The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Exercises to reduce belly fat for Women

Dr. Sushil Rudra

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Introduction: Health Tips: The Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat Quick For Women

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Excess fat accumulated in the abdomen and waist is a matter of concern. Not only does it look bad, but it can also cause many diseases. And it is very uncomfortable, especially for women. In today’s post of our blog, we will tell you how to reduce belly fat and the best exercises to reduce belly fat quickly for women.

However, we will talk about some effective yoga and diet, which will help in reducing belly fat. Doing all these things regularly will bring benefits. Leaving one or two behind can do more harm than good.

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Ways to lose belly fat in women:

In the beginning of today’s article we will know the causes of belly fat-

What Are The Causes Of Belly Fat? The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

1. Constipation

If a person suffers from this problem for a long time, there is a high possibility of accumulation of belly fat. Constipation usually occurs as a result of irregular eating habits due to lack of time in today’s busy life.

If the amount of fibre in the food is low, drinking less than the required amount of water disrupts the digestive process, resulting in various problems.

2. Stress

Mentally depressed person is suffering from various diseases one after another. Increase in body fat is one of them. Stress increases the level of cortisol hormone in the blood. Cortisol can increase body fat levels, typically around the abdomen.

3. Hormonal changes

Usually women face hormonal changes. When he reaches the middle of his life (around 40), fat increases faster than body weight.

Then during menopause, oestrogen hormone levels decrease and androgen hormone levels increase. This is why the fat around the waist increases.

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4. Habit of working only sitting

In this era of modernity, due to the invention of various machines, human life has become so easy that people have almost stopped physical work.

Hence, everyone tries to sit down and do all their work, be it in the office or at home. Now, instead of finding time for exercise, many people prefer to watch TV or work on the computer. As a result, the level of fat in the body is increasing.

5. Muscle relaxation

As the muscles around the abdomen begin to loosen, the fat in that area begins to increase. However, no proper research information was found on this matter.

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6. Low protein and high carbohydrates

People sometimes eat more than necessary due to work pressure and do not pay attention to nutrition. The body consumes food with less protein and more carbohydrates and fats because of the taste.

Due to the regular continuation of such unhealthy eating habits, the fat around the abdomen increases.

Above we learned about the causes of belly fat, now we will discuss the ways to solve this problem.

How To Solve The Belly Fat Problem? The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Some people have so much fat around their stomach and waist that they can’t wear the clothes. They want even if they want to.

Many times being fat makes one feel inferior when sitting in front of others, as their belly fat is clearly visible through their clothes. Such people are always thinking about how to reduce belly fat.

In this case, regular exercise is necessary. Here we will talk about waist and belly slimming exercises.

The Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat For Women

1. Running

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The benefits of running in keeping the body fit are immense. Running helps the heart work better and burns extra calories, causing fat loss to begin slowly.

Run only a few metres in the beginning and run slowly rather than fast. Gradually increase both speed and time as the body gets used to it over time. It is one of the ways to reduce belly and waist fat.

2. Cycling

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Cycling can also be used as a stomach-reducing exercise. It is considered as the best and easiest cardio exercise, so it keeps our heart healthy as well as slimming.

It can be a good exercise for legs, and thighs. Besides, it also reduces fat deposits in the thighs. Cycling for 30 minutes every morning or afternoon is very beneficial.

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3. Swimming

Image: iStock/The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Swimming is also one of the ways to reduce waist and belly. As a result, excess fat accumulated in the body starts to decrease.

Swimming not only helps in weight loss but also makes the body fitter and fresher. You can do this once or twice a week.

If you have never swum before, it should only be done under the supervision of an instructor.

4. Walking

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Ways to reduce a bloated belly include walking. Yes, if one does not want to do the above three tasks, then he can walk for half an hour every morning and evening.

Eventually, it can also reduce excess fat accumulated in the body. If possible, act quickly. It is considered as the easiest and safest way to reduce an enlarged belly.

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5. Climb the stairs

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Steps to lose belly fat include climbing and descending. It is nothing less than a stomach slimming exercise.

Yes, walking up and down the stairs can also reduce excess fat. For this, you can start going up and down the stairs every morning and evening for about 10 minutes.

Even when going to the office, using the stairs instead of the elevator is equally effective for reducing belly fat.

However, it does not require extra time. For this reason, it is considered an easy exercise to lose belly fat.

6. Squat

One of the easiest exercises to lose belly fat is the squat. To do this, you need to stand straight on the ground. Then keep your arms straight and bend your knees.

Now stay like this for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. It is also popular as a women’s exercise for a flat stomach.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

7. Plank

Plank exercise can also be the answer to the question of how to reduce belly. This is a simple exercise. By doing this, besides reducing fat, it will improve the balance of the body.

To do this, one needs to get into a pushup position and then keep the body in a straight line with the entire body weight on the arms.

