The Best and Latest New Kia Hybrid 2023 Review

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The Best and Latest New Kia Hybrid Review 2023

Growing up changes a character from time to time and same goes for cars. Many lose their appearance or exchange their personalities over the years.

Some get better with age and that’s what happened with the Kia Sportage. Available for the first time with electric powertrains, Kia’s longest-running nameplate undergoes a major glow-up.

Equipped with modern-day technological features, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid doubles down on the whole thing and rocks its segment.

This variant efficiently outdates the pure internal combustion entries and suggests the authentic performance of electrified powertrains.

2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid :

Trendy technology The Sportage grows significantly in size thanks to a longer wheelbase.

As before, this SUV stands out from the rest of the Kia lineup with its striking new face.

Its headlights and grille shape have a unique look complete with boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights.

The rear lights follow the same pattern as the headlights but are curvier and thinner.

A single HEV badge on the tailgate differentiates the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid from its internal combustion counterpart.

On certain trims, you can opt for a Shadow Matte Gray exterior like this test car, which further enhances the SUV’s presence.

Thanks to its Boom Sport, the Sportage now has the roomiest interior in the compact SUV class.

It easily fits 5 people and their gear. Drop the 2d row down and you now have a cave with a flat flooring and plenty of usable area for cumbersome items.

Additionally, you get a two-level cargo floor and reclining rear seatback for more flexibility.

Because Kia installed the battery under the rear seats, the Sportage Hybrid maintains the same interior area as its internal combustion sibling.

The car additionally gets plenty of useful small item storage including two packing containers in the center console, the latter with retractable cup holders.

Class above yet durable/Best and Latest Kia Hybrid 2023 Review

Kia’s trendy automobiles feature some of the nicest interiors in their respective segments, and the Sportage Hybrid is no exception.

Nearly the whole thing you touch feels costly due to the fact of how significantly it makes use of soft-touch plastics and padding.

They’re well textured, too, including the cabin’s upscale ambiance. Buttons and knobs all possess a pleasing degree of tactility.

Excellent degrees of sound insulation, on the other hand, preserve the cabin serene even on the highway or tough surfaces.

Best of all, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid makes minimal use of animal-based components. The only piece of leather you’ll locate is on the steering wheel.

On the SX Prestige trim, you can pick the cool two-tone black and Carmine Red combination.

In addition to brightening the interior, this enhances the cabin’s upscale ambiance, specifically when blended with the 64-color ambient lighting.

Together with the driver-centric design stimulated through the EV6, the Sportage Hybrid’s interior appears and feels extra costly than its sticky label fee may suggest.

Unfortunately, the black and Carmine Red mixture solely come in three exterior colours: black, white, and Shadow Matte Gray.

If you get any different hue, you’ll get a black interior.

2023 Kia Sportage

As part of the Hyundai Motor Group, Kia aims to democratise cutting-edge technologies.

The Sportage Hybrid places that purpose into full view due to the fact it possesses some of the pleasant gizmos in its segment.

Upper trims characteristic two 12.3-inch shows housed beneath a single piece of curved glass.

In common Kia fashion, you have a responsive foremost touchscreen, minimal submenus, and loads of shortcuts. Read also:Best and Latest 2023 Car in USA

The only aspect that has a minor studying curve is the row of haptic comments controls on the core stack.

You want to toggle between local weather and different features however happily you can software one of the two units as your default.

The on hand eight-speaker Harman Kardon audio gadget sounds precise however its quantity doesn’t expand consistently.

You want to flip it up to get it to sound clear, and it ought to do a higher job overlaying the cabin.

On the driver help front, the Drive Wise suite in the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid works beautifully.

Its elements stay subtle. Lane centering, for example, nudges you again gently when you flow whilst guidance helps simply the proper quantity of enter when supporting you navigate convenient turns.

Highway Driving Assist stays one of the great semi-autonomous structures on the market.

It does an exceptional job following visitors glide and proactively continues the tune of motors around you.

If anybody cuts you off, it slows down shortly however smoothly, retaining your set distance and stopping an accident.

The device additionally helps you make evasive manoeuvres even at dual carriageway speeds and use the brakes to preserve you from getting swiped via some other vehicle.

Smoother and Quicker/Best and Latest Kia Hybrid 2023 Review

Kia softened the Sportage for its modern day iteration. As a result, it feels better-balanced thanks to the suspension’s capacity to take in harsh influences and different avenue imperfections.

