How Can We Get White Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste?


How can we get white teeth using the best toothpaste?/image:
Our teeth are our best wealth. When we get old and gradually lose our teeth, we then feel the significance and importance of teeth. We can’t speak well, can’t chew on hard foods like meat and grains. So teeth and gums healthy is an important part of our physical and mental health. We love also white teeth. A smile with white teeth is a divine face of course. So how can we get white teeth using the best toothpaste?

Unhealthy gums and teeth are the roots of severe diseases like gastrointestinal ailments, plaques, gingivitis etc.

Plaque (pronounced: plak), a clear film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth. After you eat, the bacteria break down sugar on your teeth into acids that eat away tooth enamel, causing holes called cavities. Plaque also causes gingivitis, which is gum disease that can make your gums red, swollen, and sore.

How Do I Get Rid of Plaque?

To prevent cavities, you need to remove plaque. To do this, brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Brushing also stimulates the gums, which helps to keep them healthy and prevent gum disease. Brushing and flossing are the most important things that you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Use a toothpaste with fluoride to prevent cavities.

Tartar is plaque that’s harder, and more damaging and difficult to remove. Using anti-tartar toothpastes and mouthwashes, and spending extra time brushing the teeth near the salivary glands (the inside of the lower front teeth and the outside of the upper back teeth) may slow the development of new tartar.

If your teeth are sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure, you may want to try a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But talk to your dentist about your sensitivity to make sure it isn’t caused by any cavities or nerve problems.

Right Way to Brush My Teeth?

In fact, most of us don’t know how to brush our teeth. Dentists say you should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day. Here are some tips on how to brush properly:

  • We should hold our brush at a 45-degree angle against our gumline. Gently brush in short (about one tooth-wide) strokes. Brushing too hard can cause receding gums, tooth sensitivity, and, over time, loose teeth.
  • Should brush all outside and inside surfaces of our teeth, and the chewing surfaces. Make sure to get into the pits and crevices.
  • We can also gently brush our tongue.
  • We can use a timer or play a favorite song while brushing our teeth to get used to brushing for a full 2 to 3 minutes. Some electronic toothbrushes have timers that let we know when 2 minutes are up.

When We Really Need to Floss?

Yes. Brushing is important but it won’t remove the plaque and particles of food between our teeth and near the gumline. We need to floss these spaces at least once a day.

With any floss, we should be careful to avoid injuring our gums. Follow these instructions:

  • Very carefully insert the floss between two teeth, using a back and forth motion. Gently bring the floss to the gum line, but don’t force it under the gums.
  • Curve the floss around the edge of our tooth in the shape of the letter “C” and slide it up and down the side of each tooth.
  • Repeat this process between all our teeth.

The Process of Whiten Our Teeth?

We see in the market various companies toothpaste which claim to whiten teeth. There’s nothing wrong with using whitening toothpaste as long as they also contain fluoride and ingredients that fight plaque and tartar. If it has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, it’s been found to work well and is safe to use.

Most teens don’t need tooth whitening because teeth usually don’t start to yellow until a person gets older.

However, when we think that our teeth aren’t white enough, immediately should talk to our dentist before we try any over-the-counter whitening products.

Some can irritate the gums and make teeth sensitive. Our dentist might offer us professional treatment, which will be suited to our needs and work better than over-the-counter products.

Which Food Affect Our Teeth Much?

Eating sugar, as we probably already know, is a major cause of tooth decay. But it’s not just how much sugar we should eat — when and how we eat it can be just as important.

If we eat sugary foods or drink sodas throughout the day, we give thebacteriain your mouth food. Well-fed bacteria make cavities more likely.

Hard candies, cough drops, and breath mints that contain sugar are especially harmful because they dissolve slowly in our mouth. It’s best not to eat sugary foods between meals.

Sugary or starchy foods eaten with a meal are less harmful to teeth than when they’re eaten alone. This might be because our mouths make more saliva during eating, which washes away the sugar and bacteria.

Eating sugary foods before bedtime can be the most damaging (especially if we don’t brush our teeth afterward) because we don’t make as much spit when we sleep.

For most people, it’s hard to cut out sweets completely. So try to follow these more realistic guidelines:

  • Eat carbohydrates (sugars and starches) with a meal.
  • If we can’t brush our teeth after eating, rinse our mouth with water or mouthwash, or chew sugarless gum.
  • Don’t eat sugary foods between meals.
  • If we do snack, eat non-sugary foods, such as cheese, popcorn, raw veggies, or yoghurt.


We see numerous toothpaste in the market. Pharmaceutical companies manufactured so many types of toothpaste. Other than Allopathic companies, some Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic companies also brought into the market different toothpaste based on herbal leaves and roots.

