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Dr Sushil Rudra
Dr Sushil Rudra
I’m Dr. Sushil Rudra, residing in Durgapur City West Bengal, India . Studied in The… has been my trusted companion on my fitness journey. The personalized approach to fitness care, combined with holistic well-being insights, sets this blog apart. The diverse range of workouts, nutrition guidance, and mindful living tips have not only transformed my physical health but also nurtured my mental and spiritual well-being. Grateful for the valuable content that continues to inspire a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. is a beacon of wellness wisdom!”

I’m Dr. Sushil Rudra, an Indian and very distinctly from Durgapur, W. Bengal. Studied in The University of Calcutta and did M.A. Ph.D . My post doctoral thesis is on Swami Vivekananda’s influence in the West. I have been working in several colleges and University for more than three decades.

Writing, travelling, reading, and singing Tagore’s songs – all these are my habit. Authored 12 books . Most of them are research oriented in literature and sociology. Now publication arena has been changed, so that I have started a blog ” by the name .

It’s being initiated in a free wordpress blog ” ” in 2018 and already posted 300 articles on health, fitness, reviews and Indian culture and tradition, literature etc. About 6 thousands likings has been given by the readers. That’s why, this year I am going to start a new site that I can able to reach out to the vast number of readers. I think they’ll like me and my post on India related subjects.

I spent my childhood days in village home. After passing H.S , I have been shifted to our city home in Murshidabad District Head quarters Berhampore. Next for Higher Education I went to the University of Calcutta. Their I spent 5 years for this purpose. I have been working in Krishnath College, Berhampore as a faculty in literature for 35 years.

In 2013 I had to go outside of Bengal for my daughter’s coaching in Kota City. There we have stayed 2 years . And joined in the department of English in Rajasthan Technical University as a guest professor and at the same time I furnished my job in Modi Engineering College in Kota as Associate professor.

Now I am staying in Durgapur City, West Bengal. As I have been superannuated , in my leisure time I have been engaged in teaching in Mashusudan Memorial College as a guest professor . I have a little family with my spouse and daughter. Blogging is my favourite habit and I want to be established here in this arena.

I like to communicate with the fellow bloggers of India and Bangladesh. Even I have a long wish to connect with the bloggers aboard.

I request all the readers to follow me on blog which I am publishing every weak two times. I love our wealthy ancient literature, science and sociology. Our Yoga is a trove and treasure of knowledge. It’s a sources of energy and strength.

So we will try to explore the secret of mind through mindfulness and meditation. It’s a practical science which is connected with our lives. Therefore, here in my blog, Indian Thoughts are to be expressed in a placid language.

Thank you.

please read, like and share your friends. You can do comments which will helpful to me for further revisions and perfections.

Dr. Sushil Rudra

Durgapur Steel City, India


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