Top 10 Ways to Get New Blog Massive Visitors Quickly!!

Dr. Sushil Rudra

How to drive more traffic on a new blog: After opening a website, the thing that we worry about is how to drive more traffic in less time, right? And to implement this objective of opening a website, you have to think like a marketer. Here’s “Top 10 Ways to Get New Blog Massive Visitors Quickly!!”

Yes, marketing your blog is the way to get more visitors to your website or blog. It’s not just that.

Topic index: Top 10 Ways to Get New Blog Massive Visitors Quickly!!

In today’s article we will know some simple ways how you can easily get more visitors to your blog. So that you can easily increase visitors to your blog.

  1. Bring visitors to the blog by advertising:Top 10 Ways to Get New Blog Massive Visitors Quickly!!
  2. Give a title that will attract people-
  3. Emphasis on On Page SEO-
  4. Start Guest Posting-
  5. Allow others to guest post on your blog-
  6. Post your content on LinkedIn-
  7. Make site loading fast or faster-
  8. Comment in the comment section of other blogs-

  9. finally-
    Top 10 Ways to Get Website Visitors-
    What we will cover in this phase of the discussion are 10 easy ways to get visitors to your website. Let’s find out-
  10. Bring visitors to the blog by advertising
    If you are very busy with getting more and more visitors to your blog, you can pay Google or other search engines for paid search to come top in the search results. Also you can get many visitors through more shares on social media. And this is the main way to get your brand in front of people. For this you need to fix some goals or targets. In other words, if you go to show paid ads on Facebook, you will not be able to show them to everyone. Select a segment that will read your content and run your paid search or display ad. And more shares on social media will also help to get more visitors.
  11. Give a title that will attract people- Top 10 Ways to Get New Blog Massive Visitors Quickly!!
    A statistic shows that 6 out of 10 visitors enter the post after seeing the post title. That is, if your title is good, you can easily get 6 out of 10 visitors. And the title should be something that arouses people’s curiosity. Eg- Earn online without investment. But the title is definitely enough to attract you. Because anyone wants to earn a good amount of money without investment. So you will get visitors to your post no matter who is searching. And thus a good headline or title can get you 6 out of 10 visitors.
  12. Emphasis on On Page SEO-

  13. No matter what anyone says, on-page SEO is one of the most important factors for a site’s ranking or getting more visitors. Many people say that SEO doesn’t exist anymore. But think once Google’s search crawler remains. And when this crawler does the ranking, it doesn’t look at how good the content is, but the on-page SEO. And so take a look at on page SEO.
  14. Pay attention to how you choose keywords. How many times have you used it in the article, have you given ALT text in the image? Whether there are keywords in the meta description, if you keep these things right, you can write a good quality article and on page SEO will be fine.
  15. Start Guest Posting- But guest posting is not dead yet. And that’s why so many sites are ranking today only by writing on a good quality site. Yes, if you write a post with your blog link on a big website where many visitors come regularly, you will get thousands of visitors instantly. But keep in mind that this is not a spam link. It is not that you have written thousands of posts on thousands of sites and put blog links on them. Instead, give where it is needed.
  16. Allow others to guest post on your blog-
    Just as you can bring visitors to your blog by writing on other people’s blogs, by allowing others to write on your blog. You might think why people write on your blog, right?

The simple answer is to build your own portfolio. In Bangladesh, the issue of online income is now a hot topic, and those who offer jobs online also want a proof of the candidate’s previous work experience. And if you give someone this opportunity, surely he will not agree, right?

And through this, the author will be eager to bring more readers to his post and his share will also increase. That means there are several ways you can bring visitors from him.

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  1. Post your content on LinkedIn-
    One of the social media platforms in today’s world which is used only for business work or portfolio is LinkedIn. Its scope is not limited to just finding a job. And by posting on it you can easily get thousands of visitors for your content.
  2. Make site loading fast or faster-
    Did you know how quickly your site is displayed in front of a visitor also depends on the number of visitors you get? A statistic shows that 40 out of 100 visitors bounce from a site because the site is not loading fast. That is, if you do not speed up the loading of the site, you are losing 40 visitors in the beginning, which is a lot. And so if getting more visitors is your objective then you can never skip site loading.
  3. Comment in the comment section of other blogs-
    In a day you visit at least a few sites that are compatible with your site. So why don’t you take a look in the comments section below? By posting site link in comment section you may not get any results immediately. But sometimes someone can visit your site by clicking on your comment, right? And in this way you can bring visitors to the site. finally-
    It is natural that you want to increase the number of visitors to your website. But visitors will not increase in one day, right? You have to wait for that. And work should be done to increase the rank and bring visitors. The above processes will basically help to increase your site visitors. But it is not in one day. There is no benefit in sharing 100 shares on Facebook in one day. Rather, if you try to do 10 every day of the week, you will see that you are getting a good response. Hope the above helps. And stay tuned for more such posts.

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