Besides, non-pharmaceutical companies also manufactured various types of toothpaste that people are using in their everyday lives.

Out of that we will discuss some very good toothpaste that can be used for teeth and gums’ health care and especially, for whitening our teeth.

  • Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste:

Tom’s of Maine is an effective whitening toothpaste that helps whiten our teeth by eliminating surface stains. The naturally derived ingredients present in the formulation of this product effectively tackle the user’s oral needs.

The natural flavouring and fluoride-free toothpaste make it one of the first preferences for many.

Key Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Glycerin, Xylitol, Hydrated Silica, Peppermint oil, Carrageenan, Sodium bicarbonate.

Suitable For: Adults.



It help freshens the breath.

It helps fight tartar build-up.


It doesn’t have artificial dyes.

It doesn’t have sweeteners.


It has SLS.

Ratings: 4.7/5.

  • Best Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste.

How can I get White Teeth Using the best Toothpaste?/ image:

Colgate Optic White Advanced Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:

Colgate is a famous brand globally and presents us with the best teeth whitening toothpaste in India. This product helps remove coffee and tea stains and provides your teeth with four shades of deep whitening.

Moreover, it enables you to keep your breath fresh with its long-lasting cool herbal minty wintergreen flavour. It is suitable for daily use and recommended by dentists.

Key Ingredients: 2% Hydrogen peroxide, fluoride.

Suitable For: Adults.


It keeps the enamel safe.

Suitable for daily use.



It helps remove stains.

It whitens your teeth.



Ratings: 4.3/5.

  • Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste:

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste


This is a whitening toothpaste by Opalescence that is safe for everyday use and is less abrasive when compared to other pastes in the market.

It helps remove the surface stains from your teeth with its unique tri-silica blend formulation. Using this toothpaste will help strengthen your enamel, and the fluoride helps prevent cavities.

The minty flavour of this product helps keep your breath fresh and also helps relieve sensitivity.

Suitable For: Adults.


It is ideal for daily use.

It removes all the surface stains.

It gives you a minty fresh breath.

It relieves tooth sensitivity.

It is less abrasive than other toothpastes.

It helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth.


The taste is horrible.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Colgate Maxfresh Gel.

Dabur Red Toothpaste.

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste.

Dabur Meswak Toothpaste.

Pepsodent Germi Check Cavity Protection Toothpaste.

Sensodyne Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth.

  • Here are the best whitening toothpaste options in 2022:

Best whitening toothpaste overall: Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Toothpaste

Best deep cleaning whitening toothpaste:

  • Crest 3D White Brilliance Teeth Whitening Two-Step System

Crest 3D White Stain Eraser toothpaste

The Crest 3D white stain erase is one of the best toothpaste to get white teeth for adults. It helps remove the daily stains from tea, coffee, soda, and wine, protecting them thoroughly.

It is gentle on the enamel and is suitable for everyday use. The fluoride present in this product helps fight cavities in a better way.

Key Ingredients: Sodium fluoride.

Suitable For: Adults.


It helps fight cavities.

Protect your teeth against stains.

It Whitens your teeth.

It is gentle in your enamel.

It removes stains.

It has a minty flavor.


It might cause mouth sores for some people.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Best activated charcoal whitening toothpaste:

Dental Expert Active Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste

  • Schmidt’s Wondermint with Activated Charcoal Toothpaste:

This product by Schmidt’s can be an ideal choice if you are looking for the best-activated charcoal toothpaste for whitening.

The fresh and wondrous minty flavor of this toothpaste with activated charcoal will whiten your teeth and give you a cool and fresh breath. It has an appealing onyx grey toothpaste and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, Magnolia bark extract, Orange aloe vera leaf juice, Goji, and Pomegranate extracts.

Flavor: Wondermint.


SLS and Fluoride-free.

It helps freshen your breath.

It doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste.

It helps whiten your teeth.

It doesn’t have artificial sweeteners.

Good packaging.



Ratings: 4.7/5

  • Cali White Activated Charcoal & Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:

Cali white activated charcoal toothpaste has ingredients that have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal properties. The formulation of this toothpaste has an infusion of these ingredients that give you pearly white teeth by acting as detoxifying agents.

For effective results, allow maximum surface contact with your teeth without spilling for two to three minutes. Finally, this process helps eliminate stains from your teeth, efficiently whitening them perfectly.

Key Ingredients: Xylitol, Baking soda, Activated charcoal, Organic coconut oil, Tea tree oil, Citric acid, Peppermint oil, Natural flavors, Xanthan gum.

Flavour: Pacific mint.


It is safe for regular usage.


SLS and gluten-free.

It is safe for kids.

It whitens your teeth.

It gives you a fresh breath.



