Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

Dr. Sushil Rudra

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Introduction: Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

Life is changing every moment and it also expresses possibilities of opportunity.

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Which you will get with every kind of situation.

But the problem is that most of the people are not able to see it. – because they do not have awareness about it.

Due to which there is turmoil in their life and they become like that person

One who is riding a bike “without learning how it works”

Until we know how this life works, we will never get the best out of it.

But if we really want to improve our life then the easiest way is to – Books

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It is my personal experience that when you read some good books and follow the things written in those books, your life starts changing slowly but magically.

It’s hard to believe just my words, but what if even the greatest people in the world do this everyday –

Bill Gates Principal Founder of Microsoft

Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook

Bernard Arnault CEO of LVMH, The World’s Largest Luxury Goods Company

Warren Buffett CEO Berkshire Hathaway, the Great Investor

All these names that you see above, which come in the list of Top Richest Person of the world, and they spend at least 3 to 4 hours every day reading only some good books.

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Because they believe that a person should keep learning something or the other every day and books are the easiest way.

Best Life Changing English Books

So keeping all these things in mind, I would like to recommend some books to you – which have been Best Sellers.

#1 Victory is yours – Shiv Khera: Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

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When I started reading Life Changing Books, I read this book first.

After reading this I felt how little you know about life.

This book tells you what are the common mistakes you make in life, due to which you have to repent later.

You Can Win in English by Shiv Khera

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How to avoid those mistakes and how to improve your life by adopting some better things, all this has been told in the form of some stories and rules in this book.

I think this can be the first step to change in your life, so this book should be the first one you read.

Your victory in English

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

In this book there is a story of a person who, fed up with his work and physical ailments, sells all his wealth and sets out in search of the truth.

Then after some time he meets some sanyasis, after which his life changes in a magical way.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari By Robin Sharma

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This book provides inspiration on how to make life joyful every day. You must read it.

The monk who sold his Ferrari in English & Bengali.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in English.

#3 The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho: Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

This book is also in the form of a story of how a traveller starts towards his journey.

After which many big problems come in front of him and he realizes the importance and possibilities of life.

Reading this book will be like seeing a dream come true in a way which is very interesting.

This book tells how nature always finds better options for us and helps us to reach our goals.

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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Alchemist in English.

Alchemist in Bengali.

#4 Shiv Rachna – Amish Tripathi

It is not one but a group of three books, in which the first part is the Mrityunjaya of Meluha, the second is the secret of the Nagas and the third is the oath of the sons of the Vayuputras.

Believe me, the author of this book, Amish Tripathi, has composed it in such a way that whoever reads a few pages of this book, gets very excited to read the next page.

When I read these books, I felt like I was watching a mystery unfold on every next page.

Shiv Rachana All book by Amish Tripathi

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In this, it has been told that if Lord Shiva was a human, how would his life be.

This book depicts the life of Shiva and if you are also a Shiva devotee then you must read it.

To buy this book at a reasonable price, visit this link –

All three books in English

Three Books in English.

#5 Secret – Rhonda Byrne:Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

This book is written by Rhonda Byrne who is an Australian television writer and producer. In this book, she tells you how to get closer to your dreams in a simple way called the Law of Attraction.

Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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She explains in detail about this law, how it works and how we can use it.

Mainly she stresses two things in this book – the power of staying positive that you can bring with visualization and the power of gratitude.

This book will teach you to grab every opportunity to fulfill your dreams and reach success.

Mystery book in English

The Secret in English.

#6 Inner Engineering – Sadhguru

Inner Engineering is a very engaging book, written based on Sadhguru’s own experiences.

According to this book, if you are ready, it is like a tool to help you awaken your inner intelligence, mind and supreme intelligence and manifest the wisdom of the universe.

Actually it gives you inner strength and gives inner energy.

It has an experience of revolution, vision, mystery and spirituality that will completely change the way you look at the world.

Inner Engineering by Sadguru

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Inner Engineering in English.

Best Books For Success

After inspirational books, we talk about those books which have made many people successful in their life.

