Let’s Stretch Your Hands To Me, Mother

Image:Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother/kalpatarurudra.org
Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother /Image: kalpatarurudra.org
Image:kalpatarurudra.org/Let’s stretch your hands to me, Oh Mother.

Let’s stretch your hand to me, Mother. Because, I want to plunge into the deep Ocean by the name of Kali. As She is the Mistress of this eternal Universe and also our beloved guide. Hence, I don’t want to miss you , Mother.

She has been helping us in all our activities.So, She is in our dream, in our pain and suffering. She is in our all duties and responsibilities. So she’s like a watchtower.

She has been always directing us to reach safely towards purification and illuminating the world. So I don’t wish to miss you, Mother.

Let’s Stretch your hand to me, Oh, Mother!  As I have been killing the golden time of my life playing with dolls, and having absented from not doing your work. So, how could I reach you? Tell me, Mother.

I’m sinking into my own digging water body by mistaking. And have spent my times and enjoy instant access to pleasure. And I have been chased after impure and untrue means.

That is why I became severely wounded. So let’s stretch your hands 👏 to me, Mother.

You guide me and also stretch your hand to me, Oh, Mother. I’m at stake. So , You come to me to rescue from these muddy waters of falsehood. Because It mesmerises me. And my toe to head is wrapped up in muds.

Hence, I am like a drowning boat in the middle of the tormented and dreadful waves. No helmsman to guide me. And  I am drifting helplessly like a straw. Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother.

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As I have been tremendously wounded and my soul shivering for uncertainty. No one will come to save me but you . Oh my Mother! Please stretch your hands to save a sinking man who is waiting for you.

Oh, my Mother, I’m waiting for your call. I have none to shelter me. My shadowing past is always calling me back for the untrusted and false dreams of material happiness and prosperity.

Although I couldn’t attain and achieved my dreams because of enemies, I have remembered you. Hence, no need for another world, another sky. But let’s stretch your hands to me, Oh, Mother.(politicalbaaba.com/kalpatarurudra.org)

Let's stretch your hands to me Oh Mother

Let stretch your hand to me, Oh mother
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Each and everyone needs to be happy and prosperous in life. For this purpose we try our utmost to reach the goal and getting success we feel peace. But some can achieve, some are not. Then stuck in it.
Oh my Mother, I'm waiting for your call , No one is stand by me to give shelter, only my shadowing past always calling back me for the untrusted and false dreams of material happiness and prosperity which I never want .
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