The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

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Dr. Sushil Rudra

Mukang Karoti Vachalam Pongung langhaote Girim Tat KripaTamohanVandeParomanandaMadhavam – Gita

Introduction:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

In Gita we can get some beautiful advice and guidance which is actually the rules to walk in life . Here I will discuss about how to walk in life according to Gita .

” Day after day, O lord of my life, shall I stand before thee face to face. With folded hands , O lord of all worlds, shall I stand before thee face to face.

Under thy great sky in solitude and silence, with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face.

In this laboriousworld of the tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds shall I stand before thee face to face.

And when my work shall be done in this world , O King o kings , alone and speechless shall I stand before thee face to face. ” –

Rabindranath Tagore: The Best Rules To Walk in Life And The Gita

We are going to discuss about some rules which are to be strictly followed by the people who are interested in searching for light and to divinity already within us .

If we think seriously about our spiritual life keeping aloof worldly activities , we couldn’t able to continue to practice or performing puja to God as we are not a monk.

So we must do our worldly works , and at the same time we have to do some spiritual practices for perfection . How ? It’s possible to get perfection following the device

FOR WORLD AND BEYOND : The Best Rules To Walk in Life

Beinga commonmanwe can’t spend all the time in practicing the worship of God . It’s our utmost tendency to make ends meet for our family .

In fact, we generally think that it’s not possiblefora man to practice worship during our earthly activities.

But it’s 100% possible. Rules to walk in life is the means to have a successful life.

We have to work for our livelihood . But at the same time we have to continue our spiritual growth through our regularworks .

According topracticalVedanta, each and every work is the worship of God. So If we seriously perform it , then we are worshiping the God. All works are to be meant for the service of God .

In Gita , Bhagawan Sri Krishna pronounced and advised us how to live in life. . Rules to walk in life has been described there.

LET’S LISTEN AN ANECDOTE :The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Here I shall tell an anecdote which I have experienced in my student life. Here you’ll find the rules to walk in life .

I was then the student of the University of Calcutta , pursuing Post graduation. Generally Saturday and Sunday were our holidays.

Occasionally I used to visit Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission at Narendrapur near Kolkata ( then Calcutta) .

There stayed my Emiritus Professor in Karmi Bhawan. Swami Lokesharananda was then the Secretary of the mission .


One Sunday, at 8.30 am in the morning I reached there . While I was taking my tiffin in dining room , a senior man was also there . I came to know that his son recently has joined as a Bramhachari in Ramkrishna order.

Coming here he noticed that his son is busy to cutting a big pumpkin in the kitchen. After a while , he went to SecretaryMaharajand said ,

Swami ji, why my son is cutting vegetables here ? If he wishes to do it , can do it in his home . Why it’s needed to becoming a monk ? ” Swami Lokeshwarananda jismilingly replied:

Yes , he could . But here all the Monks &Brahmhacharis are working in the name of God.

Some are teaching in schools and colleges, Some are providing medicine to the poor people, Some are busy with the farming and they’re doing all these activities with meticulously as a service to God.

Moreover, they left their home for renunciation.

” Atmano mokhsartam Jagat Dhitai cha “.

So their ultimate goal is to serve the larger humanity . Life is nothing but a platform for struggle.

Therefore, we have to fight here , but we forget this being wrapped in with the glisteningtothe worldlypleasures.


According to Swami Vivekananda , life is all about struggle. From beginning to end – it’s an endless and continuous struggle.

Because, we have to face this unending struggle, this incessant battle. Swami Vivekananda characterizes this battle as the ” divine worship”.

In his poem ” And Let Shyama Dance There ” he wrote about this struggle :

WORSHIP OF DIVINE MOTHER:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Unceasing battle is indeed the worship of the Divine (Mother Kali) .

/ Let not continuous defeat in this battle unnerve thee all./ Pulverised, pounded be all self -centerness , / base cravings and vain self – esteem. / The heart be thus made the cremation ground; / And let Shyama Dance There.

* Read my another post on the ” And Let Shyama Dance There” poem where I have elaborately expressed this .

