The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland. Paren a offbeat wonderland along the Indo Bhutan border near dooars in West Bengal

Offbeat Destination:

An Undiscovered Tourist Spot : The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

A small village, located on the western side of the Dooars overlooking the Jaldhaka River and Bhutan, is Paren. Located 10km from Jaldhaka Paren is still an undiscovered vacation spot by many tourists.

However those who have been to Paren will usually be lured back to the serene ambiance and surreal natural beauty.

Lush green woodland areas, hilly terrain, meandering rivers and agricultural fields, and glimpses of picturesque villages, Paren is an perfect vacation spot for a weekend tour.

Destination Tours is the best way to get around the mountains at low cost and in less time. Paren is one of the tourist centers of the Duars. Both Jhalong and Bindu are very popular tourist destinations. This paren falls on the way to Jhalong.

Summer Vacation: Enjoy Nature

The school summer vacation will fall at the beginning of May. Do not sit at home, take all the family out of the mountains. Many may think that mountains are quite expensive. On top of that there may be problems for elders in the family. So today we have brought you the address of Duars.

Destination Tours is the best way to get around the mountains at low cost and in less time. Duers isn’t offbeat, though. However, there are many places that many people avoid. One such place is Paren. This paren falls on Jhalong-Bindu route. Not offbeat, but an incredibly beautiful place this Paren.

Both Jhalong and Bindu are very popular tourist destinations. This paren falls on the way to Jhalong. Although the road to this paren is the most scenic. Paren has to get out of Jaldapara and become a strip.

Demography : The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

It takes about 3 hours to go from Jaldapara to Paren. There will be a green tea garden on that way. You can take a break on the way and eat tea here. Dayna River will fall first, followed by Jaldhaka.

Go to Garumara Sanctuary on the way to Paren. Most of the way will be chapramari forest.

Jhalong & Jaldhaka : The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

Jhalong should be reached straight through Chapramari. Jaldhaka river flows through this Jhalang. There is a small bridge above. If you want to spend some time of the day quietly, then you can go to Jhalang. You can spend the night in Jhalang.

It’s a box house Village. And from this Jhalang you can go to Paren. Small mountain village. But Paren village is characteristic. It is the last town on the Indo-Bhutan border. A green village hidden on the hill.

Entering the Paren means a complete break from urban life. Surrounded by dense green forest. If you close your ears, you can only hear the sound of the river and the birds.

Paren can be the best destination for those who want to spend time with family in peace. The night paren is also magical. Paren looks magical in light and dark. Then not the call of the bird, only the call of jhin jhin can be heard. And looking at the sky, you can see the sky full of stars.

Why Should We Visit there : The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

What Makes Paren Worth Visiting
Located on the way to Bindu (the distance from Paren to Bindu is around 15 km) the travelling route towards Paren is full of pictorial views.

Paren is a must-visit location for visitors who love woodland treks, jungle drives, bird watching, and walking trails. You will additionally experience this region if you desire to spend some quiet time in the lap of nature.

Paren is genuinely an abundance of extraordinary green forests, rocky mountain terrain, hilly rivers, agricultural lands, and quintessential villages.

The trek to Rachella Pass through Alubari and Lava from Paren has attracted many trekkers Rachella is recognized to harbor many natural lakes.

A trek to Rachella Pass is an perfect trek where you can revel in the adventure of trekking into the dense untouched areas of Neora Valley Forest and border areas of Bengal, Sikkim, and Bhutan.

You can additionally take nature walks to Dalgaon, Gairibas, and Rongo to find out the medicinal plants of the area. The jungle walks are perfect to view lovely birds and butterflies. There are many things to do nearby in Paren like taking a stroll on the bank of River Jaldhaka.

Just about a few kilometers driving distance away, Bindu, a vacationer hotspot, is regarded for the Bindu Hydel Power Station and Dam.

Tourists can additionally see the beautiful sight of Bindu and Jaldhaka coming together. There is a fantastic view of the Bhutan hills and the wonderful geographical region filled with hamlets on the street to Bindu.

Tourists can also see a beautiful view of the confluence of Bindu and Jaldhaka. The road leading to Bindu offers a magnificent view of the mountains of Bhutan and a wonderful geography dotted with villages.

They can also arrange a trip to Godak village which is 15 km from Bindu. The magnificence of Paren and its surrounding areas can be admired throughout the year, but unless you are too adventurous, it is best to avoid the rainy season.

In the lap of nature, Paren is a place for all people who love to live in nature and are ready for all kinds of adventures.

Watch the convergence of the borders of Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan during the Rachella Pass trek and enjoy the unusual vegetation of Paren.

Its glory will surely leave you wanting more. In short, Paren is a paradise that you should visit at least once.

If you take the train, you have to get off at New Mall Junction. Jhalong is 45 km from there. And Paren is very close to Jhalong. Besides, there are West Bengal Forest Department cottages at Paren.

Therefore you can stay overnight there if you want. In that case you have to book online and go to Paren. So what is the delay? Come out of Paren.

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