Here I will discuss about my blogging journey . I think it is my final effort to find a new path in my activities.

This is a whiteboard where I want to decorate some gems of words. I have received this knowledge from Indian culture and the spiritual wealth of ancient sages.

So, I have been trying here to depict the critical life journey of a village boy who in course of time and actions walks from native village to town and then one city to another in India for enjoying to have education, service andlivelihood through a jig jugway.


I have experienced a lot , good or bad, but was enriched and trying to enlightening myself.

In my boyhood days I was not shy or shaky, but vibrant. Perhaps I wasn’t bold and haven’t healthy physique, but everyday I used to go high school in a remote village by walking which was 4 kilometres away from my home.

There’s holy river, the Ganges ( the Bhagirathi) in between our village and the village where the school is situated. We have to cross it by twin boats. In rainy season it turns into massive water flow . Sometimes, it floods over the plain lands of the both banks of the river. It was very difficult to cross It.

However , everyday we have to cross it. It was very dangerous in rainy season when fowl weather took place. As a result, we became extremely tired .

In spite of that after returning home in afternoon and gettingsomefoodsIregularly joined in the football or cricket team to play minimum one to one and half hours.We had to return home before dusk . From 7 to 9.30 pm was our reading time . At 9.30it’s dinner time. Generally we have no task afterwards.

Sometime we used to play indoor games Lodu with my elder brother or sister.


But on the eve of half yearly or final exam we were to continue our studying after dinner. We had to get up at 4.30/5.00 O’clock in the morning for revision our study material for preparation.

During holidays sometimes we used to sing music in our Boithakkhana along with my elder brother’s friend. Sometime we have played Ha du du , Nunthari , Badminton and also freehand exercise with Yogasana.


We enjoyed a lot during our Durgapuja festival. Everyday I used to visit Durga Mandir to see the mud built statues of the deities. I also then used to collect Shiuli flowers


I have been shifted to our town house for college education. There was no college near to our village home . Now there’s a college. From then I have spent almost all the time in Berhampore Murshidabad. After graduatingfrom Krishnath College, I studied in The University of Calcutta for post graduation and Ph.D.

Almost 5/6 years I had to spend in Calcutta ( now Kolkata) in West Bengal. Here I want to express some words about my health. I wasn’t sound health during this period. I was brunt severely with hot oil accidentally just before part one Honours degree exam . And was being admitted to hospital for treatment. From then I was not stable at all. However, I have got myM. A andPh.D digress without any break.


Just one year after I was posted in a college as a guest professor for some months. But it wasn’t permanent job. Then after some months I have joined in a service as faculty member at Krishnath College in lien vacancy . But the employee didn’t return there as he was selected for Principal post somewhere in Bengal. So I got opportunity for the vacant post . There I have been teaching for 33 years .


Next I had to take a service in the department of English of Rajasthan Technical University as aguest professorand at the same time I have furnished my duty as anAssociateProfessor in Englishdepartment at Dr. Modi Engineering College in Kota.

I went there for my daughter, Sumedha’s coaching purpose andStayedtwo years in Kota. This was a great experience . We joined there in Bengali Association . During Durgapuja we have been participated in music and drama.

The city is very beautiful . Rajasthan Technical University, where I taught is a mother University . I enjoyed immensely there.


Returning Bengal, I decided to stay in Durgapur City in West Bengal for my daughter’s higher education. In the meantime, I have retired from my service.

After that I have taken a service in a B.Ed college as aPrincipal. It’s 20 km away from Durgapur City . I was there for sometime. When I have abled to manage a service near to my present resident I took resignation from the service ofPrincipal.

 At present I am furnishing my small duty as aguest professorinMichael MashusudanMemorial Collegein Durgapur. I want to live here with some works .


Writing is one of my hobbies. I authored 12 books and it has been published from Kolkata publishing company. Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore both are my subjects of discussion.

I am very fond of music. I can sing Rabindranath Sangeet and Bengali modern songs. I am also foodie. I love sweets, misti doi and Hilsa fish. Dislike meats. Like travelling, blogging , debets and listening music.

I am a father of a beautiful daughter . My spouse, Santa has been brought up here in this Steel City, Durgapur. We do some social works and practice Homeopathy also.


I’m newbie in blogging. Started in the year of 2018 . Stopped a few months. But again I am posting regularly. ”’s blog) .

At present, I have been writing in my newly hosted blog”” . Please read like and share it to your friends and relatives. I need your support and assistance in respect to this matter.

This is my earnest request to you that you inform your friends about this blog .

Please Read, like and share it. Also comments. I need your assistance and support as well as suggestions. Thank you so much.

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