At this time, only the elbows and paws should be on the ground and the rest of the body in the air. Hold the body in this position as long as possible.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

8. Crunch

Crunches are very popular as a workout to build abs and reduce belly fat. The crunch method is also simple.

This is why it can be counted among the remedies to lose belly fat. To do this, first lie on the mat on your back and bend your knees.

Now bend your elbows and place them behind your neck. Then try to lift the upper body while inhaling. Then, while exhaling, return to the starting position.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

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Eating Rules: The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Along with doing the above exercises regularly, it is very important to follow a proper diet. So now I will tell you which foods should be eaten and which foods should not be eaten to reduce the stomach.

If the food and drinks are not balanced, then no matter what exercise and yoga you do, the belly fat reduction system will not work. So let’s take a look at what to eat and what not to eat-

1. Vegetables

If the question of how to reduce belly fat is troubling, then vegetables can be included in the daily diet. Yes, this vegetable can help keep the body healthy and reduce fat, as it is low in calories.

2. Whole grains

Weight can be controlled to a large extent by including whole grains in the diet. Whole grains are rich in fiber, which may prove beneficial in reducing excess fat.

3. Soup

If you want to lose belly fat, you can include soup in your diet. Eating it at night can help in weight loss. It is light and does not contain many calories, due to which it does not cause fat gain.

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4. Results

Remedies to reduce belly fat include eating fruits. Apart from providing essential nutrients to the body, fruits can also help in weight control.

The fibre present in the fruit helps in reducing fat. For this reason, it is important to include fruits in your regular routine.

5. Nuts

Nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts can also help with weight loss. It is said that eating dry fruits in limited quantities for a long time gives energy to the body and can control the urge to eat repeatedly.

6. Skimmed milk and other dairy products

If you prefer to drink milk, then consuming fat free milk can also be one of the home remedies to lose belly fat.

A study suggests that fat-free milk and other dairy products also play an essential role in reducing belly fat.

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7. Beans and pulses

Home remedies to reduce belly fat can also include beans. Whether it’s green beans or lentils, everything can help with weight loss.

It is rich in fibre and fibre can help in weight loss by reducing frequent hunger pangs and controlling the urge to overeat.

8. Protein foods

A high protein diet is also the answer to the question of how to reduce belly fat. Eating protein-rich foods can help with weight loss.

Protein-rich foods include oats, chia seeds, lentils, avocados, soy milk, etc. Hence it can also be included in the home remedies for flatulence.

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9. Soluble fibre

Soluble fibre is also a great way to lose belly fat. Its consumption reduces appetite, which can control the urge to eat repeatedly. In this way weight gain can be controlled.

Foods to Avoid: The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Knowing what to eat to lose weight is as important as knowing what not to eat. They are –

Avoid eating sugary and packaged foods.

Starchy foods such as rice, noodles, pasta and bread. Instead of these, brown rice and brown bread should be eaten.

Tobacco, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided.

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Yoga to reduce belly fat

Remedies to reduce a bloated belly include yoga.Here we are talking about some yoga asanas, with the help of which you can lose weight.

Effective Yoga Asanas : The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

1. Bridge or Setubandha Yogasana

Image : iStock/ asian woman make yoga bridge pose in classroom

If you are wondering what to do to reduce belly, then you can practise this setubandha yogasana. It can help reduce the fat accumulated near the abdomen and waist.

Moreover, it can be helpful in strengthening the abdominal and thigh muscles and reducing any kind of pain or pressure in the neck.

Lie on the floor with your back straight. Then bend the knees. Spread your arms straight on the floor.

Place the weight on the floor very firmly with the feet and hands. Then slowly raise the back of the body from the floor.

This asana straightens the chest, neck and spine, moreover strengthens the back muscles. Keeps blood circulation in the body normal.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

Caution: People with high blood pressure should not do this asana.

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2. Frontal

Kapalbhati yoga can be done as a home remedy to reduce belly fat. It is said that the results will be seen soon.

It can reduce the fat around the waist as well as the fat on the hips. It is believed that doing this regularly reduces problems like constipation, gas and acidity.

It is also considered helpful in strengthening the stomach nerves and improving the digestive system.

How to do Kapalbhati Yogasana-

How to do Kapalbhati Yogasana-

Sit on the ground in Sukhasana pose and close your eyes.

Take a long deep breath and release.

Now slowly exhale through the nose. When you exhale, the belly should be inward.

Remember that while doing this, don’t inhale, just exhale and do it continuously.

Five rounds of this asana every morning and evening on an empty stomach will be beneficial.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

Caution: practice this asana in the morning on an empty stomach and after half an hour of doing it something should be eaten.

If you are doing it in the evening, do it five hours after a meal. Pregnant women should not do this.

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3. Balasana

Image : iStock

If you are still wondering how to lose belly fat, Balason is also a good option. While doing this asana, the body position is like that of a foetus growing in the mother’s womb.