Ratings: 4.1/5.

• Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste:

  • Tom’s of Maine Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste:

The tom’s of Maine is one of the best charcoal whitening toothpaste that is fluoride-free and doesn’t have any artificial colours or preservatives.

So, the formulation of this toothpaste helps remove stains from your teeth, giving you naturally white teeth. Since this product is free of any chemicals, it is suitable for daily use.

Key Ingredients: Plant-based activated charcoal, Sodium fluoride.

Flavor: Peppermint.


It is safe for everyday use.

It gently whitens your teeth.

It is safe for enamel.

It helps fight cavities.


It refreshes your breath.


Some people might find its taste unpleasant.

Ratings: 4.6/5

  • Active Wow Activated Charcoal Toothpaste:

If you are looking for an advanced whitening solution for your teeth, this product by WOW is an ideal choice. The advanced formulation of this product helps you eliminate impurities giving you pearly white teeth.

It not only helps whiten your teeth but helps fight bad breath and gives you a refreshed mouth.

Key Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, Activated charcoal, Mint oil, Tea tree oil.

Flavor: Mint.


It has natural ingredients.

It keeps your mouth refreshed.

It helps remove stubborn stains.

It improves dental health significantly.

It gives your breath a fresh feel.

It adds a refreshing kick to the brushing process.


There is an issue of availability.

Ratings: 4.⅕

  • SBL Homeodent Homeopathic Toothpaste:

This is one of the best and the most effective homeopathic toothpaste against the oral problems. The regular use of this toothpaste can help in preventing the formation of tartar and treat the problem of teeth and gums in the best manner.

Most of the people completely trust the brand for choosing their homeopathic toothpaste as SBL is one of the oldest names in homoeopathic market.

  • Gum Forte Gel Homeopathic Toothpaste:

I have used this homeopathic toothpaste for a long time. This toothpaste is yet another recommendable product that can be used for fighting against the problem of oral hygiene.

The toothpaste has been so made that it can deliver the significant results for most of the oral problems. The toothpaste is one of the best homoeopathic toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

As the toothpaste is available in the gel form, it is used in small quantity and thus remains for a very long time. Further, the toothpaste also targets the problem of bad breath and delivers the required results against the problem. The strong medicated content of this toothpaste ensures proper care of the gums and teeth.

  • Aloe Fresh Homeopathic Toothpaste:

Aloe Fresh Homeopathic Toothpaste is a good one for gums and teeth health.

As the name indicates, this toothpaste makes use of aloevera as its main ingredient and thus is one of the best homeopathic toothpaste available in the market.

The benefits of aloe vera for the skin are not a secret to anyone. In a similar, the alo vera is one of the most beneficial ingredients when it comes to maintaining oral health.

The combination of major homoeopathic ingredients with that of aloevera prevents the problems of tartar, decay, bad breath, plaque, etc. Also, if you already are struggling with all these problems, this toothpaste can give a beneficiary advantage for that as well.

Best budget whitening toothpaste:

Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste:

How Can We Get White Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste/image:

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The 12 Best Whitening Toothpastes of 2022

How Can We Get White Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste?

Who doesn’t want a brighter, whiter smile? Teeth whitening has always been a popular sub-section of beauty, but at-home options, like whitening toothpastes, are a newer innovation.

But luckily for us, DIY whitening has come leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s now possible to see great results just from something as simple as brushing your teeth.

According to dental hygienist and GSK expert, Monica Biga :

Whitening toothpastes work by either removing surface stains mechanically or whitening the teeth from the inside out via bleaching agents—peroxide is probably the most popular one used.

So while bleaching agents are generally much harder on the teeth, the right formula for whitening teeth comes down to your oral health, personal preference, and desired results.

Therefore, to cover all bases, we’ve curated the best options from both camps, so you can get on your way to a brighter, whiter smile in minutes (sometimes, literally).


Monica Biga is an oral care expert, dental hygienist, and spokesperson who works for GSK. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Dental Hygiene/Hygienist from St. Petersburg College in Florida.

Keep scrolling to shop for the best whitening toothpastes.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste at Bed Bath & Beyond

This top-rated pick claims to remove surface stains in five days and provide 12-hour stain protection.

Best Budget: Arm & Hammer Extreme Whitening Toothpaste at Walgreens

This toothpaste whitens with peroxide and baking soda at a great price.

  • Best for Sensitive Teeth:How Can We Get White Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste?

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste:

This formula keeps working to prevent pain for 24 hours.

Best for Sensitive Teeth: Twice Classic Duo at

Infused with a blend of aloe and vitamins A, C, and E, this clean and gentle formula protects against sensitivity as it whitens.