Tagore’s song of ‘Geetanjali‘ Iquoted at the beginning is significantly speaks similar to Swamiji’s conception about life.

So how can we overcome all these hurdles?

Of course, we should think that the battle of Kurukhetra is obviously a historical incident. It was held in the field of Kurukhetra in between Pandabas And Kauraba.

Naturally, it has a historical values, but at the same time, it has a deep significance in our lives- journey.

BATTLE OF OUR LIFE :The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

In course of our life journey, we have been always battling against the evils. We fight against the self-centred attitude, negativity, greediness, and hundreds of like this.

Hence, It’s a tough battle. This battle has been consistently and continuously going on within our conscience between goodand evil.

So, how could we fight against this ? What should be our strategy ?

Sree Krishna preached in Gita when Arjun denied to fight against his relatives

Oshsrupurnakulekhanam’ – Arjun in deep grief and melancholy – ‘Bishwidantam ‘.Sribhagobanubacho:

Kutasthwa Kashmalmidang Biswame Somupasthitam” –

kashmal means sin , cowardness , weakness. Our religion never shelter weakness. Never indulge cowardness .

So, Sri krishna asks to Arjun , why are you repenting ? – ‘Bisame Somupasthitam‘ . Just it’s ( battle) beginning and in the eve of it , you are repenting!

Anauryajusthamsargam “. –it’s not appropriate to a warrior. Anaryameansignorance.Aryameanscivilized , sobar , benign , wise and intelligent .

Hi Arjun! You are not unwise , not stupid . He who unwise and stupid, he can refuse to battle . Next inspiring to Arjun, Bhagawan told– ‘Akirtikaram’.

You have a great name as an warrior. So, If you don’t proceed to fight, your honour, familiarity as a hero would have been wiped out . Why are you annoying to fight ?

” Kloibyang Masyasma Gamah Partha “. – Partha !

Please listen to me,Kloibyang –you don’t indulge weakness, unmanliness, timidity. It’s not proper descision. Noitat To-i Upopoddyote. It’s improper to you. You are a Hero .

Khudrang Hridayadyourbollang Tyaktwya” –

remove your fear . Kick out all these weakness . You defeated so many great warriors in the battlefield.

” Uttisthato Jaggrato Prappyo Baran Nibedhato “.

Awoke and arise. Let go to fight . “Parantapo”– who got victory against enemies.You have fighted against so many enemies and won the battle.

Furthermore, he said, why you’re unsteady to face battlefield. This weakness is not praisable. It’s a shame ! It doesn’t fit to you.

Arjun then told : “Rudhio Prodigdhan” – that means : I don’t want to sit on the King’s throne by dint of bloods .

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I ASK for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side / The works that I have in hand I will finish/ afterwards.

Away from the sight of thy face my heart /knows no rest not respite, and my work becomes / an endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil .

To-daythe summer has come at my window/ with its sighs and murmurs; and the bees are/ playing their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering/ grove .

Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with/ thee,andto sing dedication of life in this silent/ and overwhelming leisure.

– Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore desires to sit face to face with God . And here Arjuna stands in front of the Lord having dejected.

However, the cause of his dejection was that he couldn’t fight against his kith and kins . Arjun says:

” Na ca sreyah anupasyami hatva svaanam ahave / Na kamkse vijayam krsna na ca najyam sukhani”. CA 1.31

I feel, O Lord , it’sno good / killing in the battle my own men/I do not crave for victory / Or for worldly pleasures or domain. Next Arjuna says :

Kim nah rajena govinda Kim bhogaih jivitena va / Yesam arthe kamksitam nah rajyam bhogah sukhani. CA. 1.32

yuddhe pranan tyaktva dhanani ca Acaryah pitarah putrah tTa ime avasthitahatha eva ca pitamahah1.33

Matulah svsurah poutrah syalahsambandhinahtatha . 1:34


Arjun has been trying to give reasons against the war. He is saying :

What is the use of kingdom or keeping alive? What’s the use of hankering after pleasures when the very persons for whom they’re sought. My uncle, sons, grandfather and teachers .

