The Wonderful Sixsin : Best & Fantastic Place to Visit

Visit the cloud-wrapped Sixsin, you will find eternal p

Cloud – Wrapped Village: The Wonderful Sixsin : Best & Fantastic Place to Visit

Siksin village is a small village of Darjeeling. This village is located just six kilometers above Mangpu. Those who want to spend their day in the mountains in a different way from the noise of Shail city can visit this village once. This village is ideal for photography enthusiasts.

Nature Beauty: The Wonderful Sixsin : Best & Fantastic Place to Visit

The natural form of this place is really wonderful. If you stay overnight in the homestays of this village, you can enjoy Kanchenjunga from the balcony with hot coffee in hand the next morning. After dusk, the black sky here seems to embrace you. The lights of small houses in the village will be twinkling at you.

If you look at it, it will seem that the countless stars of the sky have come down to the earth. The people of this village welcome tourists. If you want, you can visit Darjeeling or Lamahata in the morning from this village. Ciksin belongs to Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. Here is a jungle trek.

The higher you go from Mangpu, the more white clouds will embrace you. With mountains on one side and gorges on the other, the narrow road between them leads to Senchal Wild Life. There are animals like leopard, bear, wild boar etc. in the forest. One day in the morning you can go out to Lamahata Park

From there you can visit Lover’s Point and the confluence of Teesta – Rangit River. Very close to this village is the house of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore at Mangpu. If you have time, you can visit this memorial house of Kabiguru once. All in all, a visit to this magnificent hill village will surely calm your mind.

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