  • Burt’s Bees Purely White Zen Toothpaste

Burt’s Bees delivers teeth whitening in a fluoride-free formula at a great price.

Best Peroxide-Free.

It whitens without affecting the enamel.

Best for Healthy Teeth: Sensodyne Sensodyne Repair and Protect Deep Repair Whitening Toothpaste at Target.

This pick is packed with fluoride for healthy teeth and gums.

  • Best for a Fresh Mouth: Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste :

It helps neutralize odours in the mouth, so it could be a great pick for those constantly battling with morning breath.

Best Vegan Option: hello Naturally Whitening Toothpaste

This vegan formula is packed with coconut oil, calcium, silica, fluoride, and tea tree to clean your teeth.

Best Toothpaste Bit: Bite Fresh Mint Toothpaste Bits at

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits are an effective way to brush your teeth with the added bonus of way less water used in production.

Best Overall: Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

  • Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

What We Like

Contains fluoride

Claims to defend against stains for 12 hours

What We Don’t Like


The crest is one of the top-rated whitening brands on the internet, and the 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste is arguably its most advanced formula. With claims to remove surface stains in five days plus 12-hour stain protection, it’s a top pick for those who love coffee, red wine, or black tea. It’s also rich in fluoride to protect against cavities.1

Active Ingredients: Sodium fluoride | Size: 3.9 fluid ounces

  • Best Budget: Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Toothpaste.

Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Baking Soda and Peroxide Toothpaste:

What We Like


Contains baking soda and peroxide

What We Don’t Like

Reviewers note it tastes a little salty

Boosted with both peroxide and baking soda, this toothpaste promises to lift stains, brighten the teeth and help you maintain a brighter smile. It contains fluoride for protection against cavities,2 has a strong minty flavour, and at $6 for a duo pack, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Active Ingredients: Peroxide | Size: 6 fluid ounces

  • Best whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth: Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

What We Like

Safe for sensitive teeth


What We Don’t Like

Slower results than bleach options

According to Biga, this formula is an excellent choice for sensitive teeth as it doesn’t contain peroxide, a bleaching agent that “opens the pores of the enamel and changes the colour of the tooth from the inside, making it appear whiter”.

Instead, Sensodyne’s version contains silica, which is known to remove surface stains, particularly those that come from tea, coffee, and wine. Use it twice daily to maintain a brighter smile.

Active Ingredients: Stannous fluoride | Size: 3.4 fluid ounces

The best whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth

  • Here are our top picks for the best natural toothpaste:

Best overall: Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste

Best with activated charcoal: Schmidt’s Activated Charcoal Tooth and Mouth Paste

Best for sensitive teeth: Hello Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Toothpaste

Best fluoride-free: Tom’s Antiplaque Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Best for kids: Hello Kids Fluoride-Free Natural Watermelon Toothpaste

  • BEST TEETH WHITENING TOOTHPASTES PRICE: How Can We Get White Teeth Using the Best Toothpaste?

Best Teeth Whitening Toothpastes Price in India

Colgate Visible White Sparkling Mint Toothpaste ₹ 180

Colgate Visible White Dazzling White Toothpaste ₹ 330

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Plus 1 Hour Express Whitening Treatment, 22 Count (packaging may vary) ₹ 5,997

Crest Baking Soda And Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste Fresh Mint,130 G ₹ 1,253

Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste, Fresh Mint, 1.32 Pound (Pack of 3) ₹ 3,299

CLOSE UP DIAMOND ATTRACTION Toothpaste With Blue Light Technology 100 g. ₹ 2,670

BIOMED SUPERWHITE Natural Toothpaste for Gentle Whitening and Strengthening of Sensitive Teeth 100g ₹ 239

The Beauty Co. Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal Instant Teeth Whitening Powder, 50g ₹ 419

Pepsodent Germi Check+ Cavity Protection Whitening Toothpaste ₹ 81

Himalaya Sparkling White Toothpaste ₹ 55

Here are our top picks for the best electric toothbrushes:

Best electric toothbrush overall: Oral-B Pro 1000

Best flosser kit: Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

Best electric toothbrush for kids: Philips Sonicare for Kids

Best high-end electric toothbrush: Oral-B Pro 7500 Electric Toothbrush

Best electric toothbrush for gums: Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control

Best electric toothbrush for $60 or $75: Goby Electric Toothbrush

Best electric toothbrush for $30: Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Here are the best manual toothbrushes you can buy:

Best manual toothbrush overall: Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Best charcoal toothbrush: Primal Life Organic Charcoal Infused Bamboo Toothbrush

Best disposable toothbrush: Smile Makers Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes

Best low-cost manual toothbrush: Colgate Premier Extra Clean Toothbrushes

The best toothbrush for toddlers: Toddler Toothbrush: Baby smile:


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