“Depression In Mahabharata”

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We can’t believe the pathetic ending of our beloved superhuman godly king of Ayodhya, Rama and his family. I have discussed their mental agony and melancholy there. Here it is about the depression in Mahabharata.

Not only in Ramayana, but we also see the same depression in the characters of Mahabharata. It’s our history and the grand epic. Due to depressive disorder, some great characters of this epic committed suicide.

The eminent warrior of Kurukshetra and the guru of Arjuna, Dronacharya gave up swords when he learnt that his son, Asswathama had died on the battlefield.

Another great warrior of Kurukshetra and uncle of Arjuna, Vishma also relinquished his arms. And took deathbed.


Even Arjuna, the ‘Gurakesha’ had to face deep depression. On the eve of the battle, Kurukshetra had been benumbed thinking about the death of his close relatives and friends in the battle. He became overwhelmed with grief and melancholy.

In modern medical science, it marks as the symbol of depression. He is a great hero, but due to mental weakness and dilemma of mind, Arjuna denied fighting against his relatives.

But Almighty God Shri Krishna being learnt the condition of Arjuna gives some lessons to him. To remove Arjuna’s ignorance of the mind, Krishna explains the truth of life.

Arjuna was not in a stable mind. He was in a massive dilemma. He says: ” Rudhio Prodigdhan” – I don’t have to want to sit on the King’s throne by don’t of blood.

We see Arjuna is reluctant to fight. He is Khattriya, a great warrior. But he forgot the responsibilities of Khattriya. He was in deep grief – ” Bishwaidantam”.

Instable mind, dilemma, weakness, luck of contemplation, melancholy, shivering, – all these are the symptoms of depression. Krishna realises that Arjuna’s depressive state of mind is due to his improper knowledge about life and existence.

But Arjuna, as a human being, had to face depression. In Gita, we notice the mental breakdown of Arjuna. Both physical and mental symptoms are to be found in people who are going through depression.



Now, look at the condition of Arjuna. He was in acute mental problems. According to Gita, this is his attitudes and mental condition:

” My mouth is drying out, the whole body is shivering, my favourite bow is slipping from my hands, I’m feeling burning situation over my whole body, and unable to stand up. Even I can’t think deeply. ”

Hence, these are all the symptoms of depressive mind.

There is a large portion of Gita where we find the Arjuna’s mental restlessness, anxiety, mood swings and also Krishna prescribes some vocal therapy to Arjuna to overcome it. Here Psychiatry is Sri Krishna.

However, we come to know this with the conversation of Krishna and Arjuna. It’s nothing but the psychotherapy of modern medical treatment. It continues( therapy) for a long time. Then Arjuna became normal. He got free from the mental trauma.

In 1899, Emil Creplin described first about “Manic Depressive Psychosis” with the help of previous research of psychologists of France and German.

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