Oh My Companion!

Joy and sorrow are woven in fine .

Crying and Laughing are mingling together in our lives.


Oh my companion of joy and sorrow , the wind is blowing in my life , Let come to me for traveling another world where there’s no pain and suffering, no betraying , no unemployment , and no corruption like here .

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The wind is blowing, the wind of outing for any beautiful places with my friends – tell to the trees, let come to outing with me. Let talk to the path that I might  return at late night , don’t wait for me , but keep shutting off thdoor.

oh my companion. kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

You can sing a song for your  remote friends , but that song will be mingled with the drops of the dews in the space . You have a lots of fairy  tales , – but whom do you tell it ? Whose are your listeners? Before lying down on the bed the people are being absorbed in deep sleep ; beasts and birds are also in out of consciousness, probably they’re in their nest resting to gain the energies for the next expedition.                                                                Even the moon  and the  stars are not in awakened state. Thus we have wasted a massive times throughout our life. Oh  companion of sorrow and delight of my Life ,  Let’s go toanother world of merriment where the moon and stars are always ready to welcome us.

Nature is our grand source of shelter . image. kalpatarurudra.org /jpg
Let’s go another world. image. kalpatarurudra.org /jpg

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