Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 Review

Apple’s latest smartphone enables you to snap and share awful-looking shots. Especially if you shoot handheld action footage. Besides, you will get here Best Features of the Apple iPhone 14.

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Digital Camera World Verdict

As for the camera, the iPhone 14 has some exciting new features like a video action mode and the option to capture 4K cinematic mode footage at 24 fps.

On the other hand, its macro mode, RAW format shooting, and lack of a telephoto camera will put professional photographers under pressure.

However, if you are using an iPhone 12 or above, you will notice and enjoy the difference in features and performance that the iPhone 14 has to offer.





+More affordable than the Pro version

+ Action mode for smooth handheld clips

+ Functional portrait mode

Verdict : Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

Most of the iPhone-owning readers of this review are probably eager to upgrade to the latest incarnation of their beloved device.

The purpose of this review is to help you make an clear-cut decision about the selection of an iPhone.

You have to decide whether you just want to upgrade to the iPhone 14, or wait for the iPhone 15, or you may go for either iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Of course, this guide will help you to select the best iPhones for photography.

When you’re reading a Digital Camera World review, we know that the iPhone 14’s role as a camera is particularly important. So, we’ll put its two cameras through their paces in our review.

Key Features of iPhone 14

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Like other models in the 14 range, the iPhone 14 offers crash detection. It can detect the sudden impact of a crash due to a variety of factors.

Mainly, it includes a new high G-force accelerometer that senses extreme acceleration or deceleration of up to 256 Gs.

There may be a high dynamic range gyroscope that monitors drastically changes in your vehicle’s orientation, and the microphone can detect collision sounds.

Apple iPhone 14 (128GB) at $799.99

image: Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The built-in barometer can even detect pressure changes due to the deployment of an airbag.

All these features enable the iPhone 14 to recognise crashes, contact emergency services and broadcast your location.

In emergencies with no signal, iPhone also offers the option to contact emergency services via satellite. Although this feature may not currently be available in all regions.

iPhone 14 Design


If you currently own an iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 will feel very similar. Why? Because it takes up the same width and height in the palm of your hand.

At 7.80 mm (0.31 inches) deep, the iPhone 14 is slightly thicker than the iPhone 13 at 7.65 mm (0.30 inches) but the size difference is negligible. The iPhone 14 is 1 gram lighter!

The iPhone 13 and 14 have the same size 6.1” all-screen OLED display. Eventually, it displays your High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos as richly coloured shots that boast detail across shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

With a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio your shots really ‘pop’ when viewed on the iPhone 13 and 14 display!

Reverse Image Search

image: Apple/ Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

One contrast between the iPhone 14 and its iPhone 13 ancestor is that the 14 comes in a choice of variations. These include a light blue and an exceptional purple that will distinguish it from the 13.

The two models are additionally accessible in the noon, Starlight, and eye-catching item Red.

Another kind of conspiracy not only validates an update but some things give the 14 the edge over the 13.

The iPhone has its aviation-grade aluminium body and front and rear mudguard protection. That’ll feel confident not hiding your expensive purchase in a protective case.

You can keep your iPhone 13 Expert Max caseless all year long and never have to go to the auto shop despite dropping it off on various occasions.

Your iPhone 14 is designed to be seen, not bound – especially assuming you’re ‘look at me!’ Item red model!

iPhone 14 camera specs: Best Features of Apple iPhone 14


The high-level dual camera framework on iPhone 14 is the main attraction for taking pictures.

The ultra-wide camera’s 13mm central length gives you the ability to capture even more of a metropolitan climate as a generously approximated 12MP photograph.

I think that is large enough to deliver prints modestly measured at 3024 x 4032.

The 26mm focal length of the primary camera is perfect for presentation. It comes up short in terms of the human enlargement feature of the focal point of the ultra-wide camera.

But this focal point mutilation is less perceptible on the iPhone 14 due to the in-camera focal point adjustment).

