Moder Garab Moder Asha/Aamori Bangla Bhasha”.

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What is Bengali Language?

Bengali language or Bangla Bhasa is one of the major languages of the modern Indo – Aryan language family.

It is an Indo-Aryan language/Indic language primarily articulated by the Bengalis in South Asia. Especially, the vast population of the Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent used to speak the Bengali language.

The Indo – Aryan language family is a major language family native to the northern India subcontinent and presently found all across South Asia.

Again, the Indo-Aryan language and Indo-Iranian language is the branch of the Indo-European language family.

Bengali Language or Bangla Bhasa : Modern Indo – Aryan languages

Modern Indo-Aryan languages are descended from Sanskrit through Prakrit.

These Languages are Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) languages. It is more than 350 million people’s mother tongue. The languages are given below:

Bengali (350million), Punjabi (120million), Marathi (112million), Gujarati (60million), Vojpuri (55million), Odia (35million), Maithili (35million), Sindhi (30million) and other languages.

This is an estimate placing the totalnumber of speakers, nearly900million.

Dialects of Bengali Language

Bengalilanguage or Bangla Bhasa has many dialects,viz : 1. Kamrupi dialect – 15million speakers, 2. Bangali – 300 million speakers : a. Rarhi -35m b. Barendri – 25 m c. Sundarbani – 20m d. Jharkhandi15 million.

Official Language :Bengali language/Bangla Bhasa :

Bengali is the official and most widely spoken language of Bangladesh. It is the second most widely spoken of the 22 scheduled Languages of India. Not only that, it’s also another 40 million as second language speakers.

The Bengali language is the fifth most spoken nativelanguage. And it’s also the seventh most spoken language by a total number of speakers in the World.

Bengali Diaspora :Bengali Language/Bangla Bhasa :

Besides, the peoples of Bangladesh, the peoples of WestBengal, Tripura, Borak Valley of Assam,and Andaman Nicobar Island, speak the Bengali language.

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It is a significant global Bengali diaspora (Bangladeshi Diaspora and Indian Bengalis) communities in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the MiddleEast.

One Thousand Years Of Bengali Language/Bangla Bhasa & Literature:

However, Bengali language or Bangla Bhasa has been generated over the course of more than 1000 years.

Some researchers like Haraprasad Shastri , Bidhu Sekhar Shastri excavated the Charyapada and some other punthee (manuscript) of this time.

Some Buddhist saint -poets wrote Charyapadas in the tenth to twelve century. And the thirteenth century to the fourteenth century was barren due to socio-political anarchism.

As a result, we don’t have any literature. Srikrishnakirtan Kavya of Badu Chandidasa was the only Kavya in the first half of the mediaeval period.

Boruchandidas wrote “Srikrishnakirtan” in the fifteenth century. After that, Sri Chaitanya came as a reformer and changed religious fanatism. And made social change.

So, we have got a lot of Bengali literature like Vaishnava literature, Chaitanya Jibani and so on.

Origin & Development of Bengali Language /Bangla bhasa :

Along with other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, Bengali language evolved circa 1000- 1200 CE from Sanskrit and Magadhi Prakit.

The local Apabhransa of the Eastern subcontinent, Purbi – Apabhransa or Abahatta, eventually evolved into regional dialects.

Therefore, It formed three groups : Bengali – Assamese languages, the Bihari languages and Odia languages.

Renaissance And Modern Bengali Language:

Bengaliliterature enriched in thesecond half of the nineteenthcentury. A renaissance took place in Bengal. So, It’s Bengalees who wrote the modern literature .

Owing to that, Rammohan Roy, Vidyasagar , Bankimchandra Chattapadhay, Mychael Mashusudan Dutta and other Poets and Play – writers composed various types of new literature.

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Fortunately , Rabindranath came to flourish the Bengali language and literature with his vibrant genius .

As a result, he composed a lot of literature.There is no other writer in parallel to him in Indian literature .

Rabindranath composed four thousand poems and hundreds of songs. Besides, he composed two hundred short stories, numerous dramas and novels.

Rabindranath has also penned in other forms of literature. These are the essays, translations, letters. So, these are the assets of the Bengali language and literature.

As a result, Rabindranath Tagore by his literature and multi-talented personality overwhelmed the Eastern and Western world.

At the same time, so many great writers enriched our Bengali language or Bangla Bhasa with their pen.

BENGALI WRITERS: Bengali Language/Bangla Bhasa

Hence, We have got some internationally prominent poets, novelists, short story writers, essayists. And other writers like Satyajit Roy, Sukumar Roy flourished in other fields of literature in the Bengali language.

Besides, from Bankim Chandra, Madhusudan to Rabindranath – Sarat -Bibhuti-Tarashankir to Sunil Ganguly – Shirsendu, Najrul- Mohitlal – Jibanananda- Buddhadev – Subash – Shankha empowered to the Bengali literature.


And even women writers like Ashapurna-Mahasweta-Nabanita – Mallika – and so many writers started to write and therefore, got success.

Therefore, the Bengali language was enriched in course of time. And We are proud of that.

Don’t loose trust in humanity.

Rupsagare Dub Diechi Arupratan asha Kori “. – Tagore

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