Sabrina Pasterski: The new Einstein in the world of physics

Sabrina Pasterski


Sabrina Pasterski is the new Einstein in the world of physics. She is a golden girl of the globe. Young meritorious scientist and techno researcher is a Cuba – American born woman.

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski has a love of science and technological know-how. So she took flight — pretty actually — when she first rode in an aircraft at age 9 and dreamed of developing spacecraft.

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Morning Shows the Day : She Constructed an Whole Plain

At 10, she rebuilt an plane engine at her Chicago home. At 12, she constructed an whole airplane. At 14, she took it on a take a look at flight.

One hallmark of her many achievements so far might be the fact that she built an entire fixed-wing single engine plane at the age of 13-years-old. Called the N5886Q, she started building the aircraft in her father’s garage in March of 2006 at the age of 12. She completed her work in October of 2007.

“At 10, I had bought an engine rebuild stand, cheap eBay red tagged (damaged) crankcase/crankshaft/cylinders/pistons/etc to repeatedly practice building and tearing down an O-200A engine in the foyer outside my bedroom,” she writes on her website.

It was certified as an airworthy E-LSA on January 11, 2008, and flew its maiden flight four days later, on January 15th. It was kept in Phase I flight testing for my first U.S. solo which I conducted in it on August 24th of 2009 at age 16,” she writes on her website, which is no-frills and to the point, much like the girl herself.

Outstanding Physicist : Sabrina Pasterski: The new Einstein in the world of physics

She is now 28 or 29 and at this age, Pasterski is one of the leading theoretical physicists in the world. Her work has been noted through the outstanding theorist Stephen Hawking.

She research such superior subjects as quantum gravity, black holes and area time.

She is called as “New Einstein”! At the age of 22 , returned NASA’s proposal, and Hawking was surprised to see the discovery of the shelf Cuban American scientist Sabrina.

01. Wonder Girl : Sabrina Pasterski: The new Einstein in the world of physics

  She received his Ph.D. from Harvard University.  In the last few years, several of his different discoveries have repeatedly impressed the scientists.

Sabrina Gonzalez Pestarski appeared as a wonder girl in the world of science. This young woman from Chicago has opened new doors in physics. At the age of only 29 years, he was with the world’s leading scientists.

02 An American Citizen of Cuban Origin

Sabrina is an American citizen of Cuban origin, her father is an electrical engineer by profession. She started practicing physics as a child with the encouragement of his father. With the passage of time, the world of that practice has become wider.

03. Educational Journey : Sabrina Pasterski: The new Einstein in the world of physics

Sabrina completed her undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After that, he received his PhD degree from Harvard University.

She is a fundamental investigator at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science. She research such superb quality of subjects & superior subjects as quantum gravity, black holes and area time.


She has by no means had a social media account however posts links to her talks and papers at
A “proud, first-generation Cuban-American,” she is a main recommend of STEM science schooling for girls, specially women of color.

05. New Einstein : Sabrina Pasterski: The new Einstein in the world of physics

Sabrina Pasterski is the new Einstein.
In 2015 and 2017, Sabrina was named on Forbes’ list of the best scientists. In the last few years, several of his different discoveries have repeatedly impressed the scientists. Sabrina has been dubbed the ‘new Einstein’.

06 As a Pilot

Sabrina made an entire airplane with her own hands. In 2003, she began his first flight training. He also participated as a pilot in an aircraft exercise in 2005.


After that, Sabrina made her own airplane and completed by 2009. After receiving the green signal from the instructor, the young woman squeezed into the plane and left.

Before that, Sabrina Pasterski walked into the campus places of work one cold January morning in search of the OK for a single-engine airplane she had built, it may have been commercial enterprise as usual.

Except that the shaggy-haired, wide-eyed aircraft builder earlier than them was once simply 14 and had already flown solo.

“I couldn’t trust it,” recollects Peggy Udden, an govt secretary at MIT, “not solely due to the fact she was once so young, however a girl.”

OK, it’s 2016, and talented women are now not precisely uncommon at MIT; almost 1/2 the undergrads are women. But some thing about Pasterski led Udden no longer simply to assist get her airplane approved, but to get the interest of the university’s pinnacle professors.


During her undergraduate studies at MIT, Sabrina participated in important particle research at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. The young scientist has also left an impression there.


In 2015, Sabrina published a single research paper. Its content was mentioned by Stephen Hawking himself in his research paper in early 2016 which makes Sabrina more popular.

Now 29, Pasterski is one of the main theoretical physicists in the world. Her work has been referred to by the fantastic theorist Stephen Hawking.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised Sabrina’s talent. He also offered the young researcher a lucrative job in his company. However, Sabrina has turned down all those offers and wants to devote herself to research.


