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Success : Inspiration

 Dr. Sushil Rudra

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Today I will tell you a story about a man . He got success in life by dint of hard labour and perseverance. It’s an inspirational story . I want to tell our unemployed youngsters to follow this life history of a successful man . Because inspiration and success in life is interrelated.


A man without a vision for his future,  returns to his past. So everyone should have a clear goal in life. Focus on your goal and don’t look in any direction but ahead. But very often we keep it in mind .

The Secret Story :

This story is about a business who was an European, Tamas by name . He came of a poor family whose father and forefathers had a little business of shoe – making . When he was only 7 years old he had to take the training of apprentice from his father . He became expert within a year .


But as ill luck would have it , his father had died after some ailments . This was very very hard time to them. Then they are three , Tomas , his elder brother and sister .

They had been trying their best to manage some money for livelihood . But it was not sufficient . And then how young Tamas turned into a big business man I will discuss here.

Goal to Success Through An Inspiration and Childhood Days :

When he was a young boy he used to dream of a better future. One day he and his elder brother made a plan. This proposal was of a high dream of extension their little business into a big one .

They three : Brother – Antonin , sister Anna and Tomas himself. Tomas was then only 18 years old young guy . What’s this plan ? Actually they’re not satisfied with this tiny business. They had a small shoe shop . And income was also very low .

Mainly Tomas  put a proposal  and wanted to open a company where they could able to sale a big quantity of shoes. In addition, some other people would have been engaged there for salesman and official works . Some employees would be engaged in factory .


Tomas Saheb was very intelligent . He had thought that if we want to have large scale production, then we should learn “Assembly Line ” which was invented by America. So he went there to be learnt.

To Be Well- equipped His Journey to America :

He believed in practicality. He had learnt it by black and white. And became skilled in this method. Returning to his native place he started production through new methods. His business got stupendously successful.

Finally , it has 72 factories in different parts of the world .  Switzerland is its headquarters.  His business flourished 100 times more than before.

By this time his elder brother Antonin had died and his sister got married. Naturally she had to leave the business. Tomas alone took the business to run on .

His Ultimate Key to Success :

His ultimate key to success was to write down his ambition in a diary. Never forgot it while he had been too busy.

Tomas decided to make a team having selected some employees amongst his company. He thought that the business is a team work . Without teamwork, business couldn’t success.

That’s why, he took initiative to distribute the profit amongst the workers . But he also mentioned a condition that if the business won’t crack then they had to take the responsibilities.

That means if it runs deficit, they workers would be sufferer too like the company owner.     


    Obviously , Tomas Saheb is the architect and founder of the Bata Company. He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to  Switzerland inaugurating a new centre there.

We put on the shoes of his company which is famous by the name of Bata Company.

We use the things, but we are totally unaware of the history of the architect who made it or invent it by virtue of hard labour, perseverance and huge sacrifice.

His Last Journey to Eternal Soul :

He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to reach Switzerland inaugurating a new center there.

We put on the shoes of his company . It is famous as Bata Company. The writer named this story as ” Tamas Saheber Juto ” ( The Shoe Of Tamas Saheb ).

How we came to know this Story ?

The famous scientist and the founder of Bengal Chemical, Acharyya  Prafulla Chandra Ghoswrote the preface of this book. He also was moved by reading this inspiring story.

Bibhutibhusan Bandhopaddhay, a  distinguished writer of Bengali literature collected this history of the business man and wrote a novel .

It was in English language, Bibhutibhusan translated in Bengali and composed the story in the form of novel.

He did this work as it might inspire and influence the new generation of Bengali youths . The writer became  extremely excited to publish this saga.

He thought that the young job – seekers must read this story of a man who built his life and got success by virtue of hard labour and fore sighting.

Hence, we can get inspiration from his great deed . A man , with little capital, by virtue of intelligence and indomitable spirit , perseverance, teamwork and untiring efforts achieved a brilliant success.

So , why not we ? Our youngsters should be inspired for success in life having learnt form this story.

To succeed in your life mission you must have a single minded devotion to your goal – The distinguished statesman, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad remarks it.

We need inspiration for success in life- this is also true.

image: success & Inspiration . kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.
Image: success & Inspiration -kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.

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Don’t grief for the past, it’s a impetuosity, passion or emotion . But learn from the past and walk forward. It’s life.

We have to face so many troubles and sufferings in course of our life – journey. Bhagavan Sree Krishna , Jesus Christ told us , you come forward one step and the rest is great , I will catch hold your hand when you are in troubles . So believe this call of God .

