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 by Sushil Rudra

Words are not safe/image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Words are not safe/image:www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

WORDS are not safe now. These are woven in fine to making an ornament for surrender in love. Might be a peaceful life. Words build a strong Mansion where we live.

 Words are sometimes immensely mysterious like dark tunnels. Never end its journey to the destination. We can’t keep words ever ultimately due to a lack of power and confidence. So we never allow words to make a Dreamland.

In childhood days I dreamt of the entire skies where stars and planets gave me words for sheltering. Its colourful beds wrap up with warm hugging, but it didn’t keep its words to make me vibrant anymore I hoped.

In fact, the words are the voice of Lord, if it comes from the core of heart and soul . That’s mantras of the sages , are a kind of sagas which by listening heartily can transform our lives.

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But it’s very unstable as it buzzes out not alarming. Love words as your siblings, play with them, dance day and night in pain and gain. But never tried to make it friend in the rain.

Therefore, words are atoms , They are from ” One “ . And ” One ” derives in many and many more.  It takes sometimes a outer surface .Just a cover like the outer surface of a tortoise.

It has no deep and sound significance. But if it’s unfolded, a vibrant light turns you dumb. Unwanted shivering like an initial jet – jerking you will reach out to the midst of the galaxy. That world is not like Earth.

That’s a world of merriment. Neither any useless mess nor any rough and tough game to make you worried or fix. Hence ,these are the words for your renunciation. Crack it and become enriched with its charming love.

As the words run in plains and over the sky like a bullet or a Rocket with an aggressive mood to the point and if you’re a true pilot, let go on an eternal voyage. So WORDS ARE LIFE.