Not only Bezos, the American space research agency NASA also expressed its desire to work with Sabrina. Sabrina was also offered a high paying job by NASA. But the young woman did not put her foot in those shoes either.


Sabrina’s research is notable for the ‘spin memory effect’. Many believe that this discovery could open new horizons in the field of research on the movement of gravitational waves.

She’s exploring some of the most difficult and complicated problems in physics, a great deal as Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein (whose theory of relativity simply grew to become one hundred years old) did early in their careers.

Her research delves into the nature of gravity and spacetime. A specific focus is attempting to better apprehend “quantum gravity,” which seeks to provide an explanation for the phenomenon of gravity within the context of quantum mechanics.

Discoveries in that area should dramatically change our perception of the workings of the universe.


Sabrina completes the Pestarsky-Strumminger-Zybodov triangle which is very important in the world of physics. This work of her is written in a single research paper which was mentioned by Hawking.


Sabrina has received praise from various quarters for her contribution to the world of science. He was also given a reception from the White House. Sabrina’s interview has been published in various media.


Sabrina’s work has been broadcast on channels in Russia, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland and India. Sabrina’s interview has also been seen in Hindi.


Sabrina is of Cuban descent. She has been instrumental in promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics among Cuban girls. This social worker form of Sabrina also catches attention.


She’s additionally caught the attention of some of America’s brightest working at NASA. Also? the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and aerospace developer and producer Blue Origin, promised her a job each time she’s ready. Asked by using e-mail recently whether or not his offer still stands, Bezos informed OZY: “God, yes!”


The Chicago native is being hailed as the next Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking thanks to a long list of accomplishments at just 29 years old.
She’s taken the physics world by storm with her innovative studies and engaging YouTube channel.


At 23, most young professionals just graduated college and are looking toward the workforce or, if they’re an academic, toward graduate school. Life morphs into a quasi-adulthood filled with confusion and regularly dealing with real-world issues.


Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski hailing from Chicago, Illinois is being seen as the next Einstein or Stephen Hawking thanks to her high accomplishments at the young age of 29.

She started her education at Edison Regional Gifted Center in 1998. At that time, Sabrina’s peers recognized her genius In 2010, she graduated from Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.


This American physicist was already one of the most well-known physicists in the US and a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT, class of 2010, where she earned a 5.0 GPA, the highest GPA one can receive.

     This was recognized by MIT physics department as she received Orloff Scholarship Award in 2013. 


  Though not active on social media or any of the usual millennial tropes, she does have a YouTube channel called PhysicsGirl, where she shares the process of building the aircraft titled: 

“Sabrina 2006: Building an Airplane for My Dad” in 2008. The video has almost 600,000 views so far. Notably, she can also fly her creation as she received her pilot’s license in 2003.


   Aside from dabbling in aeronautical engineering, her main focus is exploring the world of physics, with focus on space.

Specifically, the sort of complex and seemingly impossible queries approached by great people like Hawking and Einstein at a similarly young age.


In fact, a paper released early few years ago by Stephen W. Hawking, Malcolm J. Perry and Andrew Strominger, cites two papers co-written by Sabrina Pasterski and another she wrote on her own in 2015.


She also works on various social projects and initiatives, one of them being “Let Girls Learn”. This landed her an invitation to White House in 2016 and she even got a congratulatory message.


    When she eventually does graduate and leave academia, she has more than enough prospects waiting for her. Jeff Bezos, the brains behind Amazon (you might have heard of it) has already said that she has a job at his aerospace company Blue Origin when she’s ready and able. 

     That is something she's aimed to do since she was a child; in fact, she named Bezos as her inspiration and the main reason why she got into physics in the first place. 

Sabrina Pasterski: the ‘Physics Girl’ Old Source:

Her research looks at black holes, the nature of gravity and space-time. However, she mainly works on understanding “quantum gravity” which aims to explain the phenomenon of gravity within the context of quantum mechanics.

If she can crack that, it would greatly change humanity’s understanding of the universe. All her scientific accomplishments are the reason why Forbes ran a story about her and NASA offered her a job.

      Hertz Foundation Fellowship and Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Young Researcher are just some of the awards and honors she received during her young career. 

“Years of pushing the bounds of what I could achieve led me to physics,” she told Yahoo News. “Physics itself is exciting enough.

     It's not like a 9-to-5 thing. When you're tired you sleep, and when you're not, you do physics." This mentality is exemplified through all aspects of her behavior. 

   For example, she once told Yahoo that, unlike other kids, she never had a boyfriend, tried alcohol or smokes while growing up. This only shows her full commitment to science. 

Despite the physics world seemingly being her oyster, the young woman still tries to search for new challenges.

“I’ll hopefully be right about having some kind of gut feeling that [will become] rather big at some point. Fingers crossed,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

Don’t be surprised if you see Sabrina on the cover of magazines and TV news in near future. She is definitely a person who can change the face of science.

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