The Best 9 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly & Naturally

Skinny Caucasian teenager looks down at his skinny body with acne with an ashamed look on his face,

We all need a balanced weight but losing weight is just as difficult as gaining weight! Today we are going to discuss about the Best Ways to Gain Weight Quickly & Naturally.

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Health is the root of all happiness. One of the problems in our current life is obesity. Obesity causes many diseases like diabetes. So health conscious people start the race to lose weight.

We all need to maintain a balanced weight but losing weight is just as difficult as gaining weight. Ways to gain weight.

Reasons for losing weight: The Best 9 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly & Naturally

Weight loss can be due to various reasons. Irregular eating habits, genetic factors, mental health problems, diarrhoea, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, tuberculosis, kidney problems, lung problems, taking drugs etc.

In addition, weight is more or less due to age. In the case of weight gain, these aspects should be observed first.

Let’s know some easy ways to gain weight: The Best 9 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly & Naturally


Many people think that exercise is necessary to lose weight, but this idea is not correct at all. Just as exercise is necessary to lose weight, exercise is very important to gain weight.

In this case, just running and jumping is not enough. It is necessary to do a regular gym every day.

The gym has experienced trainers. He will tell you what exercises you should do after looking at your weight and appearance.


Image: iStock Skinny Caucasian teenager looks down at his skinny body with acne with an ashamed look on his face,

Every person should take frequent meals. Eat small meals every 2 hours. But those who want to gain weight should eat more every 2 hours.

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Meanwhile you can fill with milk, curd, fruit, chickpeas etc. It will add nutrition to your body as well as weight gain. This is the easiest way to get fat.


Carbohydrates are essential for weight gain. Carbohydrates must be included in the food list. Rice and bread are the main sources of carbohydrates.

So eat carbohydrates at least 2 times a day. Just because rice and bread are the main source of carbohydrates doesn’t mean you should eat too much.

You also need to watch out for excess fat. So eat carbohydrates daily in moderation but slightly more than usual. This is one of the easiest ways to gain weight.

(4) High calorie intake

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When it comes to losing weight, we burn more calories and consume fewer calories. But in this case it will be the opposite as you have to consume twice as many calories as you burn.

Consume more calories than your body needs to gain weight. If you want to gain weight fast, you need to consume 600-700 calories more per day .

On the other hand, if you want to gain weight slowly, then you need to consume 400-500 calories more per day. If you do this for a week, you will gain weight.

(5) Adequate protein intake

Calories alone are not enough to gain weight. Along with calories, you need to consume the right amount of protein.

Calories without proper protein intake will lead to excess fat. So protein rich foods such as eggs, pulses and milk must be included in the daily food list.

(6) Eat dry fruits

Dry fruits are high in calories and fat which will contribute to weight gain. Eat 2 cashews and 2 raisins every day after waking up. Never forget this.

And keep almonds or pistachios for breakfast. Keep more nuts in your diet chart for weight gain. If you eat dry fruits according to the rules, you will see your weight increase within a month.

(7) Be stress free

The biggest cause of all problems is stress. Just as it is necessary to be stress-free in weight gain, it is very important to be stress-free in losing weight. It is very difficult to be stress free these days but try to be stress free as much as possible.

(8) Sleep : The Best 9 Ways to Gain Weight Quickly & Naturally

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Sleep is very necessary to keep the body healthy. You must sleep 8 hours every day. Can’t be less than that. Also, wake up and do yoga regularly every day. It will increase your weight quickly.

(9) Eat milk and honey before sleeping

Before going to bed eat something that is very nutritious and caloric. Because it is not spent sleeping and the whole night will work calories in your body and gain weight.

So drink milk and honey every day before going to bed. It’s a proven and easy way to gain weight.

Usually we prohibit eating outside food but outside food like ice cream, cold drinks, pastries, burgers etc. are very effective in gaining weight.

So you can eat them if you want but in moderation. You can also include chocolate and cheese in your daily diet.

Keep the following foods in your diet for weight gain:

1) Eat fatty fish every day to gain weight fast. For better results, fry the fish in butter and olive oil.

2) Do not forget to include potatoes in your daily diet to gain weight. Potatoes are rich in protein, fibre and vitamin C.

3) Peanut butter is an easy and healthy way to gain weight.

4) Eat 100 grams of almonds daily. 100 grams of almonds contain 500 to 600 calories. It also contains omega three fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and fibre. Almonds are very useful for weight gain.

5) Eggs contain protein, vitamin D, and healthy cholesterol to increase weight.

6) Eat cheese or paneer for breakfast every day to gain weight.

7) Bananas are the fastest food to gain weight at home. So keep bananas in your daily diet.

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