Arjun told :

” I find no reason to be engaged in this useless strife. I don’t wish to kill them, even if my life is at stake. So it’s not rules to walk in life .

Etan na hantum Icchami ghnatah api Mashusudan; Api troilokya- rajyasya hetoh Kim nu mahikrte.1:32 – 1:34

I’m sure that we can not be happy even if we destroy the sons of Dhritarashtra, our enemies. Sin will define us. Although it’s known they have committed the vilest felonies.

Tasmat na arha vayam hantum Dhrtaradtran svabandhavan; Svajanamhi katham hatva sukhinah syama Madhava.1:37

We must not therefore, kill the kauravas . They’re our very own men. So killing our close kith and kins we can’t attain happiness. They’re not aware of the sin of killing kindred and friends and charmed by avarice and greed .

But why should we , being aware of the consequences not staying away from such kind of heinous deed ?

THE RULE : The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Gnothi Seauton ( Greek) Or Nosce Teipsum ( Latin) In English: Know Yourself”.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna realises that Arjuna’s depressive state of mind is due to his improper knowledge of life and existence.

So, He starts teaching Arjuna the truth about the nature of our temporal existence and its ultimate consequence.

Being a great Teacher ( or Doctor) He knows that only antidote of this depressive mind is true knowledge .

NaturallyHe cracks the issue at the first module explaining to Arjuna the truth about life in order to dispel Arjuna’s powerful ignorance about the truth of existence.

So he resorts to a shortcut method first by admonishing Arjuna for His dejection at this crucial hour and for his reluctance to take part in the battle, and advices Him to shake off cowardice and rise to theoccasion.

Klaibyam masma Gamah Partha na etat tvayiupapadyate;/ Ksudram hrdaya daurbalysm tyaktva uttistha parantapa. 2:13

Get rid of this mean ( cowardice) weakness, as it’s the time the act now. Hence, the wise do not mourn either for the gone or for those that are living.

It’s noticeable that Bhagavana Sri Krishna clarifies first Arjuna’s concept of death as the conclusive phenomenon of existence is incorrect for the soul.

Because the soul of a man is beyond the cycle of birth and death and is imperishable, and that it’s the body that is born and that does perish.

Na jayate na mriyate va kadacit nayam bhutva – abhavita va na bhuyah; / Ajo nityah sasvatah ayan purano na hanyate hanyamane sarire. 2:20

The body is sure to perish , but not the soul.In KathaUpanishad, there’s a similar verse . ( 1:2:18)

DIVINE LIGHT/ Rules to walk in life as in Gita/

It’s saying in Bible :” From earth you came , to the earth you will return.”In fact, we are the sons of the soil.We are borne from the earth , and finally returned to earth.


But the soul is eternal , ageless and deathless. Come and go , birth and death is the compulsive to human being and other animals. Where there’s a birth , there is also a death. But the soul is immoral.

PURANA : SELF – KNOWLEDGE:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Beginning and ending is not a feature of soul. It’s neither birth, nor death. Soul is eternal, perennial. It’s toldPurana . It’s self – knowledge or metaphysicalknowledge.It’s true nature or essence of the soul.

Na Hanyate hanyamane sarire:

This theory of knowledge is the gift of Hindu religion. We believe it with heart and soul – “na hanyate hanyamane sarire”.

You can kill me , but I will not die . You can hurt me, wound me physically, but I must not die.

AN ANECDOTE : Read More: “How to Become free”- as advised by Swami Vivekananda

There’s an anecdote . Alexander, the great, once told an Indian yogi to be accompanied with him and trying to influence by offering some valuable gifts.

The yogi told him, “Sir, I have no need of money and wealth.” He did not agree to go with him.

Lastly, Alexander tried to threatening him to death. Yogi , having listened it, laughed loudly.

He replied that you are making an untruthful words. It’s absolutely ireasonable .You could never killme.

