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Our country produces so many great teacher . They sacrificed their lives for the betterment of education and its true implementation in the society. We can give examples from Vidyasagar to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan .


Vidyasagar came from a very poor Brahmin priest family. He continued his learning in High School to College & University through hard labour. In his student life he used to teach students as a tutor . Thus he managed his expenses of higher studies.

When he was a teacher and next head pandit of Sanskrit college, he used to provide financial help to the poor students. He was a social reformer and also the pioneer of Bengali prose.


..A good teacher is he who always look after his or her student’s future . As a teacher, Vidyasagar emphasised on the women education and opened first girls school with the help of Bethune Saheb in North Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta) in Bidon Street near Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral home. It’s now famousBethune College.

A teacher should have the quality of sacrifice andthe power to change a student’s life. And that’s what a teacher from the state of Maharashtra did. He took a stand for promoting girls education and changed the lives of many girls.

In modern times, it’s very rare in the society such kind of mentality and sacrifice . This is an example for the future teachers to follow his sacrifice and mentality . Being a primary teacher he has been trying to implement the modern teaching methods in such a lagging society. We came to know from various sources of communication that a primary teacher of Maharashtra was awarded a big amountofmoney from UK .


The news published on 3rd December 2020 that Shri Ranjitsinh Disale , a teacher from Solapur district, Maharashtra won the Global Teacher Prize 2020 with a cash prize of$1-million.

But it’s matter of great pleasure that he shared this money with the co-perticipants though he was the only owner of this prize, so far as I concern from the news agency.

We all know that Covid pandemic has been changed our lives in many respects . Still now students are not allowed to attend the schools and colleges . So we have to take help of digital media like Google meet and other apps .

During interview this teachersaid, ” The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed education and the communities it serves in a multitude of ways. But in this hard time, teachers are giving their best to make sure every student has access to their birthright of a good education.


It’s absolutely right what he said about teacher’s duty. Students always wait for the teachers to get assistance in their problems with learning.

Hence teacher should have been always catious about the lessons which are given to them. Whether they’re in comfort in study or not , the teacher should take information from the students about it .


He thinks that this work is not possible for an individual efforts. It’s the works of all the teachers. He remarked in this respect ,

” Teachers are who are changing the lives of their students with a mixture of chalk and challenges. They always believe in giving and sharing “.


And, he started again :

” therefore, I am very pleased to announce that I will share 50% of the prize money the real change-makers equally among my fellow, top 10 finalists to support their incredible work. Because I believe ,together we can make a difference and we can make this world a better place.

He believes he is not alone the winner, so he declared that the money will be disbursed equal among all the rest 9 top 10 finalists.

His attitude towards growing and sharing has put a mark that we should learn to share because if we will share then only wecan grow together.


Ranjitsinh is a teacher of a village school . Generally , there’s no infrastructure in the school of Villages . Neither classroom, nor sufficient teachers are available there .

However , he reached first time at the Zilla Parishad Primary School at Paritewadi in Solapur in 2009, it was a dilapidated building, sandwiched between a cattleshed and a storeroom.


Most of the girls in the school were from tribal communities. You know they are first generation getting education . So their attendance was very low. Sometimes it could be as low as 2% .

And again child marriage was very common. Some students were unable to understand the textbooks . Because it was not in their primary language(Kannada).

But Ranjitsinhdid not give up hope . He sympathically thought about the situation .

He learned Kannadaand taught them by translating the textbooks to their local language.So being a less payment primary teacher he had to learn another new language which is very very difficult to achieve. He did it. It’s his good will and sacrifice for the benefit of the students.


We came to know from him that he also started QR coded textbooks by the help of which students could learn through video lectures, audio poems and stories. And later his school became the first in the Maharashtra to use QR coded textbooks.

In 2017 state ministry decided to introduce QR coded textbooks for classes 1-12. Following which in 2018 NCERT also introduced QRcodedtextbooks. It’s a modern techniques to impart education to the students.


His school is in a drought-prone district of Maharashtra but he has tackled with this issue also by increasing green land from 25% to 33% in the last ten years. In all, 250 hectares of land surrounding his village was saved from desertification, earning his school the ‘Wipro Nature for Society’ award in 2018.


CEO of Microsoft (Satya Nadela) has recognized Ranjitsinh’s work as one of three stories from India in his book Hit Refresh. He has won the Innovative Researcher of the Year 2016 award and he has also won the National Innovation Foundation’s Innovator of the Year award in 2018.

He has communicated his methods by writing more than 500 newspaper articles and blogs, as well as participating in television discussions on educational topics.


He is a teacher with utmost respect who has dedicated his life for girls education and now all his work has made tremendous impact. Teenage marriages has stopped in that place and the school is having 100% attendance of girls. Therefore , only possible for a devotional teacher which is very rare in modern generation.

Our country needs such kind of teachers who can change the poor position of Indian women and their livelihood. And for this need hundreds of idle teachers like Ranjitsinth are highly appreciated in India.

Only such persons are fit to undertake the work of teaching as are thoroughly educated and virtuous. -. Swami Dayanand

A --True - Teacher

A --True - Teacher
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A true teacher is he who can sacrifice his life for the betterment of the pupils. Vidyasagar and Radhakrishnan both were great teacher . But in this era it's very rare to find a true teacher. Here is a story of such true teacher of Maharashtra.
A true teacher is he who can sacrifice his life for the betterment of the pupils. Vidyasagar and Radhakrishnan both were great teacher . But in this era it's very rare to find a true teacher. Here is a story of such true teacher of Maharashtra.

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I'm Dr. Sushil Rudra, residing in Durgapur City West Bengal, India . Studied in The University of Calcutta and did M.A , Ph.D . Also another M.A from Sridhar University. Taught in College and University ( RTU) . Love to write, traveling, singing Rabindrasangeet and social work. Have some books authored by me. Vivekananda and Rabibdranath both are my favourite subject. I have written more than 150 articles in my wordpress.com blog( kalpataru.home.blog and now I'm writing in my new " http://www.kalpatarurudra.org blog.


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