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Gods home :Let live with God /image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Gods own home / Let live with God / image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
God’s Own Home

This is Paradise . and the mighty God lives here. Let Set out there on the way to God’s Home. Let Live with God .You can settle down there a whole day for taking rest or to play fulfilling your desire in worried and deep pain.

Let live with God , gossiping there with your beloved beautiful Nature – and your remote friend . Might he be there in disguise of God, sitting there . If you get a room on the widen field , please be calm and sit down a few moments in the solitary corner with utmost serenity mood.

Greens will come to greet you. Love and hug with it. Try to sink in the deep River of consciousness keeping aloof all the hazardous of life. You might be benefited from this journey to God.

Soft and calm bed of green grass is ready to welcoming you, Let live with God sitting on there as much as you can to enjoy this paradise. Walking through the valleys and mountains and on its zigzag way to meet your bosom friend.

And at the end of this road, He is waiting for you , keeping his door open to embrace you.

Don’t hesitate to move forward in meeting him as He has been waiting for you a long time. He is ready to have lunch with you. Be face to face and exchange the sights with each other . He is ready to serve the most favourite dishes. Don’t be hesitated to meet Him as the time will not wait for you.

Be calm, concentrate on your heart which is the temple of love and light, Don’t look at the outer sparking which is not glorious and delight . Never stretch your hands to Fame or name , or so called Prestigious kingly sit , as these couldn’t provide you the light and peace .

Let live with God all day long You and He, siting front to front, gazing at each other, to garnering flowers chains at each other’s neck , no serious talk to be pronounced , no blunt talks of love , nor any worldly possession matter there to have gain, so both of you spend the whole day bathing in the rays of Sun.

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Let Live With God for eternal happiness

Let Live With God for eternal happiness
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Nature is the God's home where we can achieve delight and peace in life. It is depicted in this poem.
Nature is the God's home where we can achieve delight and peace in life. It is depicted in this poem.
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