Here The 5 Warning Prediction By Great Physicist

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Here The Top 5 Warning Predictions By Great Physicist

Stephen Hawking: Here The Top 5 Warning Predictions by Great Physicist :

Stephen Hawking is one of the most talked about scientists in the contemporary world. The wheelchair was the steady companion of this late physicist. However, his wheelchair never stood in the way of this exceptionally gifted scientist.

Rather, he made numerous predictions about the human civilization a few days before his demise while sitting in a wheelchair Here is 5 prediction of Great Scientist Separate reviews in the Mirror and the New York Post mentioned the predictions.

The world will be destroyed through fire Stephen Hawking, speaking about the feasible causes of the destruction of the earth, said, ‘We will all die in less than 600 years.

Because, the human beings on earth will increase and the quantity of strength we need, the complete earth will burn red.’ He gave this idea at the Tencent We Summit in Beijing, China.

In that conference, scientists from different nations of the world presented their thoughts in papers. Hawking said, ‘By 2600, the world’s people will be shoulder to shoulder. The electricity they need will flip the world into a red sphere.

Moreover, Hawking said, to save the world, we want to take ideas from the American TV series “Star Trek”. Need to rapidly discover locations where no one has gone – somewhere or aliens – and strengthen communication technology at the speed of light.

Another science celebrity whose cogitations entice massive attention. In 2013, Musk advised a conference: “Either we unfold Earth to different planets, or we risk going extinct. An extinction event is inevitable and we’re increasingly more doing ourselves in.

• Robots Will Control the World

Robots will take over the world Another prediction by Professor Stephen Hawking is that artificial intelligence will overtake humans.

In an interview with Weird magazine, Hawking said, “As we go ahead with the improvement of artificial intelligence, we should bear in mind that they will be dangerous.

Hawking additionally said, ‘I’m afraid, they will truly drive people away. If humans can create computer viruses, anybody will create an artificial intelligence that will remove them.

Hence it will be another shape of existence and it will surpass people in intelligence. Earth will be destroyed by nuclear technological warfare and human invasion.

• Opinion about Nuclear Weapons, War & the Future : Here The Top 5 Warning Prediction by Great Physicist

Today, many of the world’s most effective countries possess nuclear weapons. War can appear at any time. In an interview given to the BBC on his seventy fifth birthday, Stephen Hawking said, ‘Greed and aggression have been increased in humans.

The conflict indicates no signs and symptoms of abating. Weapons and war equipment can cause huge damage on Earth. If we dream of sustaining human civilization, we have to set up independent colonies in space.

He Needs Another Location Other Than Our Earth

It’s need to find a location on some other planet quickly. Stephen Hawking commented that to keep away from the extinction of the human species, technological competencies need to be wholly exploited and similarly technological excellence need to be achieved.

“If we do not locate another planet to live on, climate change, population growth, epidemics and hostilities will finally wipe us out,” he said.

In an interview for the BBC documentary ‘Expedition New Earth’, Hawking said, “He believes that our planet has reached a point of no return.

Donald Trump & Physicist Stephen Hawking On Climate Change : Here The Top 5 Warning Predictions by Great Physicist

Professor Late Stephen Hawking made protest against Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreementin 2017, warned:

“We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees, and raining sulphuric acid.”

However economists like Dr Hoesung Lee, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told that climate change was a “threat to the health of our planet and to the well-being of all species inhabiting it”.

He told, the scientific evidence was “unequivocal” with substantial damage. So it already been caused and “increasingly irreversible losses” on land and sea.

World-leading celebraty and corporate gaint likeBill Gates, also the founder of Microsoft described climate change as “a terrible problem”. So he told that it absolutely needs to be solved”. – Hence he clearly understand the seriousness of the problem.

Stephen Hawking opposed Donald Trump regarding climate change. Famous Physicist Stephen Hawking was a harsh critic of former US President Donald Trump.

White Trump declared his reluctance to sign the climate change agreement in Paris, Hawking protested and used to be the most vocal.

At that time, Hawking advised in the BBC event , “Trump’s decision to withdraw from the climate agreement will push the world to the brink of destruction.”

The Bottom Line : Here The Top 5 Warning Prediction by Great Physicist

He warned, “As a result of climate change, the Earth will emerge as like Venus, where the temperature will attain 250 degrees, sulfur will rain.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing us now. We can stop this hazard if we take steps.

Desparately criticizing Trump, Hawking said, “By withdrawing from the climate agreement, Trump is damaging the environment of our lovely world, and therefore inserting us and our children in threat of destroying the natural environment.”

Undoubtedly, the remarks of the Great Physicist is perfect. So we should save the nature and make the world perfect for habitations.

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