The Latest, Fantastic & Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

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The Latest Fantastic & Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

Lamborghini Revuelto : The Latest, Fantastic & Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

After convincing everyone that it is no longer producing V12s, Lamborghini unveiled its new plug-in hybrid powertrain based on a twelve-cylinder engine with its new flagship: the Revuelto coupe.

The center of attention is sure to be the plug-in hybrid powertrain, which uses the classic reversed high-voltage battery of the Cyan K capacitor solution.

The lithium-ion unit is a battery the size of a five-pack of A4 printing paper (150 x 30 x 24 cm) and is located in the center of the car: in the tunnel on the floor.

This is followed by the gearbox. So the designers rotated the mid-engine 180 degrees and the gearbox to the rear. Here’s what it does. – This linkage has only been used by Lamborghini on the Miura and Senza SCV12.

The dual-clutch unit is also much more compact (56 x 75 x 58 cm) and lighter (193 kg). Thanks to the fact that it supports two shafts instead of the usual three. And the Huracan Instead of a seven-speed transmission, it offers eight forward gears. – But there is no reverse.

A gasoline engine can’t even reverse with the Revuelto:

It uses your electric motors for that. In total, the two that distinguish the first ones in front, but if we want to move back very quickly, it is also activated the third, which is on top of the eight-speed gearbox.

Under normal circumstances, the engine acts as a power generator, starter motor or auxiliary drive to provide six times to the gasoline engine.

This particular gasoline engine is worthy of your attention. Aspirated engine 6.5-liter displacement mentioned twelve cylinders.

So Lamborghini wasn’t completely honest with the world when it called your V12 engine Albida. Now it has the opposite engine, in well-electric form.

The new engine boasts 825 horsepower: a more powerful V12 hasn’t been built in Lamborghini – and not a lighter one either. The block weighs 17 kilos (218 kilograms) less than the Aventador.

The powertrain is not only ahead in terms of power. 127 hp/liter is an in-house record (as is the case for aspirated V12s from the Rup), as is the fact that a horsepower has a reading of just 1.75 kilograms per gram. – Yes, It is with electrical components.

The maximum performance of the Lamborghini Revuelto is 1015 horsepower. Therefore it can enable a top speed of 0 to 100 h in 2.5 seconds and acceleration from 350/h to 350/h.

At the same time, the driver should be smart about what he chooses from the odd (!) possible number, for example, in Citta (Downtown) mode, the drive chain is producing a maximum of 180 horsepower.

It is specifically prohibited. The engine starts even when the battery is low. Its 3.8 kWh capacity doesn’t give long electric trips, but the 80+ horsepower V12 needs to be recharged in just 6 minutes. There is no recharging option, it’s no less. 7 kW AC charge to full battery takes 30 minutes.

Horsepower : Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

In normal road use, the optimal system output is 886 horsepower. It can go up to 907 horsepower in Sport mode. Here the internal gas response, shift speed, check system and scientific system are even more.

For maximum power, Steer Wheel Per Will should be set after Corsa (Race) mode. If you press the button between the small dials in this case, you also activate automatic translation.

Like the internal combustion engine, the motor electrics also had excellent weight-to-performance dimensions. the 110 kW resource weighed only 18.5 kilograms.

If we want to drive in purely electric mode (which, as mentioned above, reverse), indicated axle power. It also ensures dual electric motor all-wheel drive, which is now mandatory on Lamborghini.

Crucially, the way lightening-fast torque vector control (Lamborghini Dynamica Vicolo 2.0) is capable of this too. That means , it helps a lot in maintaining the Revulto’s driving stability.

Advance Technology: Chassis & other things :Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

Of course, the chassis plays an important role, with stiffer stabilizers than the Contador, more direct steering, and, of course, missing all-wheel steering.

There is a channel new feature height control (active Corning Stabilizer in practice). Hence , it helps slightly with body tilt under conditions of rapid load changes.

Two other pillar aerodynamics reinforced your capability. These ensures the down force and the extraordinary (40,000 Nm/degree) strength of the frame structure.

The former can be focused on by the components of an advanced technology. Mainly it provides strength and resistance to your fair air ducts and projectors, connections and improved power. There used in a wide range of options. Here was a role in the principle of the flow of ki dervishes.

For the first time in the frame structure: it used only the monocs or cells made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic . But there used a new, fully-formed structure. However this is generally manufactured and fused.

Besides, it acts as a crumple zone. At the rear, the suspension rests on a classic aluminum subframe. Roof Platform Laminated Carposite. The super sports car weighs 1,772 kg dry weight, with Joel’s electric components well suited to copping.

You will get Revuelto 400 (!) in different colors, and all pants are waterproof. So they are more environment friendly.

The Aitri compartment is also suitable for extensive modification. For example, the Asab 70 is available in different colors.

Lightness, forward space and practicality are more important here. It’s compared to the Aventador Altima, headroom has increased by 28 meters and legroom by 84 meters. So you can keep there college bag behind the seats and two hand items in the nose.

There’s additional storage space under the central console and two seats in front. Even there’s also a cup holder (!) on the right side of the dashboard.

Not only is the passenger quick cup holder, but it also gets a 9.1-inch display. From the central 8.4-inch touchscreen you can push content.

Therefore, it is set on a console that extends horizontally from the dashboard. Or here is the 12.3-inch device unit in front of the driver. – For this, we only need to swipe the monitor.

Under the proper direction of two Angulians, the steering wheel had dials and buttons, similar to later Redding cars.

These days ended with inventory manager support work at the start of Herr Cars. In this area, Revuelto’s pass has no reason to be shy, with the potential avenues of an electric approach aided by Obado’s boldness.

In the future, both security and advanced infotainment functions will be expanded through virus connectivity.

Lamborghini Revuelto Technical Data : Beautiful Lamborghini Unveiled 2024

Internal combustion engine
Number and arrangement of cylinders 12
Displacement (cm3) 6498.5
Bore x Stroke (mm) 95.0 x 76.4
Max Power Himachal Pradesh @ 1/min 825@9250

Shakti Himachal Pradesh @ 1/min 825@9250
Maximum system display speed is 1015

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