Hence it is called Balasan Yoga. Balasan can help strengthen the abdominal muscles. By doing this for about 10 minutes every day, the stomach can be inside.

How to do Balasana Yoga-

First, Vajrasana means sitting on the knees with all the weight on the heels.

Keeping your waist straight and inhaling, move the arms straight up.

Now lean forward while exhaling.

Try to keep the head touching the ground and the arms straight.

Breathe in this position at a normal pace for a few seconds and then rise again while exhaling.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

Caution: Do not do this asana if you have back pain or have had knee surgery. Also, those who have diarrhoea should not do this asana.

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4. Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

Home remedies to lose belly fat also include Anulom-Vilom Pranayama. Of course, this asana is easy to do, but it is effective in reducing obesity.

Mainly it is also called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. This results in proper blood flow in the body.

Anulom-Vilom Yoga Asana-

How to do Anulom-Vilom Yoga Asana-

In case of Anulom, one side of the nose will be closed. First, by holding the right nostril, inhale and exhale through the left side.

After holding the left nostril, practice inhaling and exhaling through the right. The process of inhalation and exhalation in this pranayama will be completed in three steps.

First take a short breath and pause for two seconds, then pause for two seconds and take a full breath. You have to maintain this rule during exhalation.

During exhalation it is necessary to breathe normally through both nostrils at the same time. But like Anulom it will be in three stages.

That is, first take some breath and stop for two seconds.Breathe again. Stop for two seconds and take a full breath in the last step. It should also be left in the same manner in three steps.

Caution: High blood pressure and heart patients should consult and under the supervision of a trained yoga guru. Also, it is advised not to do it loudly or quickly.

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5. Boating

This asana is useful in reducing your waist and belly. By doing this, the small intestine, large intestine and digestive system can be improved.

It is also considered beneficial for fat loss. Now stop thinking about what to do to reduce belly fat and include Naukasana in your routine.

Ways of boating-

First lie on the ground and bring your ankles and toes together.

Keep your both hands very close to the waist and palms facing the ground.

First take a deep breath and then while exhaling lift both legs, arms and neck parallel upwards.

Naukasana stays in this position for about 30 seconds and continues breathing normally.

Next, breathe slowly and return to normal.

Exercises to reduce belly fat for girls

Caution: Those who have any serious diseases related to waist and abdomen should not do this asana. Pregnant women should also avoid this asana.

Some more important tips to lose belly and waist fat: The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Eat in moderation:-

Think about how eating more than three times a day will reduce your stomach.This is why it is important to eat small meals every three to four hours.

It will also improve digestion and will not accumulate excess fat in the body.This is why, you should have to eat a balanced diet. It can also help you to give the solution to slimming your stomach.

Drink more water:-

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is essential for health. Do not drink water only when you are thirsty or have a dry throat.

Drink small amounts of water at regular intervals. Drinking water reduces the habit of overeating. This is why it is considered as one of the home remedies to reduce belly fat.

Don’t Forget Morning Snack:-

Morning snack is as important as breathing. Some people think that eating breakfast leads to weight loss, but it doesn’t.

Conversely, skipping breakfast increases hunger and we may overeat, which can lead to weight gain problems.

Fruits and vegetables:-

Take fruits and vegetables in small quantities throughout the day. It will reduce appetite and help reduce obesity.

Green Tea:-

Image: iStock

Green tea plays an excellent role in reducing belly fat. At least you should drink a cup of green tea throughout the day to lose weight.

Research also makes it clear that a high intake of caffeine can inhibit the weight control effects of catechins.

Foods rich in potassium: Bananas, apricots and oranges are rich in potassium which helps in weight loss.

All these must include potassium-rich foods in your daily diet to reduce belly fat


Start your day with a fruit smoothie if possible. Watermelon smoothies especially should be eaten.

Full Sleep:- The Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly For Women

Watermelon contains enough water.After eating it, the stomach is getting full and does not feel like eating anything. So definitely include watermelon smoothie in your daily diet.

Belly fat reduction methods work only when a person gets full sleep. Everyone should sleep seven to eight hours.

Too little or too much sleep are both important causes of weight gain. If you get enough sleep, the digestive system works better and the food gets digested.

Avoid sugar-rich and deep-fried foods:-

Image: Unsplash

Irrespective of the method a person adopts to lose weight, it is important to avoid sugar-rich and deep-fried foods. Otherwise, belly fat reduction measures will not be able to show their effect.

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In today’s report we have detailed above about ways to lose belly fat. From everything it is clear that reducing waist and belly fat is not that difficult.

Anyone can easily lose weight through exercise, lifestyle changes and a balanced diet. All that is required is determination, without which one cannot do anything.

Yes, if one is overweight, then you should go for a checkup by a doctor along with the measures mentioned in this report.

If you like the report, share it with your friends. Stay connected with us to get daily reports on various such topics.

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