How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

Dr. Sushil Rudra WAY TO GOD:How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately Have faith in God ? Do you know how to live with God ! This is the first question to be had in your mind. We must not go anywhere, neither you ought to go Temple or Church or any religious… Continue reading How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately


by Sushil Rudra ” God is Truth and Light in Shadow”. – Plato ” When the Gods were more manlike, Men were more Godlike”. – Friedrich Schiller This is a post for the beginners who are getting influenced by the inner world, who is seeking to or searching for light of the soul . The first… Continue reading THE PRACTICE TO WIN


A Short Your and A Tiny Village is a story of an unknown village where live a group of people of tribal sect without getting any government facilities. It’s a fine morning of 1st January, New Year of 2021 and Kalpataru Divas . God Incarnate, Sri Ramakrishna, spiritual Guru of famous Hindu Monk Swami Vivekananda,… Continue reading A SHORT TOUR & A TINY VILLAGE

Greens Are Not Safe

Sushil Rudra Greens are not safe nowadays, and not in peace. Birds are not singing like before, The natives of encircling areas silently whispering each other, A flock of sheep is coming from the field, Some sparrows came sharp and keep flying over the sky like a trembling aeroplane. Nature is not safe , Two… Continue reading Greens Are Not Safe


by Sushil Rudra WORDS are not safe now. These are woven in fine to making an ornament for surrender in love. Might be a peaceful life. Words build a strong Mansion where we live. Sometimes words are a source of power, love and peace. Even our words can create a long road. And it is loyal to… Continue reading WORDS ARE NOT SAFE

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