New Machine intelligence: the Ultimate cause of destruction

Not atomic bomb, the cause of the destruction of human civilization will be machine intelligence! Hawking himself warned.

Miracle of Artificial Intelligence & Fear

The show was just a comedy style late night show. No one could have imagined that the black shadow of a terrible fear will emerge in this way! Presenter Oliver was asking various questions to the guest of the program.

When the subject of artificial intelligence came up, the guest expressed his fears. Said, because of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) or the extinction of human civilization!

Hearing this from his mouth, everyone was alarmed. Because the word is not a Ram-Sham-Magic or Tom-Dick-Harry, this statement is Stephen Hawking’s (Stephen Hawking)!

The legendary scientist is no more. But in today’s world, his warning seems to be echoing again and again in the ever-increasing influence of AI.

The Prophecy of Hawking : New Machine intelligence: the Ultimate cause of destruction

Not once. Hawking also emphasized the cautious use of artificial intelligence during a conversation with the BBC a few months later on the show Last Week Tonight. Claims,

“If you keep making intelligent machines, one day it may become dangerous for our existence.”

Hawking was clear that if such an AI program can be made one day, whose consciousness is equivalent to human consciousness, then it will soon become more powerful than humans.

Because if machines are intelligent, they will easily continue to learn a lot, and use it to improve themselves. Their evolution will be very fast. Since human evolution is much slower in comparison, they cannot survive the competition.

Open Letter

It’s 2014 incident. The following year, in January 2015, prominent AI experts from around the world, including Hawking, wrote an open letter. Apart from Hawking, Elon Musk was the most recognizable face.

In that letter, it was said that society can undoubtedly benefit greatly from artificial intelligence. But still much research is needed on this.

What damage can be caused by this should be looked into. At the time, Hawking-Mask was on the board of the Future of Life Institute, an organization that works on mitigating threats to civilization.

Eight years have passed since then. There are no robots and childish ‘call dolls’. Rather, they may turn humans into puppets in the near future, a fear that seems to be intensifying.

A leading expert on the subject said the same thing recently. He compared AI with the danger of an asteroid hitting the earth!

The man named Max Tegmark is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His words are an exact reflection of Hawking’s words.

Computing Machinery and Intelligence : New Machine intelligence: the Ultimate cause of destruction

In 1950, the world imprisoned researcher Alan Turing wrote his famous research paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. There he raised the question, can computers really think?

Needless to say, computer science was in its infancy. The first modern computer, Eniac, was built just five years ago. At that time, this visionary man started looking for an answer to such an impossible question.

Famous Tuning Test : New Machine intelligence: the Ultimate cause of destruction

The famous Turing test was born from this question and the search for its answer. Where a person asks a computer and a human some similar questions trying to figure out who is the human and who is the computer.

In such a situation, if the computer can identify itself as a human through the answers given by it, then it is proved that there is artificial intelligence in that computer.

The Turing Test is still an indispensable name in the discussion of artificial intelligence. That’s the beginning. Since then, scientists have continued to strive to develop intelligence in machines.

At the end of several decades of research, there have been amazing improvements in research. And the question remains behind the light of that improvement.

So is man himself Victor Frankenstein creating a monster that will one day crush civilization?

Tegmark Remarks:New Machine intelligence: the Ultimate cause of destruction

Mr. Tegmark is pointing his finger in that direction. Experts have great ideas on how to steer AI in a safer direction, he said. But despite the anticipation of how dire AI-related dangers could be, these experts’ areas of concern are being doggedly avoided.

According to his calculations, artificial intelligence has reached a point where there is at least a 10 percent risk of civilization being destroyed at its hands.

But in most cases, this fear is being joked about. As a result, the danger is increasing. The question arises, will we understand when the water rises above the nose?

Isaac Asimov’s 3 Principles

Isaac Asimov, one of the world’s best sci-fi writers in the four decades of the last century, mentioned three principles of robotics in his story ‘Run Around’.

Those three ‘laws’ actually speak of human control over machine intelligence. Because if it becomes ‘intelligent’, the machine will think about protecting its own interests first.

And if the people’s interests are disturbed while protecting their own interests, nothing will come of them. It is surprising to think that Asimov was able to identify future ‘threats’ so skillfully!

But not everyone is willing to be so afraid right now. Many remember the ‘electrical battle’ between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla during the eighties and nineties of the nineteenth century.

Actually the fight was between DC vs AC. Edison feared that AC’s greatest danger lay in high voltage. But Tesla was reluctant to act on his fears. He continued his research with a positive attitude.

The Bottom Line

Finally, is there any need to comment on how AC ie Alternating Current played a pivotal role in the advancement of civilization? In this way, all the fears related to AI will one day be proven wrong, the optimists claim.

According to them, when machines become more intelligent than humans, they can open the door to infinite possibilities for us.

Time will tell what will happen in the end. But when people like Hawking have warned, then ignoring it will not be a matter of awareness. But many researchers continue to warn.

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