5 Best & Worst Ways to Maintain Good Relation With Wife

Dr. Sushil Rudra

If the wife is suspicious, remove it with this trick
Husband-wife relationship should be like crystal clear glass. Which can be seen from one side to the other. Only then, a beautiful married life will be developed after overcoming all the problems. But many husbands and wives do not develop strong understanding. As a result, in many cases it is seen that the family is not surviving.

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In many cases, husband’s mistake creates problems in married life. In many cases, the wife is at the root of the complications. Doubts nest in the minds of many wives for no reason. They always keep an eye on their husbands. And this activity spoils the relationship.

One should not suspect each other while in a relationship. But all logic succumbs to mental fallacy. So once the brain has doubts, there is no end to the danger.


If the wife has a habit of doubting, one should try to solve the problem from the very beginning. Only then can you be happy in married life. In this case, some strategies can be adopted to remove doubt from the wife’s mind. The Indian press has discussed in detail the reports of this period.

Give your wife time: 5 Best & Worst Ways to Maintain Good Relation With Wife

Wives expect time from their husbands. And if you go away from him on the pretext of work, then it is normal to have problems. In this situation, many wives have doubts. So try to give your wife some more time from now on. You will see a change in his mentality.

Convince the wife

Take responsibility for your persuasion. Tell him you didn’t do anything to make him suspicious. You have to say how honest you are about yourself. Reassure him about the relationship. The sooner you can do this, the sooner you will get results.

Tell your wife everything. 5 Best & Worst Ways to Maintain Good Relation With Wife

Questions may arise in the wife’s mind about your movements. He may think that you are not telling him everything. Especially, the husband who avoids his wife’s questions, is more prone to problems. And it doesn’t happen overnight. If your wife questions about your movements day after day, one day distrust will be born. So try to answer the wife’s questions.

Don’t do anything suspicious

If things like not answering the wife’s phone, coming home late, secretly answering the phone, not being intimate in the relationship happen every day, the danger will not decrease but increase. Why is your wife, any person would doubt after this act. So take care of yourself. Try to correct the mistake.

Avoid lying : 5 Best & Worst Ways to Maintain Good Relation With Wife

Some husbands have false flowers in their eyes and faces. Wives become destitute while living with such a person. So they suspect the husband. If you also have this bad habit, but doubt will nest in the wife. So quit this habit. Tell him the truth. You will see that you can have a happy family.

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