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Table of Contents:Apple Benefits and Uses for good health

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Introduction – Apple Health Benefits – Good for Heart Health – Improves Oral Health – Beneficial for Diabetes – Improves Digestion – Helps in Weight Loss – Anti aging –

Apple health benefits – Apple health benefits

Apple is a nutrient-dense fruit that has a lot of health benefits. They improve your oral health and lower your cholesterol levels. Rich in fiber, apple peel is a great remedy for stomach ache and weight loss. Let’s take a look at some of the scientifically proven health benefits of apples.

Good for the heart:

Apples exhibit some hypocholesterolemic and antioxidant properties that are heart-healthy. Not only do they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but they also reduce the effects of oxidative stress and improve heart function.

Improves oral health:

Apples are packed with antimicrobial compounds that kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. Regular consumption of apples will not only improve your oral health but also reduce the risk of dental plaque and decay.

Beneficial for diabetics:Apple Benefits and Uses for good health

A study with more than 2 lakh participants indicated that regular consumption of apples reduced the risk of diabetes by 18%.

Apples exhibit some powerful antioxidant properties that improve the function of beta cells in the pancreas, thereby improving insulin production.

Improves digestion:

Apples contain a good amount of dietary fibre which regulates bowel movements and relieves constipation. It contains some anti-inflammatory compounds that help improve inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Helps in weight loss:

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Polyphenols in apples exhibit anti-obesity effects as demonstrated by clinical studies. It helps to reduce total body weight resulting in lower BMI and density.

Anti-aging:Apple Benefits and Uses for good health

Having an arsenal of antioxidants makes apples one of the best anti-aging foods. It improves the function of the senses and reduces signs of skin ageing like deep spots and fine lines.

Poor oral hygiene can translate into bad breath and oral diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay. Research shows that apples improve oral hygiene.

A study of 20 people showed us that apple consumption reduced the bacteria in the mouth’s saliva. This effect is similar to the condition after brushing the teeth.

According to another study, those who ate the most apples had a significantly lower risk of mouth cancer.

The flavonoids in apples are responsible for this. Additionally, the antioxidant properties in apples prevent periodontal disease.

Laboratory-based research shows that quercetin in apples inhibits the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of teeth and thus reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Apple benefits for heart – Apple benefits for heart

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers to a group of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. Common CVDs are coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiac arrest, and coronary artery disease.

Research indicates that consumption of apples helps reduce the risk of CVD. Apples are rich in flavonoids and a study of 40,000 women showed a 35% reduction in cardiovascular disease with regular flavonoid consumption.

A previous study showed that catechins in apples are positively associated with heart health.

Another study indicates that the polyphenols in apple peels have antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering properties that are particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Apple for cholesterol – Apple for cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is naturally produced in our bodies. It is absorbed into the body through the food we eat and is necessary for various functions of the digestive system.

However, high cholesterol levels increase the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, obesity and stroke. According to research, consuming apples can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the body.

A preclinical study claims that apple supplementation helps reduce plasma cholesterol levels and total cholesterol in the liver. This results in increased HDL levels and less absorption of dietary cholesterol. Pectin and other phenolic compounds in apples are responsible for this cholesterol-lowering effect.

In addition, the fibre in apples exhibits a very strong hypolipidemic (lipid lowering) effect.

Apple for diabetes –

Diabetes is a condition caused by elevated blood sugar. The most common type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes. This condition occurs when our body cannot use insulin properly.

Research suggests that apple consumption has an inverse relationship with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A clinical study involving more than 2 lakh participants showed that regular consumption of apples reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 18%.

Additionally, catechins in apples have been shown to have protective effects against diabetes due to the antioxidants they contain.

This antioxidant reverses tissue damage, improving beta cell function.The pancreas contains beta cells and is responsible for producing insulin.

