The Best 1 New Medicine for Amazing Hair Growth

The Best 1 New Medicine for Amazing Hair Growth. Hair problem is now common. We try to solve this problem any way by using shampoo and oils. Recently a new medicine for hair growth has been researched and claimed it success in hair growth. Let’s follow it.

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Hair will grow on bald head in this way

Hair will grow on bald head in this way

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Introduction: The Best 1 New Medicine for Amazing Hair Growth

 Hair loss and baldness are the major reasons behind the loss of beauty.  Many people think that a bald head will never grow hair again.  However, this idea is being changed by American and American researchers.

 US drug company Concert Pharmaceuticals claims so.  Because they have discovered the medicine to grow hair on bald head.

 Baldness in Men : The Best 1 New Medicine for Amazing Hair Growth

Baldness is usually more common in men.  However, this problem is less common in girls.  Both men and women lose their beauty in this problem.  Similarly, it has to be read in a state of embarrassment.

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And the American Concert Pharmaceuticals drug company has been researching to solve this problem for so long.  They claim that taking this medicine twice a day helps to reduce hair loss and also helps to regrow hair that falls out quickly.

 In a 1-year long study, researchers observed that 80 percent of the hair grew back in four out of 10 patients.

The number of participants in the study was 706.  The age of these people living in USA, Canada and Europe is 18 to 65 years.  Those who had less than 50% hair volume at the start of the test.  Some of these participants had less than 16 percent hair on their heads.

 The study participants were divided into three groups.  The first group received 8 mg twice a day, the second group received 12 mg twice a day, and the third group received a placebo (no drug).  As a result, they found that the patients who received the drug had a positive outcome compared to the patients who received the placebo.

Effective In Alopecia : The Best 1 New Medicine for Amazing Hair Growth

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 Therefore, this drug named CTP-543 is effective in preventing alopecia areata or baldness.  According to the researchers, the drug is tolerable.  However, headache, acne and infection problems were found in 5 percent of patients.

 Dr. Yale University School of Medicine dermatologist.  Brett King said the discovery of this drug will be an important breakthrough in the treatment of the challenging baldness problem.

 According to the results of the THRIVE-AA1 trial, the drug CTP-543 could serve as an important therapy in the treatment of baldness.  The concerned drug company will apply to the US drug regulatory agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of the drug next year.


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