Rabindranath Tagore in Depression

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The entire Sky is covered with Sun and Stars / The Universe is full of Souls . / Amongst it I have sung my song . For this , astonishingly my heart has been awakened.’. —- (Rabindranath Tagore in depression)

“Learning Never Exhausts Mind ” –  Leonardo da Vinci

Nobel Laureate Indian Poet and writer, Rabindranath Tagore was a great personality and statesman of India as well as in the World. He had enjoyed a lot of fame.

But We can not imagine that he has suffered from depression. So, today’s article is “Rabindranath Tagore in depression”.

He travelled almost all the important places of this country and aboard, Sometimes more than one time. His childhood days were spent in captivity with the firm vigilance of the servants.

But he had to practice wrestling every day in the home. A wrestler was appointed to teach them and he practised it with his co- wrestler.

His physique was bold and steady. Even he was a good looking man. What we see in the picture, is his old age photo.

Despite that, he was very alone in his personal life. Therefore, Sometimes Rabindranath Tagore was in depression.


Writing works is not easily done. It is to be done for a long time.

Rabindranath was an early riser. He used to go morning walk. Then he bathed in cold water, even in winter. Being refreshed he used to start his writing until lunchtime.

After getting lunch, he took a rest a bit. Then again he starts writing.

Sometimes, people, friends, students came to visit him in the evening. Music, the drama was his most favourite.

Occasionally, he, along with his family members and relatives, friends, even students used to engage in rehearsal of any drama . perhaps it might have his new drama, like Shyama, Chitrangada, Bisarjan etc.

Besides, when he got the responsibility to look after their Zamindari of East Bengal (now Bangladesh), he had to go there. So, a lot of duties he did.

But this celebrated poet led a lonely life and suffered from frequent bouts of depression – he confessed in a letter to his son, Rathindra Nath Tagore by his father R. N. Tagore.

In a new biography, eminent Historian, Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee says one of his worst spells of depression came in 1914, a year after he won Noble Prize in literature.

Multi-talented Tagore:

It is known to all that Tagore was a multi-talented writer. He died in 1941 for infection in the Kidney after a major operation by Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, the erstwhile Chief Minister of Bengal.

Throughout his life, Rabindranath enriched Bengali literature. He wrote in all spheres of literature and also other faculties of fine arts.

He composed four thousand poems, above two thousand songs, 100 and above short stories, dramas, novels, essays, more than two thousand paintings and so on.


Tragically, he lost his daughters, son, wife and father when he was only 45 to 50 years old.

So it is very unfortunate for him to be detached from the dearest and nearest all these family members.

Naturally, he became isolated due to the tremendous loss of his son and daughters.

As a result, he was not in a good state of mind for some time. Though he overcame these clouds and started his regular works.

According to the biography, he suffered from bouts of depression at that time. In January 1915 Tagore again speaks of a breakdown, deep depression.

But in February he claimed to have been healed in the solitude of the boat he inhabited on the banks of Padma river in Shilaidaha in Bangladesh.

– says historian Sabyasachi Bhattacharji in his book ” Rabindranath Tagore: An Interpretation “.

Rabindranath Tagore also wrote in his biography “Jibansmriti ” and “Chelebela ” that he struggled with loneliness from childhood.

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” I was very lonely – that was the special feature of my childhood – I was very lonely. I saw my father seldom : he was away a great deal . I was kept in charge of the servants of the home after my mother died ,”

— Tagore wrote to a confidant.

Biographer quotes Tagore as having written to a friend that he would sometimes ” pass many months absolutely alone without speaking , till my voice grew thin and weak through lack of use .”

The poet’s loneliness was due to ” disappointment with the support he received from his people , especially the Bengali people. A sense of loneliness in has life as an institution – builder in a society , and a mindset that was hostile , or at best apathetic.

His memorable song ‘ Ekla Chalo Re ‘ ( If They Answer Not To Thy Call , Walk Alone’ ) was written in 1905 , when he has been distracted in depression.

Hope you have realized about the mental state of Rabindranath Tagore in depression.

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