With an aperture of f1.5, you can use the basic camera to capture sun-grain indoor shots with ISO levels as low as 100.

Sensor-Shift Optical Picture Stabilization additionally helps limit the risk of shake-induced blur.

When you are shooting in low light, keeping the handheld video search gimbal smooth as well, it helps limit the risk of blur.

Compared to the iPhone 13’s True Depth, the front-facing digicam can take better-looking (and closer) selfies. So thanks to the iPhone 14’s new autofocus system.

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14 camera performance

iPhone 14 photo

The 14mm focal size of the ultra-wide camera allows you to capture the architectural setting.

If you’re an iPhone 13 Pro user and are drawn to the iPhone 14 because of its relative capabilities against the 14 Pro, think twice.

If you like using the Thirteen Pro’s additional 3x digital camera telephoto digicam, you’ll feel restricted by the 14’s lack of optical zoom.

You can dial in 3x digital zoom on the iPhone 14’s main digital camera. Although the digitally magnified effect produced by the 13 Pro’s optical 3x telephoto lens will be inferior.

13 Pro customers will also give up the option to shoot RAW (in .dng format) when they upgrade to the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 limits you to shooting compressed .jpeg or HEIF documents. Therefore, it limits your ability to tease out larger tonal elements.

Therefore, use of post-production apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

The iPhone 14 also lacks the macro-taking picture mode option. It’s the Tera Pro which allows you to get better-looking close-encounters. These are such as bugs and flowers.

The iPhone 14 makes these reservations and boundaries. It stands out every day. So thanks to the main camera’s 7-element lens and smart ‘under the hood’ processing.

The new Photonic Engine is a powerful photo pipeline exclusive to the 14 Series. This helps the iPhone 14 take better photos in low light.

The iPhone 14 allows making it bigger by using the computational advantages of deep fusion.

From the imaging method to provide additional details, keep fine textures, decorate higher shades and save more records in the photo.

Despite the photonic engine, the iPhone 14 often produced disappointingly low-smooth results in some stages.

iPhone 14 pattern image

image:Apple/ Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The ultra-wide digicam can only open up to f2.4. This results in additional unwanted noise artefacts and blurred details.

These features prominent grainy noise artefacts that were exacerbated by excessive ISO speeds such as 1250.

The noise was once higher on ultra-wide digital cameras with an aperture of f2.4.

When capturing indoor areas identical to the main camera’s larger f1.5 aperture, you should drop the ISO speed and got a good deal cleaner results.

For our iPhone 14 check shoot, employed a mannequin and took pictures at different locations in different cities.

I also took some photographs of equal difficulty on my older iPhone Thirteen Pro Max for comparison.

Once the pix were synced via iCloud and shuffled collectively into your photo library, you will be hard-pressed to distinguish.

You will be amazed to see a photo taken on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and one captured using the iPhone 14.

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

It’s a testament to the iPhone 14’s often overwhelming first-class camera and processing power.

An exciting new feature that I love when taking photos in the portrait mode of the iPhone 14 camera app is the blurring of every foreground and background in the photograph.

The iPhone 14 was instantly able to identify our subject’s face and keep that looking nice and sharp while blurring her foreground hand and the background buildings.

It also helps mimic the natural bokeh of a DSLR with added efficiency compared to previous versions of portrait mode.

This extra sensitive foreground and background blurring is the result of iOS 16. It is undoubtedly a drawback.

So, if you upgrade to a model, you can enjoy this selective focal point effect using older iPhone fashions. It’s possible without wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 pattern image

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

In the camera app, the sky is considered over-exposed at this point. Smart HDR 4 automatically combines exposure to reveal elements in the shadows, mid-tones.

It also highlights of a processed shot.

Where the iPhone 14 excels over its predecessors is in the new Action Mode. It allows you to seize gimbal easy video clips while driving iPhone 14.

When you fire off Action Mode on the iPhone 14, it switches to an ultra-wide 0.5x lens. This allows it to capture additional surrounding space around the challenge.

