The Best & latest wonderful Miracle: Now Media is Life ( Poems)

bySushil Rudra

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Media is the number one device of battling against all the odds and drawbacks of the society as well as whole universe. Without media of communication we can’t live a moment in the modern world. Ao we can say that now media is life . Today, I will furnish in my blog a poem related to media .

The name of the poem is ” Now Media Is Life “.

It’s media, a very vibrant but spontaneous device of present era . It is our basic needs with food and lodging ,and freedom of speech and voting . After changing so many eras weare now in the era ofmedia, passing away Paul , Sen , Gupta, Mughol, British and so on.

Now media is life which ruling us . Now it is the era of media. All is controlled by media. It instructs us, advice us and help us what to do or not , in each and every moment,in dream, andinstruggle .

Who would be awarded , Who would be rebuked , Who would be regarded , all are furnished by media

The very first page of newspaper on Independence Day, when we open and look at theheadline in ten column banner- The feet of whomwould you visit ? Is it of Netaji or Mahatma Gandhi, not they’re ! but a rapist murderer who has beenconvictedandhanged . It’s also defined by the alerted almightymedia.

Now media is life.Media is like a metal ditector, seeking for a silent and secret atom to discharge and defused,it settles down whether the case is of suiside or murdered , the sinners are the politicians, a few docoits , murderers are patriots , – everything, every moment is being defined and confirmed by the hands and pen of media .

In Sunami or earthquake how would you proceed to propaganda , how would you shouting at arranging michil and gatherings , that are also programmed & organised by the media . They teachyou seriously.

As soon as the chun or lime drops down from the bettle , media will shout to you, If there is missing in tune or music, media will threat you , if rice is not produced from paddy , media then and there will expose it by their machines andskilled tune.

In modern age , media is God , Supreme consciousness. The leaders are running towards them to satisfy and to sit on the crown , the singers, the stars , the writers, the researchers are always trying to be favoured of them for getting success, to be awarded the Bharatratna or Padma awards. Media , You are superb , you are God !

INDIA NEVER DIE: Best & latest wonderful miracle: Now Media is Life

Dr. Sushil Rudra

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I'm Dr. Sushil Rudra, residing in Durgapur City West Bengal, India . Studied in The University of Calcutta and did M.A , Ph.D . Also another M.A from Sridhar University. Taught in College and University ( RTU) . Love to write, traveling, singing Rabindrasangeet and social work. Have some books authored by me. Vivekananda and Rabibdranath both are my favourite subject. I have written more than 150 articles in my blog( and now I'm writing in my new " blog.

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