8 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

Dr. Sushil Rudra

A big problem for new content publisher is post indexing. This problem is seen in almost most websites. But many old websites also have this problem. Which is very annoying. Again there are many websites, which post index is not indexed even after thousands of attempts. So Today I will solve all these problems in this post: 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

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From today all posts and pages on any website will be indexed in Google very quickly. So let’s start.

How many conditions are there for post indexing in Google. By adopting these conditions and some techniques, you can index the post very easily and quickly. So let’s know about those conditions.

1. Unique domain (Unique domain Name):5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

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Yes, you read correctly. First of all, the domain name of your website must be 100% unique. Because the same domain is not indexed in Google. Although there are no two websites with the same name.

However, many people open websites with almost the same name through some techniques. Like blogger.com Some people sell this and make it as blogger2.com or blogger.xyz or blogger.net etc.

Generally, such sites will not be indexed in Google. And if the website is not indexed, the post may not be indexed. So everyone must first get a unique domain.

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The most important thing is to create a unique link. Because a link is indexed once in Google, it is not more than that.

That means create a unique custom perma link for each post. If necessary, search the link in Google and see.

I think you might know how to create a perma link. Watch below 5 tips.

3. Give unique post and title : 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

If the post you are doing is already in Google, then it will be a problem to be indexed. Therefore, write the entire post unique. And give the title unique.

If you want to make the post that is in Google, then make the title at least 50% unique. And the entire post inside.

Make the part unique. It should not be copied. If necessary, check the algorithm and write the post.

It is better to keep Google robot by observing and checking the title, link and the entire post of your post and then indexing it.

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4. Publish regular posts : 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

Post is not indexed because most of us post irregularly. If you want to index the post quickly, you must post regularly.

Regular post means post the second post after one post, and the third post after the same time. For example, after 24 hours of one post.

If you make another post, then do each post 24 hours in a row. Do not change even 5 minutes in 24 hours. If necessary, set the time and publish the post. Then each post will be indexed as soon as it is published.

Those who do not know how You have to set a custom time to publish the post, for them.

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5. Post links to indexed posts in Google : 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

Some of the posts are not indexed after being indexed. Some have done 10-15 posts but one or two posts have been indexed.

In that case, the post which has been indexed in Google, the other post which has not been indexed, put the link of the post in that post or read more. Add a link to its title. This will increase the views.

6. Write posts in an SEO way : 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

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If you post in the SEO way, the site will rank as well as the post will be indexed quickly. Also, if you write the post by SEO, the viewer can understand everything easily later. So there is no alternative to SEO.

7. Write the post with correct grammar

Regardless of the language you write posts in, write the posts with correct grammar. By doing this, the post index will be fast as well as all the viewers will be able to understand easily.

Moreover, they will be attracted to your posts. And they will read all your posts. So keep the grammar correct. Write a post.

8. Get Google News site approval

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If you have posted a lot and want to index the post quickly, then you must get Google News site approved.

Generally, Google News is approved on almost all sites. However, some sites are rejected due to problems. So you must get Google News site approved.

Special Advice: 5 Ways to Be Indexed A Post Quickly in Google!

Try to write a post by following all the techniques mentioned above. Then the post will get indexed as soon as you post. And you will get more visitors than expected. And your website will rank much faster. For today, everyone will be fine.

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