We should have to remember that No one is perfectly fine and happy in this materialistic world . Though we desire to have a successful life in all spheres of our lives. Real life , which we lead day to day is very important to us. It’s related to our food, lodging, education, safety of our lives, savings and so on . These are all our primary needs. Without it we have to face trafficking and suffering a lot.


We try to have a sweet home, food and lodging for survival . Keep faith on God as she / He told us to come forward one step , next He/ She will take care of us . Other than all these necessary requirements , we live in the society. We have some duties and responsibilities for the betterment of it.

As a result, We are having a social bondages , try to maintain a values and ethics through our activities and behaviours. When it’s not maintained properly , a mental and societal misunderstanding take place.

Our Problems: The Call ” Come Forward One Step

But our Prime problem in this modern era is that we are not contented with our success in profession , not satisfied with the lifepartner, may it be husband or wife, or lovers of both sex . But we’re not listening to the call of God – Come Forward One Step, I am waiting for you . I will catch hold your hand to get up .

Recently I have read a blog which is a poetry and there she has written about the breaking down of their relationship. The young lady is unable to forget the words of betrayal to whom she loved profoundly, but being rejected she is spending a unhappy life. This kind of incidents are not supported. It’s a matter of unhealthy mind .


In such a case , we see the lack of values and ethics. We must not support it . After a long term relationship or friendship, the guy suddenly cut off the relationship. Either it’s the symbol of week or I’ll – state of mind, or they’re running for a better option ..

In this respect, she should be strict to her principles and never get lost at all. In fact, there are so many incidents like this used to happen in our surroundings . Sometime, being separated one becomes perplexed and are to face mental illness like depression , stress and strain , melancholic distress etc . We have to face this kind of small but serious troubles in our lives.


How To Tackle This Situation :

Now the question is how to overcome this situation. We are not only individually affected, our parents at the same time are also confronting this situation.

I know an incident like this .  Recently occurred in my friend circle . They are my family friends. They’re arranging their daughter’s wedding. The young man is a good service holder . And their daughter is also working in IT in a good position .

Both the parties are talking about the negotiations and advanced a lot into a final decision . In the meantime, 3 months already passed , almost everyday both the two ( boy and girl) over phone were busy in discussing their future dreaming  . 


Suddenly the elder sister and her husband of the guy informed them that they are not agree in this negotiation. Perhaps they don’t want an woman who are engaged in a profession. This has a massive impact on the family as well as to their daughter. They are highly shocked . So it’s not expected to them at all.

Duty Of A Gurdians :

I am very soft hearted person. I feel very dejection when I listen to and face such conditions. As a guardian or a parent , I couldn’t stay indifferent having learnt that kind of incidents. I become angry . But I try to make them understand that don’t take this matter seriously . It’s the life . Let see better guy for your daughter . Perhaps it’s the wish of God , etc and etc. This is a regular feature in our society.

How To Overcome ?

1. Love each other, but take time to understand each other . Though it’s very difficult to see the inner world of the individual.

2. Don’t believe in sweet words of the lover or partner . Enjoy the words , but try to familiar with his drawbacks .

3. Never forgot your personality . Whenever it’s being hurt , you then cautiously step your feet . Never sacrifice your personality in virtue of getting him. Because, time has changed. Like Radha you should not sacrifice your everything, specially your personality.

4. Don’t live together before marriage. Indian, mainly Hindus , maintain the holiness and sanctity before marriage . Both man and woman should follow up with the principles in respect to thismatter.

5. We are human beings, not animals We should be careful about the discrimination . Though we have some biological demands , but that’s to be acted accordingly. We never crossed the border line . Our motto should be achieved the higher state of mind. The more we will be enriched in this path, the more we must have reached nearer tGod.

This picture is of goddess Durga, the Hindu religion

6. The ultimate goal is to reach out to the highest state of mind.

7. If you attain this state of your thoughts , we will be freed up from all the worldly hazards . Otherwise you have to face the sufferings.

8. In ancient times, the man used to spend in the house of Guru . There he learnt and practiced the rules and activities of the worldly affairs . They also maintained the stage of celibate life. But we are now devoid of it . Our education system or curriculum don’t entertain this aspect.

Finally, it’s fact that when a girl is betrayed by his loving one it’s not her fault. She has a pure heart. But the guy is heartless, brute and clumgy minded . He is not , in true sensea perfect man or a human being. He is lacking of the human qualities. I think that each and everyone should glorify to his or her heart .

Moral: Don’t trust the rouges.

Love Never Wiped Away From This World .