How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

Dr. Sushil Rudra

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WAY TO GOD:How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

Have faith in God ? Do you know how to live with God ! This is the first question to be had in your mind. We must not go anywhere, neither you ought to go Temple or Church or any religious place , nor any Guru or Master.

Your inner “I” is your ideal Guru. Look into the deep down inside your heart blocking all the windows outside.But this is a very tough and mammoth task of a human being.


We generally take initiatives in the materialistic world and try to achieve success in this areas. Swami Vivekananda didn’t avoid this outer world . He has tried to spread science and technology in his motherland for meterialistic betterment . In spite of that , his was a great vision for the East and West.

HIS MISSION :How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

Man making was his main motto. That’s why he emphasized the practice of spiritual education along with the modern curriculum. Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi also opinioned to the same curriculum.

But unfortunately, We used to practice with the erstwhile curriculum. Largely it was formulated by the British Government. After independence, several times our Education Policy has been changed, but never we introduced the concept of these great men. It’s extremely sadistic.


As a result, we are lagging behind in respect to Human resources. It’s found corruptions in the machinery of administration, judiciary and everywhere. Politicians are the most corrupted .

Recently some BSF Commanders are arrested by the ED and CBI for Cows scams. They took bribes cores of money . So it’s proved that our borders are not safe at all if it’s the case . Though, it’s not my subjects of discussion.

I am the successor of theancient intellectuals, I do believe that without spiritual education our development in all spheres of life must not be fulfilled. learning and true spiritual education start obviously from home. And the parents and other family members are the most responsible for imparting this spiritual growth amongst their children.

But a lot of time thechildren used to spend in school.Besides,most of the parents are busy outside in jobs. So there’s no such environment in the family where the child learns about knowledge of spirituality.

CHANGING SOCIETY :How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

In my childhood days, we have little space for practising spirituality. But my daughter has not been given such learning. She is in the era of technology and always busy w with it to prepare her dissertation or projects.

So I couldn’t able to impart spiritual knowledge. In her primary school, some storybooks about mythology were selected for rapid reading. But during adulthood, they’re busy with their syllabus. The case is the same in respect of all the students.

So how can they feel about the spiritual world? A man or woman is not perfectly a human being without the achieving of the inner knowledge which we get from spiritual practice.


Then how can we introduce this culture amongst the new generation ?

At present, Yoga education has been included in the curriculum. Through yoga it will be easy to control the mind . Here the role of Yoga teacher is highly needed to impart the spiritual knowledge along with the Aasanas.

Next important thing is to impart meditation training. At present in every Higher Education institute ( IIT, IIM,NIT)there’s a post of Psychologistand they look after the students who are suffering from stress and anxiety.

As it is a highly competitive level of education where most are under mental pressure. Their dream is stupendous. So the quantity of stress is high enough. If they practice regular yoga and meditation, they will be able to overcome the challenges they face.

VALUE EDUCATION: How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

I know that they have little time to practice it, but it should be compulsive for them to maintain it in their routine. Ultimately they will come close to God in such away.

The government should impart value education to everyone and it is must duty and responsibility of the parents to look after in these respects. It’s an urgent need to impart value education for the students as well as the newgeneration.

Secondly, it should be given to all the government workers, political leaders, doctors, teachers and administrators.

Thirdly, the members of the NON- PROFIT-ORGANISATION,members of theprivate sectormust be given training of moral an

The Bottom Line: How to Stay Connect With Supreme God Intemately

Fourthly, there should be a vigilance committee to look into this matter seriously. If there is found any pitfalls or irregular activities , immediately they should be penalised .

India, our motherland, never demolished. Indians know whow to live with God. It’s just like Phoenix Birds. The more you try to burn it, the more it will be survived. Never it dies. India will never die. The vitality, the backbone of India is her spirituality. India will be flourished with this energy.



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