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The important source of communication/image : media is life-
Image:Now Media is life-

The Media is the number one device of battling against all the odds and drawbacks of the society as well as the whole universe. Without the media of communication, we can’t live a moment in the modern world. We can say that now the media is life. Today, I will furnish in my blog a poem related to media.


Sushil Rudra

The name of the poem is ” Now Media Is Life “.

It’s media, a very vibrant but spontaneous device of the present era. It is our basic needs with food and lodging, and freedom of speech and voting. After changing so many eras weare now in the era ofmedia, passing away Paul, Sena, Gupta, Mughal, British and so on.

Now media is a life which ruling us. Now it is the era of media. Media controls and instructs us, advise us and help us what to do or not, in every moment, in a dream, and the struggle.

The media decides the name of awardees. They can rebuke. They provoke people to regard. All are furnished by media.

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The very first page of the newspaper on Independence Day, when we open and look at theheadline in ten column banner- The feet of whom would you visit? Is it of Netaji or Mahatma Gandhi? Not they’re! but a rapist-murderer who has beenconvictedand dangled. It also defines alerts mightymedia.

Now media is life.Media is like a metal detector, seeking for a silent and secret atom to discharge and defuse, it settles down whether the case is of suicide or murder, the sinners are the politicians, a few dacoits, murderers are patriots, – everything, every moment defines and confirms the media by the hands and pen.

In Sunami or earthquake how would you proceed to propaganda , how would you shouting at arranging michil and gatherings, that media also programme & organise? They teachyou seriously.

As soon as the chun or lime drops down from the bettle , media will shout to you, If there is missing in tune or music, media will threat you , if rice is not produced from paddy , media then and there will expose it by their machines andskilled tune.

Hence, In the modern age, media is God, Supreme consciousness. The leaders are running towards them to satisfy and to sit on the crown. Even the singers, the stars, the writers, the researchers are always trying to influence them for getting success, to achieve awards like the Bharat Ratna or Padma awards. Media, You are superb, you are God!


# ‘ Mandir ‘

Now the media is life

Now the media is life
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Now the media Is life. It influences the system or administration who will get the honour of government. It decides all thee decisions about our lives.
Now the media Is life. It influences the system or administration who will get the honour of government. It decides all thee decisions about our lives.

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