The Best & Unique Senior Living Homes in India

Dr. Sushil Rudra

Best Senior Living Homes in India

Choosing the Ideal Retirement Home: Key Features, Facilities and Time: Best & Unique Senior Living Homes in India

Choosing the Ideal Retirement Home: Key Features, Facilities and Time

If you are considering a nursing home option, tailor your choice to the support your elderly family members need.

“I value my independence,” declares 76-year-old Dr. Kanak Dey , a resident of Kolkata’s Green Valley elderly community. She continues:

“I am independent in my daily needs, from eating to socializing. The cleaners are quick to respond to my requests. There is even a lady who regularly brings me wool for my knitting business.”

Kanak and her husband Dr. Samir Dey bought a flat in Kolkata Green Valley Elderly homes in 2003 and moved there when she needed more medical care.

Enhanced security and 24×7 medical support were their main attractions. Even after Vishwanath death, Kanak continues to live here and uses the facilities adapted to her age-related needs.

Senior living communities have been around in India for a while, but have recently gained popularity among the country’s aging population. Overcoming the social stigma of the elderly living alone, considered by some to be “abandoned” by their children, was not easy.

However, seniors and even those approaching retirement are increasingly choosing to live in these communities for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that their children often work or live in different cities or abroad, which makes relocation undesirable.

In addition, children often find it difficult to spend quality time with their elderly parents, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Moving to a community where everyone has a similar age group, interests and health services provides social benefits for seniors.

These communities offer a variety of recreational activities for those over 55 only, from water aerobics and golf to bingo and music nights.

Today, senior living communities focus on providing comfort, well-being and happiness to older adults through resort-style amenities, beautiful surroundings, recreational activities, immediate medical care, varied dining options and more.

Key benefits of senior living communities include senior-friendly home designs, 24×7
-hour medical care with a full-time emergency room and on-call physician, on-site cafeterias with dining and delivery services, and staff trained in senior care and geriatrics.

“Residents benefit from having all their needs handled by one service provider, from plumbing to ventilation repairs. It eliminates worries and gives more time for hobbies.

If a resident goes away for a month to see their children, we take care of them. home and plants and make sure , that they will come back to a fresh, clean house,” explains Mohit Nirula, CEO of Columbia Pacific Communities.

In addition to what typical residential areas offer, such services are a major draw for seniors in seniors. Major General J.K. Kaushik (re red), a resident of Antara, Dehradun, emphasizes the importance of security, highlighting the 3-tier security system, round-trip and extensive CCTV coverage.

These communities have also gained traction as younger generations seek to provide a comfortable and secure life for their retired parents.

According to a 2018 report by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s elderly population is projected to triple from 10 million in 2011 to 300 million by 2050, accounting for 18 percent of the total population.

Data from the 2011 census revealed that 15 million older Indians lived alone, and nearly three-quarters of them were women.

Features and Services: Best & Unique Senior Living Homes in India

Retirement homes are specially designed to facilitate the movement of elderly residents. They have lifts, ramps and handrails for walking and wheelchair access.

The floors are non-slip or carpeted for safety. Corridors, lobbies, doors and elevators are wider for stretchers. Switches, door locks, cupboards, shelves, furniture, beds, support bars and plugs are placed at an accessible height.

Most rooms have emergency panic buttons and doors are designed to be easily opened from the outside in case of an accident.

A wide range of homes are available, from 1-bedroom suites with bedroom and bathroom to fully furnished 3-BHK villas.

Some homes offer kitchens, while others do not, and are designed for residents with memory problems. Safety equipment includes fire alarms and liquid gas detectors.

The prices of these apartments start from Rs. 20 lakh and can go up to Rs. 3 million, with an annual maintenance cost of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 3 lakhs.

Costs depend on factors such as location, home size and available services, such as an on-site clinic or 10-bed hospital, as well as the availability of golf carts for residents’ convenience. Some communities even offer rooms with family and friends.

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Consider moving to a retirement community after your children have left home, usually between the ages of 50 and 55. Make sure you have a large retirement fund to cover annual maintenance fees and medical expenses.

