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The settings and options to alter once putting in your Galaxy Z Fold four

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four open on its home screen

If you have simply ordered or picked up your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four, you are little question excited to open up the phone (literally) and begin regulating the settings to simply however you wish them. If you haven’t in hand a foldaway phone, Samsung phone or perhaps associate golem phone before, or simply fancy some steerage, we’re here to assist you to start with some key options to show on, shut down or regulate.

The settings we’ve counseled below can facilitate the Z Fold four look and add the way that suits you best. We’ve even told you the menu path to follow to seek out the options too, thus you will not have to be compelled to worry concerning obtaining lost.

So open up your Z Fold, faucet the Settings app and find able to alter and disable some options.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four with the Chrome app open on its prime 0.5 and therefore the Flex board on rock bottom 0.5

Features of Galaxy Z fold four

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For some apps, even those with an infatuated “Flex mode” mode (when you’ve got the Z Fold four-part open), having access to a trackpad, screenshot button and your fast settings might prove additional helpful. And lucky for you, Samsung helps you to regulate this on an associate app-by-app basis.

You do find yourself losing some screen area, which might build things like browsing websites feel incommodious. this might be a worthy sacrifice for you although, particularly if you would like to use the app whereas standing the phone au courant a table, primarily sort of a mini portable computer.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s taskbar

One of the new signature options of the Galaxy Z Fold four is its taskbar, however what happens if you do not like however it’s, or don’t need to use it? You will get some settingswhich will facilitate.

In the Taskbar menu, you’ve got the choice to pick whether or not it shows your 2 most up-to-date apps or simply your chosen fastened apps, and if you would like to be ready to hide it by touching and holding rock bottom a part of the show. Or, you’ll be able to like better to flip it on or off outright

Close the phone whereas keeping associate app active.

Closing the Z Fold four commonly means that lockup the phone, however you’ll be able to set all apps or simply specific ones to remain active after you shut the phone, with simply a straightforward on/off switch.

When you shut the Z Fold with this feature alter, the app instantly swaps to a daily smartphone layout, kind of like however apps adapt to the larger inner show after you open the phone. This way, if you suddenly ought to use the phone in its smaller kind however ought to keep associate app like Google Maps open, you’ll be able to do thus while not interruption.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four with reflected home screens on the inner and outer displays.

By default, the Galaxy Z Fold four helps you to have 2 freelance sets of home screens — one for once the phone’s closed, and therefore the alternative for once it’s open. If you’d like some continuity between the 2, facultative cowl screen mirroring applies your cowl screen’s home screens to your inner show, with 2 of them showing along at a time to form use of the additional dimension.

If you modify your mind, the Z Fold four can allow you to swap back while not a drag because it backs up your previous separate layouts. It should not look as neat with 2 separate home screens, however it will permit you to position apps and widgets on the within of the phone additional flexibly.

Choose your favorite app read

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four victimisation the Settings app in each single read and multi-view modes

The Z Fold four in essence combines a phone and a pill expertise in one device. Meaning some apps strive against a tablet-style two-columned look once the phone’s open. If you’d rather the Z Fold not use these multiview layouts, you’ll be able to disable it with this feature.

You can see the distinction that creates to the Settings app within the image on top of. In person that appears too wide, and seems like a waste of the Z Fold 4’s larger screen, however if that is however you want to own it, Samsung can permit you.

Screen layout and zoom

Get a novel color theme
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s inner home screen, with wallpaper theming enabled

As associate golem twelve device, the Z Fold four will build use of the OS’ Material You options to paint your interface in an exceedingly thanks to match your wallpaper. you’ll be able to persist with the Samsung default black/white/blue coloring, or choose one in every of four mechanically generated palettes supported your chosen background image.

That can conjointly embrace several of the Z Fold’s default apps, as you’ll be able to see on top of. Your Z Fold four is already a novel phone, however if you would like it to square out from the remainder, this can be a decent thanks to move it.

Make your phone easier to trace down

A close-up of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s notice My Phone menu

You seemingly paid a minimum of $1,800 for your Galaxy Z Fold four, therefore the last item you would like to try and do is have it go missing. that is why we’re advocate that you just alter notice my Phone.

By toggling notice my Phone, you will be ready to see wherever it’s by work into your Samsung account through any browser and check the Z Fold’s standing. you’ll be able to conjointly alter offline finding which can allow you to keep chase the Fold if it isn’t connected to a network, and instruct the phone to send its location mechanically if its battery starts to end.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s always-on show

A staple feature of all Samsung phones, the always-on show can show you a clock, calendar or alternative static convenience after you faucet the screen, giving some key details while not you desirous to unlock the phone and risk distraction.

The AOD is not on by default, and after you do flip it on you will only get a daily digital punch in a white font. but you’ll be able to modification the colour or perhaps add a background image if you would like one thing additional attention-grabbing.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s lock screen widgets

Similar to the always-on show, the widgets accessible by sound the clock in Samsung’s lock screen allow you to check and regulate things like your music or next appointment while not unlocking the phone. you’ll be able to get a full outline of everything vital happening your phone and in your life with simply a handful of faucets if you set it up right.

The settings for this feature permit additional customisation on the far side simply turning them on or off. You’ll be able to alton er and disable any of the six on the market widgets and select the order upright too. You will be able to conjointly build them seem on the always-on show too if you would like to urge to them even quicker.

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