A Short Tour and A Tiny Village/image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
A Short Tour and A Tiny Village/image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
A Short Tour and A Tiny Village/image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Blanket Distribution

A Short Your and A Tiny Village is a story of an unknown village where live a group of people of tribal sect without getting any government facilities. It’s a fine morning of 1st January, New Year of 2021 and Kalpataru Divas . God Incarnate, Sri Ramakrishna, spiritual Guru of famous Hindu Monk Swami Vivekananda, turned into Kalpataru and showered blessings to His followers in Cassipore Uddanbati in northern Kolkata.


It was 6 months before His Mahasamadhi. Since then the devotees of Sri Ramkrishna celebrate the day 1st January as Kalpataru Utsav. Ramkrishna Math and Mission throughout the world regard this day as one of the memorable day

Hence to enjoy the day, We start at 9.00 O’clock in the morning along with my family and friends of Swami Vivekananda Vani Prochar Samity of Durgapur, a renowned NGO and spiritual organisation.Having bath and morning refreshments we reached at Mandir of the said organisation and take part in Puja and meditation.

After getting some Prasad we start from Durgapur City at 11.00 am. by a luxury bus.The volunteers already cooked lunch of 6 hundred heads of people. The organisers cooked the meals in Ashràm and they carried all these meals and vegetables with a small truck. We are about 50 heads . So, the rest meals will be distributed to the poor people of two small villages. There’s another object of this tour. We are to distribute 3 hundred blankets amongst the poor villagers.


This is called Jangle Mahal . Our bus running through the forest . Both the sides of the road prevails deep forest. We come to know about the dangerous attack of Elephants in this way. So we decided that we will return home before dusk.


Both the villages are sorrounded by the forest. Steel authority of India and another company has come to decorate this two villages with their CSR funds. They have constructed pacca road , Community Halls,latrin etc. Solar lights are provided on the road as there’s no electricity. Although this areas are under the jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat, but they don’t take care about the poor people of this villages. Only two NGO’S are working for the upliftment of the villagers.


But that’s not sufficient. Here minority scheduled Tribes, mostly Santals are the dweelers . They are fighting against the poverty. Because they have no source of income. Only tribal men do work in jungle with a minimum remuneration. To collect shal leaves and to supply with a minimum cost is their only source of income.

Therefore, they’re waiting for the government help like Ration, free education, free medical treatment, senior citizens government pension etc. But ultimately it is far away from their hands. Some greedy man enjoy it by using their names. Specially Ration shop owner used to sell all this goods in black market, or hoard it for high profits.

Even their children don’t get proper food and nutrition. Though We have distributed meals in every family. And they also collected extra meals for dinner. But that is for a day, not for the whole year. Therefore, they are thoughful for the next day meal.

Not only they are deprived of foods, they can’t get minimum primary education also. There is no primary school in this village. It’s very shameful for local government that they could not able to provide at least primary education and care to all the children after 75 years of independence. So, under this situation, government should take special care with respect to this issue so that these poor children of the tribal society might have enjoy a sound body and mind.

Mainly they’re exploited by the political parties leaders. Before election they used to visit this peoples on account of vote. They give some money for desi wine ( hanria ) or ‘hari’ . In fact, they put their vote in favor of the ruling party in exchange of liquid wine.

Why these people be agree to have this wine? I asked them. They told that they respect the Hari or wine as pious gift of God . Even they enjoy this desi wine in their festival. It is divine to them.Here we meet many people and came to know about their society, their pecuniary condition, their social and cultural aspects.

But we have gathered very painful experiences about their livelihood. They are poor, but honest.


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