Don’t Cry, you aren’t alone

Dr. Sushil Rudra 23.04.2022

woman in black and white polka dot hijab crying
Photo by Ivan Samkov on’t cry, you’re not alone

Time is a very precious, So take preparation

for the Future. Don’t cry, You’re not alone. Yours Friends also.

Running in this race. May be hundreds they’re.

Even more. Might be thousands and lakhs overcrowded on the road . They will meat together. So don’t cry, you’re not alone.

At the red road to continue their fast for uncertain days.

To fulfill their demand. They’re young, energetic, frustrated boys and girls. Jobless though they are . So don’t cry, you aren’t alone.

They have requisite qualifications and experiences, but not – no godfather.

Or favour or fortune . Leaders of different parties are coming, sitting intimately,

To their side with the lot of assurances. But goddess of

Wealth uncanny to them . The lord Kuber is still now in deep sleep because of enormous drinking wine .

He has a problem with sleeplessness. So don’t disturb him. He is our only solution to dream.

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