Birthday Celebration of the Best & Great Stuntwoman of Hollywood

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Today Google celebrates the 77th birthday celebration of Kitty O’Neil with a doodle in a yellow jumpsuit. Neil was a well-known American actress and stuntwoman who was also known as “the fastest woman in the world.”

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Her early life, career, and accomplishments are all covered in this article.
jagran josh Google celebrates Kitty O’Neil’s 77th birthday with a doodle of her wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

Who was this Kitty O’Neil?Birthday Celebration of the Best & Great Stuntwoman of Hollywood

Kitty O’Neil was an American stunt woman who lost her hearing at a young age. Meeya Tijang, a deaf artist based in Washington, DC, created the doodle.

Kitty O’Neil was an American stuntwoman and actor who became deaf as a result of a childhood illness that affected her hearing ability.

She went on to become one of the most well-known stunt performers in Hollywood despite the numerous obstacles she faced as a child.

Her uncommon ability made her territory occupations as a trick twofold in a few motion pictures, for example, ‘The Bionic Lady’, ‘The Blues Siblings’ and ‘Miracle Lady’.

Katherine O’Neil: Kitty O’Neil’s upbringing

Image : iStock / Birthday Celebration of the Best & Great Stuntwoman of Hollywood

Her dad was an official in the US Armed force Flying corps. He was killed in an airplane accident when Kitty was a child. Patsy Compton O’Neil was the name of her mother.

After Kitty lost her hearing, she was the reason she taught her how to read lips. Her mother went on to work as a speech therapist and co-found a school for students with visual impairments.

Kitty O’Neil was born on March 24, 1946, in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. She passed away on November 2, 2018, in Eureka, South Dakota, USA.

Her occupation was stuntwoman: Career Kitty began her acting career as a stunt double for 1970s films like Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman.

She was also the first woman to join Stunts Unlimited, a Hollywood organization for the best stunt performers.

How did Neil wind up turning into a double?

Image : iStock / Birthday Celebration of the Best & Great Stuntwoman of Hollywood

When Neil was twelve years old, she joined a swim team, which eventually sparked her interest in diving. She also won a gold medal for replacing a late substitute driver.

She won the AAU Southwest District Junior meet six months later. Her family moved to Anaheim, California, USA, in 1962 to have Neil trained by Sammy Lee, a well-known driving coach.

Overcoming obstacles Neil was able to achieve greatness despite all of the difficulties she faced as a child.

She broke previous records for drivers of rocket-powered automobiles, earning her the honorific title of “fastest woman alive” in 1976.

Aside from that, in his role as a stunt double in an episode of the Wonder Woman Series, she set a women’s high fall record of 127 feet.

Many people are inspired by her story. Silent Victory, her biopic, was released in 1979: The Kitty O’Neil Story was made available.

O’Neil was born on this day in 1946 to a Cherokee Native American mom and Irish father in Corpus Christi, Texas.

When she was once simply a few months old, she shriveled a couple of ailments which led to an severe fever that eventually left her deaf.

She realized a range of verbal exchange modes and tailored for specific audiences at some point of her life, subsequently preferring talking and lip studying mostly.

O’Neil refused to see her deafness as a roadblock, often referring to it as an asset. She later discovered a love for diving, however a wrist harm and sickness ended her probabilities of competing.

However, she remained dedicated to fulfill her dream of becoming a expert athlete.

O’Neil started experimenting with high-speed sports activities like water skiing and bike racing. A true action-lover, she additionally carried out risky acts such as falling from daunting heights while set on hearth and jumping from helicopters.

In the late 70s, she made it onto the large display screen as a stunt double for motion pictures and TV series. It includes The Bionic Woman (1976), Wonder Woman (1977-1979), and The Blues Brothers (1980).

She was the first female to be a part of Stunts Unlimited, an organization for Hollywood’s pinnacle stunt performers.

In 1976, O’Neil became topper “the fastest female alive” after zooming across the Alvord Desert at 512.76 miles per hour!

Image : iStock / Birthday Celebration of the Best & Great Stuntwoman of Hollywood

She drove a rocket-powered auto known as the Motivator and surpassed the preceding women’s land-speed file through nearly 200 mph.

Once she broke the women’s document by way of a landslide. It grew to be evident that she should in all likelihood beat the men’s mark too.

Unfortunately, her sponsors did no longer permit her to ruin the typical document as it threatened the reputation quo — they desired to reserve the feat for a male driver.

Legal motion to battle this failed and O’Neil was once in no way given the possibility to damage the general record.

However, this didn’t preserve her lower back from going on to destroy data piloting jet-powered boats and rocket dragsters.

A biopic about O’Neil’s life, titled Silent Victory: The Kitty O’Neil Story, was once launched in 1979 and recaps the dazzling Alvord Desert feat.

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