Perhaps you talked so many false words in your life, but this is such an absurdand untrue speech which you never pronounced. You couldn’t kill me, never. You have no power to kill me.

NOINANG CHIDDANTISASTRNI:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

He said to him, ” we believe in soul. What is soul? “Noinang chiddanti sastrni”.You can’t cut it out of swords, not kill it,“noinang dahoti pavakah”.You can’t burnt it.

na choinang kledoanti aapocan’t wet it with water ”na sosoti maruth” –wind can’t dry it .

Acheddya ayam – you won’t cut it . “Adajha ayam”not toburnit.” Akledyah”, “asossyah” – this is eternal soul.”

Nittyah sarbogatah” – it’s universal, it’s everywhere. It’s within you, and within me .

SOUL : BEYOND MIND :The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

He is everywhere, in great, in small. He is unmoveble – “sthanu”.Sthanu achalo Sanatana.This is our soul.“Aboktyah” it can’t be described in language.

” the Achintah” – it’s beyond speech and mind. Nor can we thought it orimagine.“Avikaryah – not it changes. ” Tasmadevang bidittyah –

This is the soul . If you realise it, then ” nanusochitum ahorsi” –you must not think of grief and sorrow for your work . In this way , Lord Krishna tring to console dejected Arjuna.

The Great Saint Of India/ Rules to walk in life and Gita/
RULES TOWALK in life as in Gita/ image:
Rules to walk in life / image:

RULES TO WALK IN LIFE – ( 3 ) The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Yong hi na bathayante purusam purusharisav.Samahdukhasukham dhiram sohamrtataya kalpote”. – Gita

“This is my prayer to thee , my lord – strike, strike , at the root of penury in my heart.

Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.

Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.

Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might.

Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.

And give me the strength to surrender my strength to thy will with love”. – Gitanjali , RabindranathTagore, 36 no poem.


Never to disown the poor or bend our knees before insolent might. This is to be our motto in life.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote this verse in the year of 1901 in his ”NoiveddyaAnthology. It’s been the2ndchange of his poeticthought.

From thisanthology,his mind turns into a spiritual thoughts. Here we will get the rules how to walk in life .


During this period he composed the poems of Geetanjali, Geetali, and Geetimalya..

From Kheya to Gitali, we have seen his propensity to dependancy on God. Our country has been going through a massive problems. Hence, the freedom movement is going on.

Sree Auobindo’s revolutionary movement had impacted a lot. British Government has been trying to divide Bengal.

Tagore came to forefront to protesting againstit. In such a condition, heactively participated in politics ( in freedom movement) .

Though he was a romantic poet , despite he couldn’t able to confine in the four wall of home, and came out to serve his country. Our first and foremost duty is to serve our Motherland.

Sri Krishna teaches Arjuna the rules how to walk in life . To Arjuna, it’s a fight against the untruth, immoral.

Hence , Sri Krishna tried to rectify Arjuna’s misconceptions & misunderstanding about life.

As there’s no death of soul, so why are you lamenting ? –nanusochitumahorsi“. Krishna, in this way, consoling Arjuna.


Dear Arjuna, you are a hero or warrior. So, Your duties are to fight against the enemies. An warrior never ran away from the battle field.

So, Arjuna, don’t be afraid of . You are Khatriya . If you flee from the war , the opposition will take it otherwise that you’re coward. ”Jassyosilaghabam“.


They will think that you are running away from the battlefield having feared. Though you are telling that they’re my reletives,how can I killthem, but they would think that you are coward.

Eventually, they will blame you. Once they had been shown respect to you – ”Jesam ch tang bahumatoh “.

So, If you don’t challenge in this battle they would have been criticized you as cowardice.So , please, don’t avoidit.


” Hato ba prapsyosiswargam “. –if you die during fight , you will go to heaven. Battling is your duty , your worship. You should obey your worship . If you die in this fight, it’s a matter of pride.

In fact, you have an inherent nature. As the nature of the fire is hotness , the nature of water is coldness, just as we have under a nature.

The natureof Khatriya is to fight.Naturally, We can remember here an incident of Mahabharata .