It additionally helps that each and every Sportage Hybrid receives tires with beneficent sidewalls considering the greatest on hand are 18-inch units.

This affords extra isolation, giving the SUV greater polished avenue manners. Best of all, that plush journey won’t price you in the managing department.

Even with its cushier tuning, the 2023 Kia Sportage stays assured thru turns and steers accurately.

Excellent physique maintains the crossover from getting unruly and makes it effortless to manoeuvre.

However, the automobile drives greater than before, that means it no longer shrinks around you as much as its predecessor did.

Electrified SUVs like the Sportage Hybrid supply you with the exceptional of each world.

It couples a 1.6-liter turbo-four with an electric powered motor, a six-speed automated transmission, and a 1.5-kWh battery.

In total, it makes 227 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The result? Lots of usable electricity for each riding scenario.

Put your proper foot down and the SUV at once receives no fuss. The gearbox responds right away with rapid shifts.

Most importantly, Kia tuned it for higher drivability, stopping it from going to the perfect tools as quickly as possible.

Instead, it continues the powertrain’s candy spot so you can take gain of the meaty mid-range torque.

The Sportage Hybrid’s brake pedal operation suggests how some distance Kia has come in making this work as seamless as possible.

Imperceptible transitions from regenerative to mechanical braking enable you to end easily and now not jerk your occupants round for the duration of emergency stops.

A fairly company but modern pedal allows you to input the right amount of stopping energy and better gauge how much you want to push down.

All weather capability and efficiency

Unlike its main rival, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid uses a traditional mechanical AWD system.

Both the EX and SX Prestige grades get it as standard equipment, further strengthening the SUV’s appeal.

This layout connects the front and rear axles via a driveshaft, giving you instant power delivery.

As a result, the Sportage Hybrid never feels like a FWD-based car because the rear wheels get traction immediately once you accelerate. It splits the power as needed to give you maximum grip for the driving situation.

Like its platform-mate, the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid also uses its electric motor to improve its road manners. Read more:The Best Toyota Hybrid Cars of 2022

In addition to providing more power, the unit enables torque vectoring, slowing or overdriving the front or rear wheels.

When cornering the brakes reduce the speed of the inside wheel, this stabilizes the car, allowing it to corner better.

It improves the handling of the SUV and enhances its capabilities giving you confidence on the road.

Furthermore, it contributes to the Sportage Hybrid’s nicely balanced personality as it improves its agility without the need to stiffen the suspension.

The EPA rates the Sportage Hybrid at 38 mpg across the board on AWD-equipped models.

Base FWD models sip even less fuel at 42/44/43 mpg city/highway/combined. During my week with the car, I consistently saw 40 mpg when driving normally, handily beating the EPA figures.

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Best and Latest Kia Hybrid 2023 Review : Incredible Value

Starting at $28,585, the Sportage Hybrid represents stellar value for money. Even this range-topping SX Prestige test car, which costs around $38,000, offers a lot of bang for your buck.

You get all of the bells and whistles including heated and ventilated front seats, remote parking, and a full suite of driver assistance features.

The Sportage PHEV due out later this year continues this despite being offered only in the higher X-Line and X-Line Prestige grades.

Price:Best and Latest Kia Hybrid 2023 Review

That model starts at $39,785 and tops out at just over $44,000. In addition to the cosmetic tweaks and 19-inch wheels, the Sportage PHEV adds a more powerful electric motor and a 13.8-kWh battery.

That increases horsepower to 261 and allows the SUV to travel over 34 miles in all-electric mode.

When driven as a conventional hybrid, the Sportage PHEV can travel 430 miles.

To put it simply, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid checks every box. It’s the class benchmark that punches above its weight.

Between its fabulous interior and well-rounded road manners, this SUV redefines the meaning of value.

Additionally, it democratises luxury, allowing more consumers to experience upscale appointments without the requisite price tag.

Most importantly, this SUV puts Kia at the top. An electrification leader that offers a broad range of solutions to fit every requirement and desire.

Like its big brothers, the Sportage Hybrid proves desirability goes beyond how exotic a vehicle is. It proves that even the most humble of cars can be desirable when:

2023 Kia Sportage PHEV Priced from $39,785

July 29, 2022

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