Apple anticancer properties – Apple anticancer properties

Several studies claim that apples may have chemoprotective effects. A study on human bladder cancer and breast cancer indicates that apple peel inhibits the growth and development of cancerous cells. Apple peels increase the amount of a protein called maspin that prevents cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

According to a review article, apples are rich in oligomeric procyanidins (a type of flavonoid) that inhibit the growth or spread of cancer cells. It also causes cancer cells to die (apoptosis).

Additionally, apple peel contains a variety of triterpenoids that are one of the main contributors to its anti-cancer properties.

Apple benefits for respiratory system – Apple benefits for respiratory system.

Lung disease is very common among smokers and people living in polluted cities. According to research, eating apples is beneficial for lungs.

A study of over 2,500 people showed that both vitamins C and E in apples help improve lung function.

Another study indicates that regular consumption of apples restores lung function in people who quit smoking. The reason for this increased activity of the lungs is certain substances called quercetin and catechins. These compounds prevent lung cancer.

Apple benefits for stomach :

The digestive system is responsible for digesting the food we eat and absorbing nutrients from the digested food. Unhealthy lifestyle and regular consumption of oily food can lead to various digestive problems like diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, abdominal pain.

According to research, dried apple peel powder protects against stomach inflammation. An animal study revealed that dried apple peel powder contains polyphenols that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These inhibit the expression of inflammatory prostaglandins and reduce intestinal cell damage. These results indicate the potential use of apples as an IBS.

In vitro and in vivo (animal-based) studies reveal that apples have gastroprotective effects due to the presence of antioxidants called polyphenols.

Additionally, apples are a good source of fibre, which increases stool bulk and reduces its transit time through the colon, thereby curing constipation.

Although its action is not as strong as other fibre-rich fruits or wheat bran, it is still remarkably effective.

Apple benefits for skin – Apple benefits and uses for skin

There is an entire market devoted to different skin care products for different skin types. But if you have a natural alternative that is not only cheap but also readily available.

Apples are rich in vitamin C and polyphenols which have antioxidant properties. Research proves that these ingredients prevent skin aging. That means it not only reduces wrinkles or deep spots, but also helps you get healthy and glowing skin. And who doesn’t want that?

Apple for weight loss: Apple benefits and uses for good health

Obesity is a common problem among people who do not have much physical activity or who overeat. In the long term, obesity can lead to heart complications, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.

So it is necessary to control the body weight. Research indicates that regular consumption of apples helps in reducing excess weight.

A clinical study of 411 people showed that eating three apples a day led to weight loss due to low energy density.

Apple polyphenols have anti-obesity effects, according to an article published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

These are mainly mediated by interfering with the metabolic activity of cells in adipose tissue by reducing oxidative stress.

Some other preclinical and clinical studies indicate that regular apple consumption significantly reduces body weight and body mass index (BMI).

However, more research is needed to determine the exact dosage and consumption rate that results in maximum benefits from the fruit

Apple side effects – Apple side effect

Although this wonderful fruit brings a wide range of health benefits, excessive consumption can lead to various health complications.

Although side effects are minor and rare, a balanced diet with moderate consumption of apples is recommended, to get maximum benefits from this fruit.

Heavy use of pesticides during apple cultivation exposes it to harmful chemicals. Peeling the apple before eating eliminates this risk.

Although most of the fibre and vitamins in an apple are in the skin, peeling the skin compromises some of its nutritional value. Another way to eliminate this risk is to buy organic apples.

Apple seeds contain significant amounts of toxic amygdalin, which is classified as a cyanogenic glycoside. Long-term consumption of amygdalin is considered dangerous and can disrupt the most basic biological functions of the organism, resulting in cells being unable to use oxygen.

There have been some reports of chronic nonspecific diarrhoea (CNSD) in children who consumed apple juice. You Might Like: The Best Fruits For Weight Loss & Quick Health Benefits

In Brief:

Apple is one of the most nutritious fruits. It is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. Quercetin and catechins in apples have many health benefits.

Apple helps in weight loss, its antioxidant properties prevent cancer, it helps control diabetes and lowers cholesterol levels. Apple has no significant side effects. This makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

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