#7 Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill:Best 11 Books That Will Change Your Life Highest Degree

Napoleon Hill wrote this book about 80 years ago, which is still considered a great book.

He met more than 500 successful American businessmen between 1912 and 1937, including John Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Frank Winfield Woolworth, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford, King Gillette and many other great people.

In these meetings, Napoleon asked all of them about the secret of their success and shared the knowledge he received from them in 13 important books.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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If you understand these 13 things, then you will be able to see its magical change in your life and grow financially.

If you want to become rich or your inclination towards money is a bit high, then you must read this book which has been the Best Personal Finance Books for All Time till date.

Millions of copies of this book have been sold, if you want to buy it from Amazon, then go to this link –

Think and become rich in English.

Think & Grow Rich in English.

8 Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad This book is a story based on the biography of author Robert Kiyosaki.

In which he has two fathers – first his real father who is a teacher and second his friend’s father who was a very rich person.

There was a big difference between his real father and the other rich father, both had very different attitudes towards money, which was also a reason for his current situation.

Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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At the same time, put money to work for yourself

His first father, whose financial health was not so good, believed that excessive love for money was the root of all problems.

While his friend’s father, whom he considered Rich Dad, said that if there is no money then it will become a big problem for you.

Poor Dad used to tell him to get education first, then take a degree and get a good secure job. While Rich Dad used to say that get educated and learn how money works.

At the same time, put money to work for yourself and not to work for money.

Because 90% of the problems that you will face in this world will be only due to lack of money.

So if you also find his story related to your life, then definitely read this book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad in English.

Rich Dad Poor Dad in English.

9 The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor This is such a book from which you can learn everything from what is the real meaning of investment to how to achieve your investment goal.

The author of this book is Benjamin Graham who has been an excellent Investor, Economist and Professor.

The world basically knows him by the name of “Father of Value Investing”.

All the big investors till date have read this book and Warren Buffett who is the 3rd richest person in the world says that “Whatever I am today is only because of this book”.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

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It does not matter whether you are an investor or not.

But if you read this book, then you will be able to see and understand everything in the world of investment which was hidden till date.

If you really want to become rich then The Intelligent Investor must read this book.

The Intelligent Investor in English.

10. Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is the author of this book and is an Entrepreneur, Venture capitalist or Co-founder of PayPal, which is the best Online Money Transfer System in the world today.

He believes that if you want to do something very big, then it should be as different as possible, you cannot become more successful by doing the same things.

If you do the same things without doing anything new, then you are going from One to N, which is called Horizontal Progress.

Whereas if you bring something completely new, then you are going from Zero to One which is called Vertical Progress, where there are unlimited possibilities.

Zero To One by Peter Thiel

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Peter says that every big event in the business world happens only once. Like – the next Steve Jobs of the world will not make an iPhone, the next Mark Zuckerberg will not make any Social Network (Facebook) nor will Bill Gates establish any Microsoft.

This book tells us that we should do something new and unique, which is in dire need of this world and where there are great possibilities of new opportunities for us.

Similarly, if you have a little interest in Business and Startup or you want to do something new, then you should read this book once.

Zero to One in English.You might like: The Homecoming: A World-Class Short Story

11. The richest man in Babylon – George S.C.

The Richest Man of Babylon: This book has been explained in the form of a story in some points where it has been told how you can earn money by putting your small savings to work.

In this mainly using the principles given how you can fulfil your desires and become wealthy.

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The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason

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In this the Secrets of Money have been told as well as how we can use it. To know these secrets, you should read this book.

The Richest Man in Babylon in English.

Other interesting books that you should read –

These are some books that you can read for Business or Money Making. You Might Like: The Banned Books In India

Many people have improved their business and life by reading these and you can do the same.

The Power of Habit (Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business) – By Charles Duhigg

The E-Myth Revisited (Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It) – By Michael E. Gerbe

The 4-Hour Work Week (Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich) – By Timothy Ferriss

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – By T. Harv Eke

Trade Niti – How To Become A Successful Professional Trader

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