The Beauty of Digital Art is the source of truth. It comes from the deep of heart. Art is always a great expression of a man or woman. We named as an Artist. Here I will produce before you some beautiful works which are done by my daughter Sumedha. She loves to draw the picture heartily in her leisure Time . she draws the artworks from her childhood days. Therefore, you can say that the beauty of digital art is nowadays a passion.
Fine Arts:The beauty of digital art/

In fact , Art is always divine . It comes from within the heart. It is the expression of divine soul. Hence the beauty of digital art is also fabulous and divine..Now, this is an era of technology. Students and the young generation are highly skilled in computing and modern gadgets. So they are painting or drawing not by various liquid colours and brushes , but digitally.

It is very important to express here that there are so many eminent artists in India like Abanindranath Thakur, Ramkingkar Bej, Yamini Roy, Rabi Verma, even Rabindranath Tagore and so on. Though their drawings are not digital. But now we are passing the digital era. So this generation has been trying to draw digitally. Of course, the beauty of digital art is superb.

He draws more than 2 thousand paintings . Tagore did it at age of above 70. In fact, it is miracle. Rothenstne, the noted British Artist praised highly about Tagore’s drawing.

Recently, some noted artists are having good fame and they are earning from painting a lot. Mukbal Fida is one of the famous artists in the indian continent.
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Sumedha Rudra is pursuing M.Sc in Food and Nutrition. Besides Learning, Singing, Drawing are her hobbies.

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