Karna went to Parushuram to learn warfare in disguise. He didn’t say that he is a Khatriya.

But he could not able to keep secrecy. And had to confess . An worm ant bit him and therefore, a heavy bleeding came out from this place.

Paroshuram was totallywetted with the massive flowing of blood. He woke upand told Karna , ” You are certainly aKhatriya.If not, you couldn’t bear this tremendouspain.

So, it’s proved that no one can hide his inner nature. Thus Sri Krishna tried to argue dejected Arjuna that you are fighting for truth and to establish morality and ethics, virtue and righteousness. This is the rules to walk in life according to Gita.

Read more: THE GITA : A MUST – READ BOOK:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Not only Kauraba are related to evil deeds and corruption, almost all the nations, societies also are wrapped in corruption and unethical activities.They forgot ethics, morality, righteousness and spirituality.

Kauraba was one the representative of it. They’re addicted , frenzied,andfighting each other. By wish of God , Sri Krishna they were ruined.

It was fixed, inevitable, unavoidable. So, this is the nature of the time.

RULES TO WALK IN LIFE AS IN GITA : THE SIGNIFICANCE( 5 ) The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

BhwagavanSri Krishnaadvised that participation in war, and especially in a holy war is more honourable and gainful for a Ksatrya than attainment of heaven( 2.32).

Sri Krishna reminds Arjuna that if he fails in his obligatory duty , he will not only lose heaven but will also commit sin.

Moreover, everybody will speak ill of him for his cowardice and to put up with such infamy is more painful than death .

He also warns Arjuna that if he stays away from the battle, Duryodhana and his associates will take it as reflection of his timidity .

Consequently those that honour him will treat him with contempt. He further tells that if he dies in the battle, he will reach heaven, and if he wins the battle, he will enjoy kingship.

Therefore, he should awake , arise and take part in the battle with iron determination. Bhwagavan gives Arjuna a marvelous sermons in verse . –

“Sukha – dukkhe same krtva labha – alabhau , / Tatah yuddhaya na evam papam avapsyasi”.Gita 2:38 .


Never shelter any too much emotion,may it be joyous or sorrowful. Be indifferent to any good or bad situation.

Wisely He says to Arjuna that being indifferent to joyous and sorrows, gain and loss, victory and defeat, he should play his role as a warrior.

SO, OBEY THE CALL OF THE HOUR:The Best Rules To Walk in Life And Gita

Because this is the call of the hour and reiterates that by killing his foes, he will commit no sin . Therefore, If he doesn’t fight against the enemies , vicewould rule the societies .

The battlefield is calleddharmakshetra (1:1) as the war that’s going on to take place is a holy war. This is the war which is going on against the satanic forces .

So, the call of the hour for Arjuna is to take part in the battle for the sake of social welfare, if not for anything else.

” Tasmat uttisthata kounteyo juddhya kritanischaiah”.

Be bold and determine to fight against the enemies. It’s your worship. Arjuna told previously that I won’t fight against my relatives. Rather I will beg for living. In reply, Bhwagavan says :

Shreyan swadharmobegunah”.

You are a Khatriya king. Why should you go to beg for? It’s not your profession. Battling is your worship, not begging! If you fail to success in your work , that’s good. But keep it mind:

Paro dharmat swanuthitat”.

That means , you don’t follow others means. Begging is for Brahmins and sanyasys.Therefore, They can, but you have not right to beg for.

Swadharme nidhonang shreyah –you are warrior. So let go on to fight.

Parodharmo swanusthitatdon’t derail from your own means.” Tasmat uttisthata kounteyo juddhya kritanischaiah”.

So, arise and awake. Go forward. Fight.

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Rules to walk in life as in Gita

Rules to walk in life as in Gita
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Rules to walk in life is a discussion of advice of Sri Krishna which He pronounced in Gita for mankind. If you follow these rules we can attain success.
Rules to walk in life is a discussion of advice of Sri Krishna which He pronounced in Gita for mankind. If you follow these rules we can attain success.

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