have to empty your bladder. My advice is to definitely carry your own tissue roll and toilet seat sanitizer.”

Do not touch the bathroom door handle directly. Grab it with a tissue. Remove the tap head in the same way, then throw away the tissue. Wash your hands once.

“Now enter the cubicle and spread the sanitizer and wipe the toilet seat with a tissue once. Use it. Wash yourself well, then wipe the genital area dry. But if it is damp, there may be various infections in the vagina or vulva.

After flushing the toilet seat again. Sanitize once for the next user. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after coming out. After that, you can go back to your place and use the sanitizer,” says Dr. Basu.

The Bottom Line : “Your Bothroom Should Be Awesome, Vibrant, Clean & Germ free”

No surfaces or door handles in public toilets are safe. Remember that before use. There is no need to give a direct hand anywhere. Touch everything with a tissue.

Moreover, eat the right food, make sure that vitamin C is in the diet. Follow the rules of sexual hygiene. Change underwear daily, using cotton underwear is also a very important habit.

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