The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

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There are very few people in this world who have not suffered from tonsil problems. Many people suffer from sore throat due to tonsil problems. That’s why we are going to discuss about homeopathic medicine of Tonsil. ” The Best Few Homeopathic Medicine for Tonsil Sure to Cure”.

An idea we have about tonsils is that tonsils are a thing that we all have in our throat, this problem is aggravated by drinking cold water or eating cold food or cold air. Get rid of this problem if you can throw away the operation! Is it really so?

not at all You will be surprised to know that your old assumptions were completely wrong.
Although tonsil problems occur at all ages, children are more prone to tonsil infections and suffer from sore throats.

There are some lymph nodes in our body that protect the body by secreting immunoglobulins, tonsils are also a type of lymph nodes that are part of the body’s immune system and protect the nose, ears and throat from infections for 2 to 6 years.

There are also more lymph nodes on the palate, around the nose, and this entire area, including the tonsils, is called Waldeyer’s ring.

What are tonsils? The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

Tonsils are 1.5cm red fleshy lumps like almonds in our mouth at the end of the tongue, under the tongue on the right and left sides. Tonsils look like lumps of flesh, but they are made up of lymph nodes or lymphoid tissue. Two tonsils are located on both sides of the mouth.

These tonsils prevent pathogens from entering the intestines or stomach through the mouth, throat, nose or sinuses, that is, tonsils create immunity in the body.


Tonsillitis is when the tonsils become inflamed or infected by bacterial, viral or fungal infection. These tonsils are present in the throat from birth and become enlarged in children.

It reaches its maximum size between the ages of 5-6 years, the tonsils gradually shrink with age.  Viruses attack people with low immunity or cold tolerance.

Causes of tonsillitis:

In our country tonsillitis is caused by bacterial and viral infections. Most tonsillitis occurs during damp and cold weather, extreme cold and extreme heat, seasonal changes.

     It can also be due to frequent colds, lack of immunity, malnutrition etc. Those whose body has less resistance to cold and heat, they are more affected by virus infection. 

      Besides, the tonsils can be infected and inflamed by streptococcus bacteria, spirocheta pallida, tubercular bacteria etc.  Various germs are responsible for gouts, eruptions, sores, etc. on the tonsils, but abuse of mercury or external substances like fish-bones may also injure the tonsils.

Symptoms of tonsillitis:The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

Tonsil infection will mainly cause sore throat and difficulty in swallowing.There will be a slight fever in the body, the temperature may be 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

   Sometimes the tone of the throat changes, the breath has bad smell.  Also, the child may have reluctance to eat or runny nose.  

  In many cases, the glands on the outside of the throat are also swollen.  Vomiting, abdominal pain in children and headache in adults.

  ..  In children under 5 years of age, signs of reluctance to eat with diarrhea are seen. Along with that there may be more or less cough.

In viral tonsillitis, the inflammation of the tonsils progresses slowly, so the symptoms appear gradually.

     Bacterial tonsillitis attacks suddenly and acutely.  As a result symptoms and sore throat, burning etc. occur.

Types of Tonsillitis : The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

   There are generally two types, namely-
  1. Acute Tonsillitis: Chills, high fever or chills with fever, sore throat, hoarse cough, pain in swallowing food or drinking water, difficulty in breathing, tonsils inside the mouth are very red, yellow or white coating on the tonsils, throat Other lymph nodes around it inside are also swollen or sore throat and gums.
  2. Long-term or chronic tonsillitis: Can’t smell things, everything smells bad if you force a sniff. It is very difficult to sleep. The child is afraid to sleep, snoring may be a problem, many times the child’s sleep pattern changes. Sputum comes forward, headache, sore throat, earache, fatigue, persistent salivation, difficulty in eating and yawning, drooling and hoarse voice, bad breath. Diagnosis of Tonsillitis: An easy way to understand that tonsillitis is by pressing the tongue with a tongue depressor and seeing if there is inflammation inside. Tonsils become enlarged and red due to inflammation. The tonsils are partially covered by a yellowish or gray coating on the tonsils.This observation of the specialist is enough to diagnose tonsillitis.

When to go to the doctor? The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

In many cases, this problem resolves itself. But if it doesn’t fix itself then you should consult a doctor quickly. If you have a sore throat for more than 3-4 days, fever, and pain in swallowing, tonsillitis will get better if you consult a doctor quickly before the problem becomes serious and follow the doctor’s advice.

But if one does not receive proper treatment and does not follow the doctor’s advice, long-term inflammation occurs, which we call long-term or chronic tonsillitis.

If this long-term infection occurs four to five times a year for two consecutive years, then the sick tonsils will be cured by taking homeopathic medicine instead of surgery.

Rules of tonsillitis: The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

In addition to treatment, the following precautions can be taken to prevent tonsillitis:

  1. If there is a lack of nutrition, the nutritional deficiency must be filled in the food
  2. In tonsillitis, liquid and high diet should be taken
  3. Every time after taking food, the oral cavity should be cleaned with a brush along with the teeth.
  4. Both extreme heat and extreme cold should be avoided
  5. Refrain from drinking ice cream, cold drinks from the fridge, cold water from the sun or heat.
  6. Drink plenty of water
  7. Rest during acute inflammation
  8. Yolk mixed with salt should be gargled repeatedly with hot water.
  9. If you have a sore throat, tea with mint leaves can be consumed Mint leaves are very effective in sore throat
  10. Avoid getting cold in the throat, neck and ears should be covered with cloth.

Homeopathic medicine:The Best 7 Homeo Medicine for curing Tonsil Quickly

The efficacy of homeopathic medicines in curing all types of tonsillitis has been proven beyond doubt since ancient times. Medicines used in this disease are briefly mentioned below.

Namely- (1) Belledonna, (2) Arnica montana, (3) Kelly Iod, (4) Marxl, (5) Mark-bin-Iod, (6) Thuja, (7) Baryta Carb, (8) Calcarea, ( 9) Conium, (10) Lachesis, (11) Lycopodium, (12) Ignacia, (13) Hypersulphur etc. are notable.

 ‌‌  Still, taking the medicine is mandatory as per the doctor's advice.  And yes, the sick tonsils will be cured by taking homeopathic medicine without surgery.

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