Why People Avoid Tasty Chanachur Not To Destroy Health?

Dr Sushil Rudra

Content Outline: Why People Avoid Tasty Chanachur Not To Destroy Health?

Introduction: Why People Avoid Tasty Chanachur Not To Destroy health ? Chanachur Side Effects: Why should we not Eat Chanachur mixed with mudri daily? Do you know that many deadly diseases are spreading in it! What are these?

Introduction: Why People Avoid Tasty Chanachur Not To Destroy Health?

Chanachur is a traditional spicy ready-to-eat snack that is popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is made up of fried noodles made from pulse flour (bason), flour chips of different sizes and shapes, fried and puffed dhals, cereals and peanuts.

Besides , the expert cook mix Spices and condiments to flavor the Chanachur and to get spicy, sour and salty taste. The combination of ingredients varies considerably depending on the price and the market.

However, most of these snacks are deep-fried. They use refined flour, and normally cooked in hydrogenated oil at high temperature. This causes free radical damage which leads to an increase in cholesterol and the risk of cancer. Therefore, it is important to consume such snacks in moderation.

Chanachur is a popular snack in India, especially in Bengal. Here in Bengal, fried or roasted chickpeas, peanuts, lentils, rice flakes, spices, and oil are the ingredients for making Chanachur.

Bengalee often eat with puffed rice or muri. Chanachur can be tasty and crunchy, but it can also have some negative effects on health if consumed too much or too often.

Some of the reasons why people avoid tested chanachur are:Why People Avoid Tasty Chanachur Not To Destroy .

Chanachur may contain high amounts of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. Therefore, taking it hugely can increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. These conditions can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other serious problems.

On the other hand, Chanachur may also contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These materials can cause allergic reactions, digestive issues, and inflammation in some people. These additives may also affect the quality and freshness of the product.

Chanachur is not hygienic or safe to eat if it is prepared or stored in unclean or improper conditions. There may be a risk of contamination by bacteria, fungi, insects, or rodents. This can cause food poisoning, infections, and diseases.

Basically, Chanachur may not provide enough nutrition or balance to the diet. It is low in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals2. It may also fill up the stomach and reduce the appetite for other healthy foods. This can lead to malnutrition, deficiencies, and weight gain.

Therefore, people who want to protect their health and well-being may choose to avoid tested chanachur or limit their intake. They may opt for healthier alternatives such as roasted chana (chickpeas), nuts, seeds, fruits, or vegetables. These foods can provide more protein, fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can benefit the body.

Chanachur contains several harmful ingredients including sodium and sugar. Therefore, the risk of getting affected by some complex physical problems will increase by taking Chanachur regularly. So, if you want to stay healthy, reduce your love for Chanachur.

Do you eat Chanachur mixed with mudri daily? Do you know that many deadly diseases are spreading in it!

We know that Muri-chanachur is a very favorite tiffin of most Bengalis. In the evening, watching serials or news on TV, we finish a bowl of food in no time. That’s why experts refer to Muri-Chanachur as the ‘main snacks’ of Bengalis.

But this is sure to surprise you knowing that our love for such trinkets but in many cases causes multiple damage to the body. In particular, experts warn that eating handfuls of Chanachur increases the damage.

According to them, Chanachur contains a lot of salt, sugar and other chemicals which are very harmful to the body. So, if you want to keep your body healthy, you must reduce your love for Chanachur. Otherwise, the risk of contracting these diseases will increase.

In a nutshell , we are going to clear out step by step the cons of eating Chanachur:

  1. Trap type 2 diabetes Chanachur contains a lot of sweets. In addition, it stores excessive calories. And both of these increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. And once you are affected by this disease, you don’t need to repeat the devastation. So, if you want to prevent this deadly disease, reduce your love for Chanachur while you have time. And those who are already suffering from this disease must increase the distance from this food. This will pave the way to stay healthy.
  2. Blood pressure frown Chanachur’s taste, I understand your mind! But do you know that this food is secretly increasing your blood pressure? If the answer is no, then beware today. Be aware that these foods contain a lot of sodium chloride, which can raise blood pressure. So if you want to dodge this deadly disease, eat Chanachur as little as possible from today.
  3. Cholesterol will also increase : Cholesterol is a waxy substance present in the blood. And when this material exceeds the normal level, it accumulates inside the blood vessels. And that’s why the blood can’t flow normally in that particular part. This distraction of blood increases the risk of serious diseases like heart attack and stroke.
  4. So it is wise to keep the cholesterol level in the normal range. But the bad news is that regular consumption of muri-chanachur will increase cholesterol and not reduce it. In fact, this type of junk food contains a lot of saturated fat, which raises cholesterol levels. So be careful.
  5. Stomach problems will follow : Such junk food is not at all healthy for the stomach. We found in the reports of Studies that regular consumption of Chanachur can lead to multiple intestinal damage. In particular, the number of good bacteria there decreases rapidly. As a result, there is a risk of getting trapped in several problems including gas, acidity, diarrhea and nausea. So reduce the consumption of three types of Chanachur.
  6. The fleet of fat will increase : Chanachur is high in saturated fat. And this fat is very harmful to the body. Even in the work of weight gain, its pairing is fair weight. So if you want to keep the weight in the normal range, put a beard and a comma on the desire to eat Chanachur. You can stay healthy through this. Even many deadly diseases will be kept away.
  7. Disclaimer: The report is written for awareness purposes. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.

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