Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century. Why? Suppose, internet is not working on your phone. what to do Earlier the only way was to call the customer care number. ‘Tell me how can I help you?’…etc! But now it can be done before going too far! You download your service, he saw a quick reply, ‘Tell me what you want help with?’

The quick reply that came in this chat, but no one is doing it sitting down. A ‘chatbot’ is doing it. A complex computer program, which listens to your question, analyzes it and chooses possible answers. Then he will lead you to the solution. If he alone can’t, he will give you the customer care number, real people have to come to the field.

Exciting facts you don’t need to know: Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

The new revolutionary change that has come in the world of technology is called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI). The discovery of the Mesopotamian potter’s wheel in the basin between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers around four and a half thousand years before Christ is roughly considered the beginning of civilization.

In fact, humans as a species are not very physically fit. Not at all compared to animals. As a result, the machine was first born from this wheel; With that, people discovered how to do more with less energy. Since then, as the machine has increased, the labor of people has decreased, the machine has taken the place of people!

Artificial Intelligence: Key to a New World

But how far can this machine take the place of people?

It is around this question that the philosophers have practically rioted, and science fiction has been born. In various stories and novels, there is talk of machines or ‘robots’, who are doing all the work that humans pretend to do. Vidhusekhar, Robu, Kampura in Professor Shanku’s story are gradually able to think as cleverly as humans. But until the 21st century, everyone agreed on one thing. Whatever the machine does, can it think like a human?
That is, however, the front part of the human brain—the frontal lobe—does the functions of thought, intelligence, memory, perception, emotion, analysis, decision-making—they will not be machined.
But this ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) of the 21st century has virtually shattered those ideas.

What is AI ?Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

John McCarthy, famous computer science professor at Stanford University, ‘Turing Award’ winning scientist John McCarthy defined ‘AI’ in a 2004 research paper, ‘It is the branch of science and technology that can create intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. . To the naked eye, it may seem that this science can make machines as intelligent as humans, but such machines can also show some intelligence, which may not even be seen biologically.

John McCarthy is a Stanford professor and one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence

How many types of artificial intelligence or ‘AI’?

This artificial intelligence or ‘AI’ can be broadly divided into two categories. Weak or ‘Weak’ AI and Strong or ‘Strong’ AI.

An AI that is created specifically for a specific task is called a ‘weak’ or weak AI. Their field of work is limited, ‘specialized’, basically they can listen and follow instructions. That is, they can only do what they are taught. For example – the customer care chatbot above, or our more familiar ‘Siri’ or ‘Alexa’. Even the search engine we search on Google is a kind of weak AI.

But if an AI is created, which can find a solution to a problem on its own, then it is called a ‘strong’ AI. As one, this is now at the center of discussion. This type of AI is so advanced, they can go beyond their syllabus and perform tasks for which they have not been taught anything at all.

     They can again be divided into two parts.  'Artificial General Intelligence' or 'AGI' and 'Artificial Super Intelligence' or 'ASI'.  They are still at the theoretical level, that is, they can be made in pen and paper, but not much has been made yet.

  But in film, television though these types of AIs are all the rage.  For example, the Android in Hollywood's 'Westworld' series or the futuristic super-computer made in Bollywood's 'Krrish' film.

Satyajit Roy has shown the way to artificial intelligence in science fiction in Bengal

For now, the whole world is abuzz with this. With billions of dollars pouring in behind companies building artificial intelligence, companies like Tabard are looking at the results of that research. Those who can win this race, practically have the whole world in their hands.

Experts Opinion : Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

A look at what experts have to say about AI, from Sundar Pichai to Steve Wozniak
Thought leaders discuss the future of AI and the need for responsible development and ethical application, ranging from concern to hope.

CEO ai featuredX

Concerns about the future of AI are growing among experts in the field

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing technology that could completely change the way we live today. But with great power comes great responsibility, and a lot of industry professionals are growing more worried about the possible risks of AI.

These thought leaders gave their thoughts, ranging from Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

From Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, these thought leaders shared their views on the future of AI and their commitment to the responsible development and ethical use of this powerful technology. emphasized the need Let’s see what they said.

Steve Wozniak : Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Various Fields It has voiced its abuses and said in an interview with CNN that the technology needs to be slowed down.

However, he denies being afraid of large language models, stating “I don’t live my life in fear” and isn’t worried about the AI ​​itself. hand. He added that all-powerful technology comes with its share of good and bad, so the tech community needs to be responsible and help the public prepare for “what`s coming.”

Wozniak, who was one of the dignitaries who signed the open letter in March requesting that AI companies pause development on their technologies for 6 months, also said he was frustrated by the current use of AI by “people who want to make a name for themselves or make money for themselves.”

Timnit Gebru : Artificial Intelligence is the new attraction of the 21st century

Timnit Gebru, a prominent AI ethicist and founder of the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR), has warned of the dangers of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and the biases of machine-learning algorithms.

In a lecture at Stanford University in February 2023, Gebru criticised the idea of building a system that can perform any task, saying it has roots in eugenics and transhumanism. She also questioned who would benefit from such a system and who would be harmed by it.

Gebru has also exposed the exploitation of labour and the potential for abuse behind AI technologies, such as text-to-image models and large language models. She was fired from Google in 2020 after refusing to withdraw a paper on the risks of large language models. Gebru is co-founder of Black in AI, a non-profit organization that promotes diversity and inclusion in the field.

Some terms related to artificial intelligence and their explanation

Let’s take this opportunity to know some familiar phrases or ‘terms’, which we hear but do not know the exact meaning of.

Automation (Automotion) —Historically, the process of automating human activities is called ‘automation’. The term is generally used to refer to the replacement of humans by machines.

Chatbot — Literally, ‘chat bot’. A simple computer program designed primarily to serve a customer in business, which analyzes the customer’s language with the help of an algorithm called a ‘large language model’ and tries to answer it.

Data — In fact, any information can be called ‘data’ in computer technology. The most essential ingredient for building AI is this information or ‘data’. For an AI to work successfully, it is filled with billions, in some cases tens of thousands or millions of data, which it can analyze.

GPT — The hottest buzzword in artificial intelligence right now. Full name: ‘generative pre-trained transformer’ (generative pre-trained transformer). As the name suggests, what it does.

‘generative’—that is, it can choose new information; ‘Pre-trained’—that is, what it has already been taught to teach; and ‘Transformer’—that is, a very powerful algorithm that can instantly learn something and act like it. If you understand these three things a little, you can guess what the busy program called ‘ChatGPT’ is actually going to do!

In the early eighties, left parties in West Bengal took to the streets against the then Rajiv Gandhi government, fearing that people would lose their jobs when computers came. In just 40 years, the world’s largest company has come down with billions of dollars to find out how to replace people with machines. Change feels the same

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