Therefore, it can crop photographs and shift the subject’s role on a frame-by-frame basis so they can be moved easily.

In our check shoot, difficulty was whipped left and right due to the digital camera shaking as we chased them through an area.

The processed action mode clip saved the runner in the middle of the body as the digital camera glides easily.

This in-camera stabilization will save filmmakers the time and trouble of using post-production stabilization equipment in iMovie or Final Cut Pro, enabling them to share their film clips there and then.

The only drawback to Action mode is that it will drop your resolution from 4K to 2.8K, but it will look great on a trendy 1080 HD project.

Another hype factor for the iPhone 14 is the extra filmic 24 fps that often charges 25 fps for PAL or 30 fps for traditional media output like the web.

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The cinematic mode adds a post-production bokeh blur to your video images for a Hollywood-style shallow depth of field.

You can also capture extra Full HD resolution images when capturing at 1080 fps in slow-mo mode, so your slow-motion sequences will look exceptional when rolled into a 1080 HD project timeline.

iPhone 14 pattern image

The shot on the left is of the 26mm main camera. The 14mm ultra-wide digital camera allows you to capture a larger area of ​​a neighbourhood as we see it from photographs accurately (Image credit: George Cairns)

iPhone 14 pattern image

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

An up-to-date cinematic mode now lets you add a historical past bow to 4K clips at Hollywood-style 24 fps body charge.

On the other hand, you can shoot up to an additional 30 fps in this decision (Image credit: George Cairns)

iPhone 14 pattern image

Take 2.5x better low-light photos using the iPhone 14’s main digicam (or two more photos using the ultra-wide camera) (Image credit: George Cairns)


IPHONE 14 RIVALS: Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 has the edge over the iPhone 13, but maybe not enough of an edge for you to upgrade from a 13 to a 14. The two models have the same A15 Bionic chip, a 6- core CPU and a 16- core neural engine.

The iPhone 14 has a 5- core GPU compared to the iPhone 13’s 4- core GPU, so it should offer better performance and efficacy for demanding workloads.

You also get a surplus hour of video playback on the iPhone 14 compared to the 13, but again this doesn’t make the 14 a ‘ must have’.

Still, if you’re still using an old model similar to the iPhone 12, you’ll notice the difference in battery life and general processing performance due to the older model’s A14 Bionic chip.

image:Apple/Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 12 offers up to 17 hours of view playback compared to the iPhone 14’s 20 hours, which makes the iPhone 14 a more entrancing purchase for possessors of older iPhones.

iPhone 14 Verdict

From a photography perspective, the iPhone 14 is a great piece of kit, especially if you want to point, shoot, and share great-looking shots via social media without too much post-processing.

However, more serious photographers will miss the ability to shoot in RAW (.dng) format. So they can enjoy fine-tuning the look of their images in a digital darkroom like Adobe Camera Raw.

Images look great on the iPhone 14. It has Super Retina XDR display. But if you want to discover and remove noise patterns or retouch a portrait more effectively, you’ll need to view them on a larger display.

In this instance, you might consider paying an extra £100 for the iPhone 14 Plus. It has the same camera specs but boasts a larger 6.7″ display and offers an extra 6 hours of video playback.

The iPhone 14 should be more attractive to those looking to upgrade from the iPhone 12 or older.

However, they will notice a big difference in performance and features compared to those upgrading from the iPhone 13.

Best Features of Apple iPhone 14

The iPhone 14’s new action mode produces surprisingly smooth handheld footage. It can reduce the need to stabilize it in a non-linear editing app.

Although the serious filmmakers may also want the option to shoot in HDR Dolby Vision. It will handle them.

iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

The iPhone 14’s lack of a telephoto camera and macro mode will also force many photographers to shell out the extra cash for a Pro model iPhone.

You may also like to know about iPhone 13 Pro vs 14 Pro and the best camera phones from all manufacturers. Looking for the best budget camera phone?

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