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Touch can heal your body and mind. The touch of Mother’s hands is a source of energy and compassion. Mother’s touch can heal the baby from any ailments.

So, Imagine your childhood days when you were getting ill and feeling unwell and worried about your health, your mother’s company and a touch of her hands on your head had been the quick relief of your ailment.

So Touch can heal on the human body as a good Medicine. And it’s sometimes more than that.

So touching with some pressure on your body can make you relieve any kind of pain and inflammation.

Today I would like to share with you the effectiveness of touch and pressure. And you will come to know that how touch can heal your body and mind so meticulously.


A naturopath was passing through a forest by walking. You know that once people didn’t use any slipper or shoe . So when he was walking a long distance he felt ill and suffering in severe headache . He couldn’t able to proceed more .

There is no medicines with him. He was helpless then and was suffering. While thus walking, he stepped on a thorn and got pricked. All of a sudden his headache disappeared.

Being a health worker, he noticed that the pain in the leg caused by the thorn followed a particular path. Today we don’t know the name of this health master, but it’s sure that he discovered Meridians, the paths of energy flow in our body.

So, I think that he first discovered the healing process by touching. We, that’s why named it in the title ” Touch Can Heal”.


We will learn about power points along the path of these meridians to communicate with the mind and body and to create harmony and balance in both.

There are many modes of communication. One of the most popular ways to send a message to our inner consciousness is by applying pressure on these power points. It is alternative medical science, ” Acupressure”.

You may call it the “Touch Can Heal” method. Let take a tender point ( painful on applying pressure) by pressing all the different points given using your thumb.


Always sit or lie in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths before and after the treatment. If you apply pressure, it should be deep and firm while being tolerable.

Out of all the points given, work on the few that are most tenders.


2. International Hypertension Day & Yoga; 3. RAJA YOGA AS DEFINED BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Repeatedly apply pressure for 30 seconds, and then release. Continue this for 1-3 minutes on each point.

Avoid using power points for an hour after meals and don’t press on warts, scars, moles, varicose veins, inflamed or injured areas. This is the source of facial Beauty With Touch –Heal Method: /touch can heal .jpg /Facial Tender Points

A Beautiful Face is the Gift Of God . Like nature a human face is the reflection of the whole body and mind.

A beautiful face can win in every place. Sometimes we judge and comprehend a man or woman by his or her face. Ugly faced human being takes time to be popular in the society.

So from time immortal, it’s the notion of the human being is to make himself or herself beautiful. Clear skin, delayed wrinkles, rosy hue in the cheeks, sparkle in the eyes, a perfect smile and a right attitude towards life give your facial beauty.

In addition, if you practice regularly yoga and touch can heal method, automatically it changes your appearance and makes you vibrant.


Beauty reflects from within and so it’s very important not only to carefully select your cosmetics but also your lifestyle. It takes only 12 days for your body to completely change your skin and this could be a very useful time in recreating healthy skin.

Stress, emotional disturbances, faulty eating habits, lack of hydration, poor hygiene, lack of exercise and critic of self-portraits are responsible for damaging the skin. The touch-can heal method is a very easy way to correct your skin.

Self-help Pressure points :

Try minimum 2 times practice daily in a cool environment in your home or in the park or anywhere you prefer.

Start from 1,2 ,3 to 19 points and see the miracles. This helps stimulate circulation and gives a pink hue to the skin naturally.

Besides, drink sufficient water. Because it’s the best help you can give to your skin.

Try to avoid caffeine. Moisturise your skin adequately. Protect it from sun exposure, especially from late morning until evening. Use sunscreens before such exposures. Eat foods rich in natural fibres, vitamins and minerals.


Devote some time to relax and meditate for at least half an hour. This reduces stress by relaxing and increasing your concentration, which results in efficient work.

So why are you delaying? Start from today . Each and everyone is beautiful. You are also. Touch can heal method can not only heal your skin, but your mind also.

Touch -can -heal- method

Touching is healing your body and mind
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Touch can heal your ailments of your body and mind. It's called Accupressure. Touching power points can recover your damage health and mind. You can do it yourself. No need of assistance of other.
There's modern medical science to treat our ailments in body and mind. But it's not always used for different reasons. We can treat our ailments initially in home with our hands . It's called Accupressure.

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I'm Dr. Sushil Rudra, residing in Durgapur City West Bengal, India . Studied in The University of Calcutta and did M.A , Ph.D . Also another M.A from Sridhar University. Taught in College and University ( RTU) . Love to write, traveling, singing Rabindrasangeet and social work. Have some books authored by me. Vivekananda and Rabibdranath both are my favourite subject. I have written more than 150 articles in my blog( and now I'm writing in my new " blog.

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