Dr. Sushil Rudra

I’m not a Poet or author , but like to write in my leisure time. Perhaps I write for my personal interest as I have been doing a job where regular activities are to discuss literature and linguistic with the students as well as teaching professionals.

I authored 12 books mainly pertaining to research work about literature. Now I am trying to write for the betterment of the trouble affected people. Please read and comment if it’s helpful to you. – S. Rudra

Let the world grows up every day/image:www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Let the World grows up every day/image:www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

Let’s the world grows every day and I desire to live in this world. Therefore, it’s my sweet home. Never I want this world to be a very small like seed or a fruit Amloki. I want a world that would spread out over the meadows.

I would get to find my world new every day. Oh my world, please extent yourself, expand unto Brahmah and the whole Universe, spread up to the endless sky or the entire spaces, near and far.

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Let the world grows every day. Let My world be eternal, endless and beyond geographical, World! Oh my dear World, don’t be contracted, nor narrow hearted, and me, rather being small and smaller would wrap you and hug you with utmost care.

Journey Never stop:Lets the world grows every day/image :kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

Let’s the world grows everyday, and You are becoming big and I would stay small like your obedient child , only for looking into your magistracy.

I would be very soft like a bunch of silk – very soft and formlessif I get a little alert, being rolled up like a Murshidabad silk, try to enter into the circle of the ring with a gentle coursey.

Let’s the world grows everyday, This World would be Very Big, It Can Not Be Small like Pond . It’s so old that never been lost.



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