So assess whether the senior living community can provide different levels of care from independent living to professional health services. This flexibility allows seniors to seamlessly transition to their changing needs without having to relocate or adapt to a new environment.

Before making a decision, evaluate the availability of comprehensive health care, dining options, hospital access, safety, recreation, nutritional care, and health care professional training.

Therefore , senior living communities get offer a variety of features and services tailored to the needs of older adults. They offer safety, convenience and social opportunities, making them an attractive choice for seniors and their families.

When choosing a seniors home, carefully consider the unique needs of your elderly family members and do your research to find the ideal community that meets their needs.

Check out the top ten nursing homes in India

1. Graceland Foundation

Located in the serene Mulanthuruthy area of ​​Kochi, Kerala, Graceland Foundation offers a charming selection of apartments and villas spread across 3.5 acres of lush green fields. Actually it’s a meticulously landscaped grounds.

Here, residents can enjoy a number of amenities, including a 16,000-sq. clubhouse, peaceful yoga and meditation room, Ayurvedic treatment center, well-stocked library, spacious games room, indoor and outdoor dining options, mini-cinema and 24×7 hour medical support.

The Graceland Foundation promotes a strong sense of community and social interaction that can enhance the quality of life during the golden years.

2. Anandam Retirement Community:

It’s amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangalore, Anandam of Bahri Estates has won the hearts of senior citizens with its world-class medical and hotel services.

Besides , they’re offering an escape from the chaos of the city, a class services with excellent infrastructure. There is a team of professionally trained staff dedicated to the well-being of its residents.

3. Athulya assisted living :

This Seniors home is established in Chennai is redefining retirement. There’s 24×7 continuous medical care, ergonomically designed architecture, thoughtful interior design and a non-slip floor. So it ensures the safety and comfort of residents.

Moreover, they are providing Professional geriatric care, rich and pure nutrition- based food, clinical beds and an attractive environment make Athulya truly exceptional.

Antara Senior Living .The Best 7 Unique Rules for Your Sound Sleep

This Seniors home was established by Max India in 2011. It’s located in Bhagwant Puri, Dehradun. There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging from 1,03 to 5,971 sqfts. The community has landscaped gardens, 24×7 -hour security, Wi-Fi, multiple dining options and sports facilities.

5. Nema Elder Care :

Nema is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. This elder Care provides quality assisted living for seniors who need daily care including post-operative care, dimentia care and palliative care. It takes care of various needs and maintains a comfortable home environment.

6. Golden state :

Golden State located in Faridabad, Haryana, Golden Estate offers 2
-hour medical support, spa, gym, clubhouse, on-site physiotherapist and psychologist, fully furnished suites, air-conditioned rooms, cable and Wi-Fi and secure, concierge. into the venue.

7. Covai Care :The Best Way to Overcome Your Sleep Disturbance

Covai Elder Care Private Limited (CEC) specializes in aged care including assisted living, palliative and memory care. Under the concept of “Active Living”, CEC has been providing excellent care for the elderly since 200
8. Apartment Ashiana :

Ashiana Housing has many projects in India that provide 2
-hour emergency care, in-house emergency services and on-call doctors. Ashiana Shubham in Chennai costs Rs
.65-83.92 per liter and has landscaped gardens, walking paths, soothing music, 2
-hour security and leisure facilities.

9. Decent lifestyle

Dignity Lifestyle is not your typical nursing home; it is a retirement village designed to promote productive living for the over 55s. It offers two accommodations: Independent Living Cabins for self-sufficient seniors and assisted living cabins for those who require 24×7 care.

It’s located in Nerali in Raigad district of Maharashtra, it has picturesque cottages, numerous health facilities, sports facilities and an exciting social calendar.

10. Silverglades Melia First Citizen :Can Better Sleep Connect to Selflessness?

Spread over 17.5 acres in Sohna, south of Gurgaon, Silverglades Melia First Citizen is Delhi NCR’s premier senior living community. It combines luxury and suburban living in 1 and 2 bedroom configurations, offering a peaceful, safe and accessible environment.

These retirement homes across India cater to different preferences and ensure a comfortable and fulfilling retirement for senior citizens.

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